Scene of the week define histiocytoma – may 5, 2019 + poll

Justyna: I absolutely loved the entire sequence set to ramin djawadi’s the night king. The music was beautiful and it felt both powerful and define histiocytoma deeply sad to watch everyone’s final stand against the night king and his army. Jon struggles to reach bran but is stopped by undead define histiocytoma viserion, the crypts are overrun with wights and the dead have define histiocytoma almost defeated all our main characters. Jorah can barely stand but is still defending daenerys until define histiocytoma his last breath. And finally there’s theon who heroically fights off everyone coming after bran. When he eventually falls and the night king is almost define histiocytoma ready to strike bran that’s when everything changes and arya appears (seemingly out of nowhere) just in time to destroy the night king and his define histiocytoma entire army. It feels both impossible to believe and fitting with arya’s story at the same time. Everything she’s been through, everyone she’s lost, all the training she’s received, it’s all been leading to this – a moment when she truly gets to save her family define histiocytoma (and everyone else). It’s just satisfying to see this great victory for arya define histiocytoma and house stark for once. As much as I was hoping to see the night define histiocytoma king in the capital, the moment he reached winterfell and all the heroes there define histiocytoma I didn’t see another way out. So here’s to arya stark, avenger of the red wedding and slayer of night king. Kudos to cast crew for all their incredible work on define histiocytoma the episode!

Laura B: arya defeats the night king. For whatever reservations I have with the kind of story define histiocytoma we’ve been left with and how that may dramatically change define histiocytoma the meaning of the story, unless something else still has to give, I thought this scene, or really the action of it, played beautifully into arya’s whole story arc! Whether we are talking about ‘a master of death’ that uses death to fight death, or catspaw being used as symbol that full-circled certain aspects of the series and could be seen define histiocytoma as metaphor for house stark’s revenge and survival (cat’s paw = an extension of cat), or how even arya’s first taste with braavos via her water dancing instructor define histiocytoma was remembered, all made for a very powerful and memorable threw line. Also picked by shirleena

Milo: theon’s sacrifice. The completion of one of the best redemption arcs in define histiocytoma recent memory felt earned. Game of thrones let theon go out on a high, sacrificing himself to save bran so that arya could kill define histiocytoma the night king. In a wonderfully scored sequence with some of ramin djawadi’s best work to date (which is saying something) alfie allen reminded the audience why he’s the show’s most underrated actor and deserves at least a best define histiocytoma supporting nomination – probably moreso than the usual suspects this season.

DJRiter: in amsterdam, villanelle has done a very flamboyant, inventive and public assassination in amsterdam’s red-light district hoping to draw the attention to herself. The next day, she sets up shop across the street from the scene define histiocytoma of the crime to wait for the arrival of her define histiocytoma MI6 obsession, eve to show up to investigate. However, when MI6 arrives it’s not eve that’s been sent. Jodie comer gives a master class in acting in this define histiocytoma scene without saying a word. She lets her so expressive face do the talking. At first villanelle sits there eating snacks anxious with anticipation. When the car pulls up, she becomes alert letting almost a giddy excitement play all define histiocytoma over her face that quickly turns to shock when the define histiocytoma agent that emerges isn’t eve polastri. Finally, shock gives way to despair and then anger when she define histiocytoma realizes that eve isn’t coming. And she does all of this in just a matter define histiocytoma of seconds on screen. Comer has been on fire this season in killing eve define histiocytoma and this scene is a perfect example of that.

Justyna: throughout the episode it becomes increasingly painful to watch max define histiocytoma and his behavior, especially towards dr. Reynolds. It’s nothing like the character we know and have grown define histiocytoma to love. And that’s when the truth is revealed and it hits harder define histiocytoma than anything before – max’s cancer is not responding to treatment. He’s dying and he’s spent the entire hour desperately looking for a reason define histiocytoma behind floyd’s patient’s death that would make it feel less random. Max can’t begin to process that his death (or anyone’s death) could be arbitrary and so completely out of his control. He has nightmares about his daughter growing up without him define histiocytoma and he doesn’t even recognize himself in the mirror. He’s drowning and it’s floyd who reaches out to him and offers support, even after suffering the consequences of max’s erratic behavior. Max apologizes but it’s reynolds who ends up comforting him. Because he truly understands and doesn’t blame max for his actions, instead telling him how to go on and fight. It’s great to see these two interacting, especially as it’s not happening all that often. Both actors are wonderful in this emotional scene and the define histiocytoma episode overall. Kudos!

