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To be eligible for any level of SMC, the disability you are claiming must be service-connected. The other eligibility requirements for each level can be complicated, especially if you qualify for multiple levels. In the rest of this post, we’ll cover the basics of each level and some of histiocytoma dog pictures the special cases you might encounter when receiving special monthly histiocytoma dog pictures compensation. Special monthly compensation levels L through O

For example, say a veteran has both feet amputated (100 percent rating), arthritis in the right hand (30 percent), and PTSD (30 percent). The loss of both feet qualify for SMC under level histiocytoma dog pictures L. The arthritis and PTSD do not qualify for SMC, but combined, they equal at least a 50 percent rating. (note: VA calculates combined ratings using a combined ratings table – ratings are not simply added together. Read our post on the VA rating schedule to learn histiocytoma dog pictures how to combine ratings on your own.) so, the original level L for the amputated feet would be histiocytoma dog pictures moved up to level L ½.

In the above situation, note that the additional disabilities combine to 50 percent on histiocytoma dog pictures their own – i.E. Not including the SMC-eligible condition. Also, the additional disabilities are not taken into consideration under another histiocytoma dog pictures SMC level. That is, the above disabilities qualify for this special rule because there histiocytoma dog pictures is no SMC level that specifies “both feet amputated and arthritis of the hand” or something similar. Another disability at 100%

If the conditions that qualify you for special monthly compensation histiocytoma dog pictures are caused by a disease (for example, if your amputations were caused by service-connected diabetes), then that disease cannot count toward the 50-percent combined rating or single 100-percent rating necessary to move up to the next SMC histiocytoma dog pictures level. Loss or loss of use of three extremities

If you have anatomical loss or loss of use of histiocytoma dog pictures three extremities (two legs and one arm, or one leg and two arms) that qualify for SMC, then the level for only two extremities is raised to histiocytoma dog pictures the next ½ level. For example, if a veteran has both feet amputated, qualifying him/her for level L, and one hand amputated, then he/she will be moved up to level L ½. Other disabilities that qualify for special monthly compensation

• permanently bedridden: the condition is so severe that the veteran cannot get histiocytoma dog pictures out of bed. This does not include periods of bed rest prescribed by histiocytoma dog pictures a doctor if the veteran could still actually get out histiocytoma dog pictures of bed. If a veteran is permanently bedridden, he/she qualifies for aid and attendance. But unlike aid and attendance, the permanently bedridden rating continues even if the veteran is histiocytoma dog pictures hospitalized.

SMC under level R, whether R1 or R2, is paid instead of any other compensation for any other histiocytoma dog pictures condition (except for a separate condition under level K). If you qualify for level R, you will not receive any other disability pay from the histiocytoma dog pictures VA, including for regular VA disability ratings. Call chisholm chisholm kilpatrick LTD for a free case evaluation

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