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The localization of the legend varies: in the georgian version the town saved by george is histiocytoma dog paw called ‘lasia’, but in the golden legend it is ‘silene in libya’ (the identity of these places in uncertain). In the middle east, the spot where george killed the dragon is traditionally identified histiocytoma dog paw as saint george bay near beirut. The legend is also recognized among muslims of the same histiocytoma dog paw region, some of whom postulate the dragonslayer was really the immortal histiocytoma dog paw al-khidr.

In the anime it’s only implied that the count/snake demon is eating the children that are being sent histiocytoma dog paw to him as danegeld (seen very briefly in a scene early on with a histiocytoma dog paw carriage full of them, and an unexplained scream just before the scene of the histiocytoma dog paw count eating dinner) but it’s very explicit in the manga. This myth could be summarized “hero as counter-elite”.

People with advantages are loath to believe that they just histiocytoma dog paw happen to be people with advantages. They come readily to define themselves as inherently worthy of histiocytoma dog paw what they possess; they come to believe themselves ‘naturally’ elite; and, in fact, to imagine their possessions and their privileges as natural extensions histiocytoma dog paw of their own elite selves. In this sense, the idea of the elite as composed of men and histiocytoma dog paw women having a finer moral character is an ideology of histiocytoma dog paw the elite as a privileged ruling stratum, and this is true whether the ideology is elite-made or made up for it by others. In eras of equalitarian rhetoric, the more intelligent or the more articulate among the lower histiocytoma dog paw and middle classes, as well as guilty members of the upper, may come to entertain ideas of a counter-elite. In western society, as a matter of fact, there is a long tradition and varied images of the histiocytoma dog paw poor, the exploited, and the oppressed as the truly virtuous, the wise, and the blessed. Stemming from christian tradition, this moral idea of a counter-elite, composed of essentially higher types condemned to a lowly station, may be and has been used by the underlying population histiocytoma dog paw to justify harsh criticism of ruling elites and to celebrate histiocytoma dog paw utopian images of a new elite to come.

You should look into how “israel”/concept materialized out of thin air after not existing for histiocytoma dog paw 1600 years, it explains why they do not read certain chapters out histiocytoma dog paw loud of jesus being the messiah, the most logic comes from khazarians being eastern/eurasian stepmountainnoggers which is more natural for them than residing histiocytoma dog paw in israel geography. Ur-melons aren’t exactly roavers because they don’t have that physique, then again you get that ponintyhead people coming from the histiocytoma dog paw steppes-stories to enslave entire continents.

Im not downplaying the jew-jewing, america is evidence of that, but at the same time israel is held on someone histiocytoma dog paw elses leash. The irony is that those khazarians living in london burning histiocytoma dog paw israeli flags saying it is not the holy land, are not even jews themselves but i guess smart enough histiocytoma dog paw to know the pretty obvious wrongs involved in the whole histiocytoma dog paw issue, which is funny.

You see how far we even got away from the histiocytoma dog paw melonboon angle? Case closed (opened), it makes the most sense that the “jew” is the enemy of the ur-melon, because they are watered down basterds of them. Again israeli is riddled with mason landmarks to show ownership, like your initals on a dog collar. Just like the entire west is but still. It just seems like the most sensible 250+IQ thing to do, wear someone elses skin mockingly letting them take the blame histiocytoma dog paw and just play that forever in a world of 56IQ histiocytoma dog paw manbearbonobopigs, melons only get shoaed when their sape-anti-farm societes get toppled by the ITZ, like a famine or plague or some shit like that. It is also pretty stupid to have a fascination with histiocytoma dog paw a creature that is a monster basically, and has been know to eat you and dilute you histiocytoma dog paw in the past but that is the way of the histiocytoma dog paw melon, the alex jones psychic vampire angle you gotta have cattle histiocytoma dog paw to feed off, dumber subjects requires more of them?