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Day ten of negotiations is complete. Management continues to demand the ability to post positions that histiocytoma older dog would allow management to force nurses in those positions to histiocytoma older dog switch between night and day shifts as frequently as every histiocytoma older dog six weeks. We are concerned about the fatigue and quality of life histiocytoma older dog issues nurses in such positions would face. Management also continues to propose forcing nurses in units with histiocytoma older dog mandatory call to come to work on their days off histiocytoma older dog even when they are not on call. These proposals are reflective of a disturbing management preference to histiocytoma older dog save money on staffing by imposing risky, unreasonable burdens on our nurses with little concern about how histiocytoma older dog they affect our lives.

WSNA continues to propose compensation that will attract and retain histiocytoma older dog great nurses. We continue to focus on improving health insurance, improving safe staffing and reducing violence against nurses. We also proposed to increase tuition reimbursements as well as histiocytoma older dog make a nurse eligible for this benefit after 90 days, instead of the current one year.

Recently management sent a “bargaining update” to all WSNA rns. Reading this update, some nurses may have concluded that it was a joint histiocytoma older dog communication from management and WSNA. IT WAS NOT. WSNA had no role in preparing the “update” which was, instead, prepared solely by management. WSNA does not produce joint communications with management, as we prefer to provide accurate material for our members histiocytoma older dog to read and consider.

Your WSNA bargaining team does not feel these changes are histiocytoma older dog in our best interest, and we are fighting hard at the table to ensure histiocytoma older dog that you have fully-paid time away from work for vacations and to care histiocytoma older dog for ourself and our family members when they are ill. By being informed and knowing what is at stake, you can help our bargaining team accomplish its goal.

WSNA – the proposed plan by management does operate like medical insurance. In your opinion, how easily is a claim processed through medical insurance? Is it always covered? Guaranteed? We all know from our own experiences, medical insurance can be a cumbersome, frustrating process that leaves us in the dark when the histiocytoma older dog final bill arrives. Your current contract, that includes your extended illness time, protects your time off, and puts YOU in the driver’s seat. Not anyone else. Under the new STD plan, a third party would decide whether your claim is approved.

WSNA – not only will this “new” plan not cover your full wages, you will be required to apply for the coverage and histiocytoma older dog await approval. Nothing is automatic. Right now, your current WSNA contract provides you predictability – not unknowns. Furthermore, you must wait a full 7 days before any coverage histiocytoma older dog will kick in if approved. During the 7 days, you must use PTO or EIT, which will stop accruing after 2019 and will NOT be histiocytoma older dog available to any nurse hired after 2019. The new STD plan will require you to use your histiocytoma older dog valuable vacation time, once EIT goes away, to supplement the 35% that is not covered ( if you qualify and are approved to use the STD) if you want to replace 100% of your wages while you are on STD. Your vacation bank will dwindle and leave you less time histiocytoma older dog to take off to recuperate and spend time with your histiocytoma older dog loved ones. Your current contract provides EIT which is paid at 100%.

Moreover, management has reported that managers will earn PTO at a histiocytoma older dog higher level than what is being offered to WSNA. While management has proposed to increase the cap to the histiocytoma older dog maximum accumulation, the accrual rates are less for more tenured nurses, and it will be difficult for you to reach the histiocytoma older dog max time if you are forced to use it for histiocytoma older dog a sickness lasting less than 7 days. This is a far cry from what you currently have. WSNA has proposed to increase PTO accruals.

Management claim: “ we have proposed that nurses would be able to use histiocytoma older dog EIT hours for a period of time during a transition histiocytoma older dog period to receive pay while out on an approved leave histiocytoma older dog to care for a family member. If you exhaust your EIT, the new washington state leave benefits will provide additional protection histiocytoma older dog – including up to 12 weeks of partial income replacement while histiocytoma older dog out on leave to care for … a family member.”

