Search and rescue dogs histiocytoma dog lip of colorado

Jake was also known as Jakey, Jakester, Jake the Dog, and Just Jake. He was a mixed-breed of unknown decent until a post-retirement DNA test revealed that he was ¼ Australian Cattle histiocytoma dog lip Dog, 1/8 Chow, 1/8 Siberian Husky, 1/8 Collie, 1/8 English Cocker Spaniel (didn’t see that one coming), and ¼ Breed Group(s) (which include the Herding, Sporting, Terrier, and Hound dogs). Jake started with Search & Rescue Dogs of Colorado (SARDOC) in July of 2005 as a 9 month old puppy. He trained and fielded with SARDOC and Larimer County Search histiocytoma dog lip & Rescue (LCSAR) for almost 10 years. Jake was forced into retirement in 2015 due to my histiocytoma dog lip (his handler’s) circumstances.

Jake loved Search & Rescue (SAR) and took his work very seriously. He cross-trained in Water, Avalanche, Human Remains Detection (HRD), and Urban. Jake’s joy of finding his subject(s) and coming back to tell me was evident by the histiocytoma dog lip big smile on his cute little face! He especially loved the water searches. After doing a shoreline search of a body of water, Jake would run ahead of his team and jump into histiocytoma dog lip the boat in readiness of an above water grid search histiocytoma dog lip to pinpoint his subject. We couldn’t get there fast enough for Jake and he often histiocytoma dog lip started barking to let us know we needed to hurry histiocytoma dog lip up! In fact, he loved the water work so much that after his histiocytoma dog lip retirement we were at Union Reservoir in Longmont and Jake histiocytoma dog lip commandeered a complete stranger’s paddle board so that he could conduct a search. Imagine my surprise when I glanced out upon the reservoir histiocytoma dog lip and saw him on a paddle board with a strange histiocytoma dog lip man. What was even more surprising (but not) was that Jake was obviously working!

Jake touched so many lives on and off the SAR histiocytoma dog lip field, with his passing I am reminded of just how many. Jake did whatever I asked of him, without question, with determination, and with grace. You will never meet a more loyal dog. Every day with Jake was a gift and I was histiocytoma dog lip blessed to have partnered with him and to have had histiocytoma dog lip him in my life for as long as I did. However, I will miss Jakey terribly, he was everything to me! He taught me so many lessons about SAR and about histiocytoma dog lip life. Jake is the reason I got involved in search and histiocytoma dog lip rescue and I am thankful for all of the incredible histiocytoma dog lip experiences and the wonderful people and dogs we met along histiocytoma dog lip the way.

Jill Reynolds was a woman who lit up the room histiocytoma dog lip with her smile and good humor. She believed in connecting with her community, and that the best way to have a strong community histiocytoma dog lip was to do it together. Jill loved dogs and was an advocate for dog quality histiocytoma dog lip of life. Jill was partner on a radio talk show “Critter Patter” on KRFC with Sue Carroll of Bones du Jour, where all things human/animal bond were discussed. She was a certified Canine Massage Provider by the Boulder histiocytoma dog lip College of Massage Therapy and owned and operated Canine Massage histiocytoma dog lip of the Rockies for over 15 years where she brought histiocytoma dog lip together veterinarians, holistic practitioners and the dog’s human companions to meet the wellness goals of her histiocytoma dog lip dog clients. After her SAR dog Skid injured himself, Jill took this path even further by helping to bring histiocytoma dog lip together K9 fitness professionals and search and rescue dog handlers histiocytoma dog lip to help prevent major career-threatening injuries in our K9s. Jill was a Life Member of LCSAR and was a histiocytoma dog lip member for 11 years. During her time on LCSAR, she dedicated hundreds of hours at missions, trainings, and as an instructor and dog handler. She was active with Skid, in SAR for almost 10 years, 5 of those years as a SARDOC member. Skid and Jill were a fixture in Larimer County Search histiocytoma dog lip and Rescue’s Preventative Search and Rescue (PSAR) program. She and Skid greatly enjoyed spending time at public events histiocytoma dog lip and at schools teaching children about LCSAR and wilderness safety. Even as her health decline during her long-term illness, she found ways to support her SAR team and the histiocytoma dog lip community, even from her bedside, through performing administrative functions. Jill passed from this world on July 25 th, 2019. She had impacted this community in so many ways, and she will be greatly missed. May we strive to uphold our community and our SAR histiocytoma dog lip mission as she did.