Quiet the canadian cats histiocytoma human skin

Who ha, get dat pig! Here he comes kali…snort, snort. Do you think our friend bacon looks like this pig, shoko? Sure, if he wore a grass skirt. Snort, snort. Hey it’s quiet, where’s mom? She’s gone to the dentist. Oh cwap…I know how she feels ….Poor mom. It’s just for a cleaning. Just…. JUST for a cleaning…cleanings are, *HELL on nip.* they take weeks to get over. You’re being dramatic again shoko. They’re not that bad. Are too! Mom’s home…my what clean teeth you have mom. Hey what’s dad doing? Kali…. Kali! Kali stands up yelling in her carrier. Mew, mew mew….(translation)…run and hide shoko. You don’t have to tell me twice kali, I’m gone. Cwap…get away mom. Shoko lays down in her travel box. I know where we’re going. It’s no mystery shoko. We only ever go to the vet in the car. Maybe we’ll get dr. Sara, I like her. She’s still going to poke and prod us, kali. I demand to go home…IMMEDIATELY, if not sooner. Nobody’s listening to me kali. I guess they mean business. Dr. Sara said I have excellent teeth. They look like a 1 year olds teeth. Wow, I’m doing good. I also have some arthritis in my back leg but histiocytoma human skin not like kali. What? NO, not me! She said I have gained over a pound since I histiocytoma human skin got my teeth out. Lordy, not a diet. Dr. Sara told mom to weigh me once a week to histiocytoma human skin see if I’m still getting voluptuous (my word not hers) and if I am we’ll have to do something because I’m risking diabetes. Mom’s told me what a terrible disease this is. I’m depressed. Dr, sara gave me 3 needles and then I was really histiocytoma human skin down in the dumps.

Kali was next. Kal was given the once over and prodded like a histiocytoma human skin toy. Dr. Sara showed mom how to massage kali’s back and joints. Kali’s iris’ have a fair bit of grey mist over them. This means she doesn’t see well. She would see things out of her peripheral vision better. However if a cat moved, her eyes will catch the movement. Then we went home. There was no yelling or singing the song of our histiocytoma human skin meezer ancestors. Dr. Sara gave us lots to think about. When we arrived home I headed for the bathroom. OK mom, let’s weigh in like dr. Sara said. I don’t want to get diabetes or anything else.

Kali I thought this holiday season was supposed to be histiocytoma human skin quiet and relaxing. What happened? There is way more happening than usual shoko. I don’t like it, myself. I’m starting to get bags under my eyes from lack histiocytoma human skin of sleep and these surprise visitors are giving me worry histiocytoma human skin wrinkles. Go away, I’m not ready to receive visitors…shoo…shoo… you called me kali? Well, NO, this guy looks familiar, where have we seen him before? This dude looks like oak st. From last year. Remember mom and dad took him to the SPCA and histiocytoma human skin he was adopted after he was fixed. That’s right. What’s he doing back here? I think maybe he likes it here. Maybe he’s just hungry. Mom filled up the food….There you go he had some kibble and left. Whew, now I can comb sparkles through my locks of fur. What for? I want to achieve the best look for the cat histiocytoma human skin scouts new year dance. Buddy, from timmy’s tomcat commentary blogand I are going to sneak in. Eineyand I can help you guys when you get there. Sounds good sis. Einstein and buddy’s dad sent mom some cadbury choclates…wow. Mom’s smacking her lips already. Thank you so much pete. Angel easy and phenny’s parents sent some catnip pillows for us and dudes histiocytoma human skin are they ever soft and cuddly. Mom got a cat angel. Is it ever cute. It has a very sweet face. Bacon from piglove sent mom and dad t-shirts. They loved them. Mom’s t-shirt says ,”cat mom.” dad’s says,” I hate dogs!” no it doesn’t shoko, it has the grinch on it….They know dad too well….MOL kali got a funny looking guy with dangly legs….She sleeps with it. I got a soft pig in a hula skirt. Dude she is fantabulous! I can almost see her swaying. We thank everyone so very much for thinking of us. The christmas cards we received on-line and right to our door were so appreciated…we have them on the complete, kali, sniffer, work, mantle on the coffee table and our big table in histiocytoma human skin the hall. All we can say is WOW…you dudes and dudettes are awesome. Thank you so very much. You have made our christmas complete! Boxing day came and kali and I had to have histiocytoma human skin a box so we went out and examined the dude’s hotel on the deck. Cow kitty was sunning himself but kali didn’t see him. She calls herself a cat? Her sniffer doesn’t kitty, ice, dad, butt, bum, work! Some kitty ate most of the kibble and the water histiocytoma human skin is lower. I dub this method of assisting the ferals and forgotten histiocytoma human skin kitties a success. It was a cold day as you can see by histiocytoma human skin the ice around the water bowl. We went charging inside when mom opened the door. Hey, look shoko dad has made us a box with entry histiocytoma human skin ways. Cool dad, thanks! Oh how embarrassing my butt is stuck! Can I butter your muffin, kali? MOL. Mew, mew, rolling on floor mewing my whiskers off! What’s that poem mom says to us about, “three old ladies stuck in the lavatory.” *the third one’s name was mrs O’kal-lee, she got stuck and couldn’t get her bum free.* dad will make the hole bigger to accommodate your more histiocytoma human skin voluptuous regions. Hehe do you know it’s also artsy fartsy caturday today with athena cat goddess histiocytoma human skin wise kitty. She’s holding the display of us kitties at her place histiocytoma human skin so drop by and see the other models. Mom decided to use the flow art effect from lunapic histiocytoma human skin so the picture of us looks painted. SHOKO…..BLACK

I know I heard something. Oh look, the tooth fairy’s been by. Kali look what I got! I got a toonie, two loonies and two quarters. So you got two dollars for each tooth and fifty histiocytoma human skin cents for the broken one. Good hard cash. I got a feather wand too. That’ll be a lot of fun. Just try to catch me feather…MOL. Focus shoko. You got a cheque too. Oh, oh. She could be one of those butt(ers) what??? You know one of those dad’s that don’t pay ail-a-money for their child’s support. Oh…MOL…you mean deadbeat dads. Ya,that’s it!! The tooth fairy may not have the mew-lah in the bank to cover the cheque. Believe me shoko if you go cash this cheque, I guarantee you, that’s the least of your problems. Shoko did you get a picture of the tooth fairy? I hope so. I was wearing my selfie remote and attached the motion histiocytoma human skin activator before I went to sleep. Looks like I got her. The camera was on. This is the tooth fairy?? Egads!! She’s not the least bit like I imagined. It looks more like dad. MOL even dad doesn’t look that crazy. Mom says that the tooth fairy has helpers that step histiocytoma human skin in and help her when she’s really busy. I guess this guy is one of them. Probably a peeps tooth fairy helper. I’ll bet hardly anybody likes to see him instead of histiocytoma human skin the real tooth fairy so be kind shoko. OK kali, I sure can understand why nobody would want to see histiocytoma human skin him late at night. You know kali, databbiesotrouttowne were right. I got the exact sum they said I would, and not a cent less. Did I get any treats? Yes, you did. You got 3 bags of island paradise, our favourite. Mom put them away while you were busy. What a night. I could use some sleep. Have a super day and may your fairy bring you histiocytoma human skin everything you want. SHOKO…..BLACK