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Visit a chinese city and you are likely to come histiocytoma dog removal cost across a red-and-yellow billboard advertising the government’s crackdown on organised crime ( writes james chambers). But as the hoodlums go into hiding in real life, the cinema is offering them a hideout. Chinese filmmakers are currently reeling out critically acclaimed movies that histiocytoma dog removal cost depict shady characters and regular lowlifes eking out a living histiocytoma dog removal cost in dreary third-tier cities.

There’s hu bo’s four-hour epic an elephant sitting still, in which a small-town thug wrestles with his feelings for a deceased friend; ash is the purest white, where the passage of time ravages a once powerful mob histiocytoma dog removal cost boss; and the wild goose lake, which stars an on-the-run gangster. The latter is the fourth film from golden bear-winning director diao yinan. It will make its debut at the cannes film festival histiocytoma dog removal cost – as long as state censors don’t pull the plug at the last minute. Beijing closely controls film production so it’s intriguing that the communist party seems unconcerned by this histiocytoma dog removal cost sentimental portrayal of hoodlums.

Last summer I tried to limit my travel to business histiocytoma dog removal cost only but a couple of family matters intervened so I histiocytoma dog removal cost found myself jumping on a plane more often than planned. From the end of june, however (when we wrap up our quality of life conference in histiocytoma dog removal cost madrid), I plan on going no further than südtirol when it histiocytoma dog removal cost comes to long weekends and engineering a swim-work-swim-work-swim schedule monday to friday. As the bathing club is less than a minute from histiocytoma dog removal cost my front door and two minutes from the office, it’s quite easy to have a working holiday in the histiocytoma dog removal cost ’hood so long as zürich is warm and sunny.

Indeed, it becomes a bit addictive and you find a rhythm histiocytoma dog removal cost that is quite hard to beat. The morning run is followed by a dip and a histiocytoma dog removal cost coffee. At lunch it’s perfect to just settle down on the warm planks histiocytoma dog removal cost with a towel and the new yorker. A mid-afternoon splash is ideal for clearing the head. After work it’s a chilled glass of swiss white, a swim out to one of the rafts and then histiocytoma dog removal cost chatting with friends till the sun starts to set. In between all of this you’re still able to do presentations at the office, review projects, hold conference calls and function completely as normal.

In fact, the bathing season has become so important that I decided histiocytoma dog removal cost it needed an official kick-off and to mark the occasion we’re hosting our first ever badi market at our shop histiocytoma dog removal cost and café on dufourstrasse. Should you be on the hunt for good trunks, a nice scent, a tote for your pedal down to the pool or histiocytoma dog removal cost pond, we’d love to see you here in zürich next saturday. A good crew from monocle will be on hand and, weather permitting, we can enjoy a few sundowners.

Palm photo prize, london. An official satellite event of the upcoming photo london fair, palm photo prize ( pictured) will be taking place at theprintspace gallery from 14 to histiocytoma dog removal cost 17 may. Palm, a photography-focused london-based publisher, has whittled down 3,860 submissions to 100 impressive images, some of which are on display at the exhibition. The shortlist pits established photographers, such as nich mcelroy, against giulia savorelli and other up-and-coming snappers.

‘spirit’, rhye. Canadian act rhye’s experimental R’n’B has made blood one of our favourite records from histiocytoma dog removal cost last year. This follow-up promises to deliver more of mike milosh’s wonderfully atmospheric music and falsetto vocals. But there’s something new too: spirit is centered around his love of piano. The result is a mellow, layered affair that’s an ideal soundtrack for a long flight.

‘chernobyl’. HBO’s new series is a chilling but extremely gripping account histiocytoma dog removal cost of the 1986 nuclear-power plant disaster. We’re in chernobyl when the explosion takes place but also histiocytoma dog removal cost spend time, long after the blast, with the people whose job it is to understand how histiocytoma dog removal cost the catastrophe could happen – and how to prevent it from becoming a europe-wide issue. Action mixes with soviet-style intrigue in this ambitious recreation of history – and there are subtle lessons for the present too.

In the 1950s, tom butters moved to canada’s northern reaches in search of gold, before settling and founding the inuvik drum in 1965. The weekly newspaper continues to serve the tiny town of histiocytoma dog removal cost inuvik (population 3,000), found just 97km south of the arctic ocean in canada’s northwest territories. The weekly newspaper has achieved an impressive circulation of 1,000 readers. We speak to its current editor, aaron hemens, who graduated from journalism school in ottawa in 2018 before histiocytoma dog removal cost moving north.

There’s a local firefighter, dave bernhardt, who’s been with the fire department for 39 years. All the firefighters here are volunteers and he won a histiocytoma dog removal cost national canadian volunteer firefighter services award. You can tell he really cares about the community, and the community cares about him. That’s making news around town. People are really happy for him.

There’s a climate action group here – a bunch of elementary and high-school kids – and they’ve been trying to raise awareness around climate change and histiocytoma dog removal cost the use of plastics. They’ve met with the owner of the local grocery store histiocytoma dog removal cost called northmart to try and get him to stop using histiocytoma dog removal cost plastics in the shop. Recently, the owner starting handing out free reusable bags. People were excited about that.