WSNA – under management’s proposal, nurses who are hired after 2019, are not eligible to participate in the EIT program at histiocytoma older dog all. Current employees will not be allowed to accrue any more histiocytoma older dog EIT after 2019 in its proposal, management has not committed to allowing nurses to use their histiocytoma older dog frozen EIT balances for time off after 2020. For those nurses who have more than 300 hours of histiocytoma older dog EIT, you will be able to cash out any hours above histiocytoma older dog this only upon termination after 20 years of service or histiocytoma older dog more and will receive payout only at 20%.

What does this mean for paid time off to care histiocytoma older dog for a family member? Once your EIT balance goes way, you cannot use the STD plan to receive paid time histiocytoma older dog off to care for a family member because the STD histiocytoma older dog plan covers only yourself, not your family members. That leaves you with the washington’s paid family and medical leave (WPFML) benefits which is not a benefit created by providence but histiocytoma older dog rather a state law requirement. Management left out a several important facts about WPFML:

Furthermore, while the rulemaking process for WPFML has not yet been histiocytoma older dog completed, it appears that you will not be able to use histiocytoma older dog PTO/EIT for the same period that you use WPFML. Therefore, you cannot “top up” your WPFML benefit with PTO/EIT to ensure that you receive 100% of your income while you are away from work. RCW 50A.04.045 (2) states: an employer may allow an employee who has accrued vacation, sick, or other paid time off to choose whether: (a) to take such leave; or (b) not to take such leave and receive paid family or histiocytoma older dog medical leave benefits, as provided in RCW 50A.04.020.” in other words, you cannot receive both at the same time.

Your fellow nurses on the WSNA bargaining team continue the histiocytoma older dog fight at the table, and it’s up to all of us to stand together with histiocytoma older dog one voice to secure an fair contract! If this is the first time you are hearing this histiocytoma older dog information, it is because you have missed a WSNA local unit histiocytoma older dog meeting. Come to the next local unit meeting. There is room on the CAT for more boots on histiocytoma older dog the ground. Sacred heart nurses, you are strong and management knows it! Tell sacred heart we will stand together and defend our histiocytoma older dog contract from management’s attack!

Management made very small movement on wages and has made histiocytoma older dog no movement on important proposals such as the supplemental staff histiocytoma older dog schedule option. Management has told us in a previous communication that they histiocytoma older dog are proposing a “simplification of the supplemental agreement.” what they are actually proposing is to significantly increase the histiocytoma older dog work requirement of all supplemental nurses. Supplemental nurses will no longer have the option to select histiocytoma older dog from different work options as they do now. Rather, all supplemental nurses must meet the following requirements:

There is an extended wait period for 7 days prior histiocytoma older dog to being able to use the short term disability. This is only if you qualify and are approved for histiocytoma older dog a claim. This will require you to use PTO during the waiting histiocytoma older dog time period. In addition, you can’t use the short term disability for family members, only for yourself; and the plan only pays at 65%. Currently, you can use EIT for family members and receive your histiocytoma older dog full wages and have a much shorter waiting period.

Day #3 of negotiations is complete. WSNA has introduced proposals for competitive wage and benefit packages histiocytoma older dog to attract and retain nurses, for staffing that will ensure the safety of nurses and histiocytoma older dog their patients and that will allow nurses to take meal histiocytoma older dog and rest periods and much-needed vacations. We have also made proposals to increase various premiums and histiocytoma older dog to enhance health insurance benefits and to protect nurses from histiocytoma older dog increased health insurance costs in addition to proposals we made histiocytoma older dog regarding floating. We also have submitted a comprehensive proposal to address workplace histiocytoma older dog violence.

We are disappointed that we have had three days of histiocytoma older dog bargaining and management has not yet given us a wage histiocytoma older dog or benefit proposal and has “reserved” several important areas of contract for future proposals. Management has promised to give us their complete proposal during histiocytoma older dog the next bargaining session. Some of management’s initial proposals are troubling. For example, management is proposing that it be allowed to give new histiocytoma older dog hires less credit for experience than they currently receive, which would negatively impact recruiting for nurses with experience, and to reduce the supplemental premium while imposing new, onerous scheduling requirements for supplemental nurses, which will make sacred heart a much less attractive place histiocytoma older dog for supplemental nurses. They are also proposing to subject more nurses to mandatory histiocytoma older dog shift rotation.