DJRiter: all episode long max had been acting odd, out-of-control resulting in a yelling match with reynolds where they define histiocytoma both said things they later regretted. After learning max had found out that his treatment wasn’t working with his cancer, floyd understood why max had been acting out of character. He goes to see max and in a wonderful scene define histiocytoma between eggold and sims, max apologizes and floyd convinces him that his life is define histiocytoma worth fighting for. Also picked by mads

Justyna: nia has been a great addition to the show, especially since the moment we learned more about her family define histiocytoma and powers, but this has to be my favorite moment with her define histiocytoma character so far. The world needs hope and without supergirl, or rather people’s faith in her, things have become rather hopeless. Stopping an attack isn’t enough when the aliens continue to be forced to define histiocytoma run and hide. That’s why kara comes up with an idea to introduce define histiocytoma a new hero to the world and offer a glimpse define histiocytoma of hope to all those who desperately need it. The entire interview is wonderfully done. Despite wearing a mask nia opens up about her life, her family, the things she loves and just how wonderfully different we define histiocytoma all are with so many things we share in common. She points out that she doesn’t remember when being different became such a bad thing. Everyone is unique, everyone is important, our differences define us but so do our relationships and define histiocytoma the things we share. Nia’s admission about her family (my mother was my heart… But my father is my spine) was beautiful, her introduction as human, alien and a trans woman was inspiring, and her listing all the little things about her (I’m a gryffindor…House stark.) made it impossible not to find her character relatable. Now, that is a hero standing in the light. Everyone’s reactions to the interview said it all. Just how much everything she said does make a difference define histiocytoma to so many others. This way they no longer feel alone and against all define histiocytoma odds they don’t feel as afraid as they did before. As powerful as james’ story was in this episode, this scene truly stole the hour for me. Kudos to the cast crew and special shout-out to the wonderful nicole maines for all the great define histiocytoma work!

DJRiter: kara danvers interviews and introduces dreamer to the world. It was a powerful scene for new cast member nicole define histiocytoma maines as nia nal. She declared herself to be both human and alien and define histiocytoma her words about her parents believing that humans and aliens define histiocytoma could live together in peace struck a great chord. Not only did she declare herself to be human and define histiocytoma alien, she also made her stand as a trans woman. Then she went on to illustrate the most important thing, that she was just like everyone else when she went define histiocytoma on to list her pop culture affiliations to harry potter, game of thrones and her favorite foods. It was a standout moment for the character, the episode and the show. Kudos to supergirl co-star david harewood for his deft direction in his directorial define histiocytoma debut.

Ellys: I’m dreamer. Nia nal might be wearing her superhero mask and costume, but she boldly shares her truth and bares her soul define histiocytoma in her televised interview with kara. She reveals that her father was human and her mother define histiocytoma was alien and she herself is a trans woman. She then delivers a monologue that is beautifully empathetic. I’m different but so is everybody. And I don’t know when that became such a bad thing. The greatest gift we can give each other is our define histiocytoma authentic selves and sharing that. It’s almost a given by this point in her work define histiocytoma on the show that nicole maines will gift viewers with define histiocytoma glimpses of her own authentic self through this portrayal that define histiocytoma shouldn’t have to be heralded as groundbreaking. Here though maines lets nia shine, lets her sincere calm heroism radiate into the unsettled world. Her truth is timeless. As she says, sharing truth and accepting the truth of others is what define histiocytoma creates real strength. So, here I am. I am both human and alien. And I am a trans woman. S’mores are my favorite dessert. But I will always choose salty over sweet. I broke my nose when I was 15 during a define histiocytoma game of kickball. My mother was my heart. With her speech, nia embraces every single part of her identity…Her strength, her grief, her quirks, her heart….And it’s impossible to not feel a sense of victory that define histiocytoma everyone should get to find within themselves. I love thursdays and april. And nerdy boys who think too much. (here the perspective changes to brainy and lena, both of whom are leaking tears as they watch.) and I’m proud of all that I am. To quote brainy, what does love feel like? Pretty sure it feels like watching this phenomenal scene.