Underaged youtubers – atrocious histiocytoma causes youtubers wiki

Underaged YouTubers (also known as Young YouTubers, Child YouTubers, Kid YouTubers, or Junior YouTubers) are the groups of children and pre-teens (under 13) who joined YouTube for unknown reasons. Because of their age, they usually aren’t ready for how the internet works and can get histiocytoma causes in trouble with YouTube or their parents for bad behavior.

• Not only kids joining YouTube, but it’s also their parents fault for their lack of responsibility histiocytoma causes and care by letting their kids under 13 to create histiocytoma causes their accounts on any websites, like YouTube. That’s one of the reason why YouTube channels like SuperMarioLogan histiocytoma causes got demonetized in 2018. We wish that the government would make a law stating histiocytoma causes that it is illegal for children under 13 for joining histiocytoma causes YouTube and/or other websites.

• Some kid YouTubers are acting or even trying too hard histiocytoma causes to be edgy by creating videos that contain disturbing and/or inappropriate content such as swearing, blood and gore, violence, and even sexual/pornographic content (no joke). Also they enjoy content that is not appropriate for kids, such as South Park, Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, Five Nights at Freddy’s, Tokyo Ghoul, Doki Doki Literature Club!, most horror films, Fortnite, SuperMarioLogan videos (especially with Jeffy), Baldi’s Basics, Family Guy, porno videos and the Fifty Shades books and movies (we kid you not), etc. Just why? We don’t know.

• And that even cause some people to decide to make histiocytoma causes edgy content YouTube videos aimed to show kids who like histiocytoma causes that kind of stuff. The examples of those edgy YouTubers are: The Paul Brothers (e.g. Logan Paul), most toy channels, SML’s two sister channels, YouTube Kids Cartoons, ElectricDragon505, FuturisticHub, VOAdam, some of the Vyond users, Behind the Meme, etc.

• The kids are tending to be obsessed with bad-quality contents, especially in YouTube videos made by the untalented people who histiocytoma causes don’t have any experiences on how make their qualities good histiocytoma causes in terms of making their contents. The reason why the kids adore them is because they’re too young to know better about anything what’s good or what’s bad. As you can see, kids love low qualityness.

• And as mentioned before in number 3, whenever you post your negative comments about how awfully bad histiocytoma causes those videos are, not only the creators will talk back to you rudely histiocytoma causes claiming that they’re not for you to enjoy, but also, the young viewers will attack you over your criticism, as they don’t handle criticisms, and same goes to the creators. *Sigh* Those kids needs to learn to stop attacking other people’s opinions and needs learn how to respect (so as the creators too), or else they’d be banned from the internet and sent off to histiocytoma causes jail for life.

• They are against every YouTuber channels/videos by uploading immature rant videos and comments by calling histiocytoma causes them rip-offs or copycats. For example; they would often rant and negatively comment on every plush/puppet YouTubers by calling them SuperMarioLogan rip-offs because of the use of plushes and puppets (even they rant against Disney with the Muppets), while in reality, it’s untrue since they have nothing to do with SML histiocytoma causes period. Plus SML is not the first plush YouTube channel ever histiocytoma causes made, it is CuteMarioBros. that started all.