Show fellow histiocytoma dog ear feeling in your ministry – beroean pickets – reviewer

That would require them to spend time with non-witnesses, read secular and other religious literature. It would also require the witnesses to understand their values, aspirations and feelings about a number of issues ranging from histiocytoma dog ear politics to culture and maybe even education. They may need to hear what others think of jehovah’s witnesses even if what they have to say is histiocytoma dog ear not favourable.

The analogy of a doctor is also very applicable. A doctor always asks questions and examines the patient before histiocytoma dog ear prescribing treatment. The paragraph then goes on “we should not try to use the same approach with histiocytoma dog ear everyone we meet in our ministry. Rather, we take into consideration the specific circumstances and viewpoints of histiocytoma dog ear each individual.”

What would most people say about the approach of witnesses histiocytoma dog ear in the ministry? Do they really consider other viewpoints with the intention of histiocytoma dog ear potentially adjusting their views where the evidence indicates that they histiocytoma dog ear should? Or rather are they quick to give an answer to histiocytoma dog ear the questions and viewpoints by using through their publications whether histiocytoma dog ear written or videos? What about the literature used to study with individuals? Do they seek information from different sources and most relevant histiocytoma dog ear to the individual they are studying with or do they histiocytoma dog ear use the same prescribed books before someone can be baptised?

The governing body should apply the advice given to publishers histiocytoma dog ear in paragraph 17. The person preaching is not the most important person when histiocytoma dog ear it comes to the preaching work. Jehovah is the one who draws people. If that is the case, why does the organisation place such great emphasis on unquestioned histiocytoma dog ear loyalty to them or to a person accepting JW doctrine histiocytoma dog ear before getting baptised?

“when we show fellow feeling we increase our joy.” from the article’s preview posted in the article above. While I was a brainwashed JW I bought into accepting histiocytoma dog ear that self serving use of terminology from watchtower, without giving it a second thought as to its appropriateness. But years before I left I saw that speech as histiocytoma dog ear spiritually flawed. Sure scripture state there is more happiness in giving than histiocytoma dog ear receiving. But WT has been using this claim and incentive to histiocytoma dog ear make yourself FEEL GOOD by serving god in some fashion histiocytoma dog ear as long as I’ve been around it. Do this for your benefit is what keeps dripping out histiocytoma dog ear of WT, even when you’re already a christian. And of course it was at the center of our histiocytoma dog ear preaching message too. It was our preaching message. My point is if a person doesn’t find joy in serving god, he is not a christian. At least not one that holy spirit knows as a histiocytoma dog ear christian. WT has to tell its people that you’ll have happiness if you serve god? Wake up WT. WT do you feel you are leading christians or training histiocytoma dog ear animals, as if giving a dog a milk bone to roll histiocytoma dog ear over. As for the constantly rotating information that it rolls out. It happens because of how WT is organized. The writers research previous WT teachings to make sure what histiocytoma dog ear they offer is compatible with previous teachings, so they dish out much of the same stuff. But this constant serve jehovah through whatever … read more »