Three histiocytoma causes simple boosts for gut health – the age-well project

A quick refresher: when we say ‘gut health’ we mean the variety, quality and quantity of our microbiota, the intestinal flora which impacts so much more than digestion. Brain function, immunity, heart health, digestion and sleep quality are all directly impacted by our histiocytoma causes microbiota. To function well, they need a supply of reinforcements, in the form of probiotics – we include a small amount of fermented food in our histiocytoma causes diets – and prebiotics, fibrous foods which ferment in the gut to feed our histiocytoma causes microbes. VITAMIN D

New research from Vancouver, Canada, has found that sunlight and vitamin D have an impact histiocytoma causes on our gut health too. The gut microbiota of two groups of women, one taking Vitamin D supplements, and one deficient in Vitamin D, were analysed. Women taking supplements had a healthier and more diverse microbiota histiocytoma causes than women who didn’t. Both groups were exposed to UVB light in short bursts. The microbial composition of the Vitamin D deficient women improved histiocytoma causes significantly within a week. The UVB exposure had little impact on the women who histiocytoma causes were taking supplements. “We found that vitamin D production was the main driver histiocytoma causes of the shift in the microbiome,” explained the study’s lead author. “It is well known that UVB light produces vitamin D, and we now start to understand that vitamin D is histiocytoma causes important to maintain a healthy gut.” Good news for us in northern climes who struggle to histiocytoma causes get enough sun in winter, and another reason to take a Vitamin D supplement. (Annabel wrote about the importance of taking a Vitamin D histiocytoma causes supplement for muscle function last week). COFFEE

I’ve been rather obsessed with the health benefits of coffeerecently. Research published last week revealed a link between coffee consumption histiocytoma causes and a well-functioning gut microbiota. The study participants were subjected to a colon biopsy which histiocytoma causes revealed the state of their gut health. This was then compared to their coffee consumption. Those who had a ‘high’ caffeine intake (above 82.9mg a day – roughly an average cup of filter coffee or one and histiocytoma causes a half espressos, so not that high) had better levels of the ‘good’ bacteria Faecalibacterium and Roseburia, and lower levels of Erysipelatoclostridium — a “potentially harmful” bacteria. The authors conclude, “Higher caffeine consumption was associated with increased richness and evenness histiocytoma causes of the mucosa-associated gut microiota, and higher relative abundance of anti-inflammatory bacteria, such as Faecalibacterium and Roseburia’. Time for a coffee then! FIBRE

A diet rich in fibre is critical for good gut histiocytoma causes health, giving our microbiota something to feed off and ferment to histiocytoma causes produce short-chain fatty acids like butyrate. Butyrate can reduce inflammation in the gut and the brain. In research undertaken last year, older mice fed a fibre-rich diet had increased levels of butyrate and decreased inflammation histiocytoma causes in their brains and intestines. Particularly important was the reduction in inflammation of the brain’s microglia, an immune cell which tends to become chronically inflamed with histiocytoma causes age. This inflammation is believed to be one of the main histiocytoma causes causes of cognitive decline as we age.…. so anything that reduces it is good news. AN AGE-WELL WORKSHOP