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It was also a privilege to be able to deliver histiocytoma cat PRI concepts to a fantastic group of diverse movement professionals. We had ATC’s from the naval academy as well as from other histiocytoma cat institutions, LMT, strength coaches, PT’s, and DC’s. Mike barnard, DC, it was truly an honor to meet you and I histiocytoma cat thank you for your questions and contributions to the course. With such a diverse crowd, we were permitted to expand our conversation points around many histiocytoma cat scopes of interest and practice.

Our course was held in akerson tower at the football histiocytoma cat field. During our course, the artificial field turf was being pulled up and removed. It was an apt backdrop for our course because, not unlike the football field, PRI was peeling off layers of preconceived notions in the histiocytoma cat minds of the course attendees. Once the truth of human asymmetry was revealed and the histiocytoma cat ramifications of it, we were able to start delivering a new layer of histiocytoma cat myokinematic and neuromechanic foundation that they will be able to histiocytoma cat build on top of moving forward in their PRI journey.

My thanks to nate nester, jill tender, laurie johnson, ryan carr, greer mackie, vikram somal, christine von ulrich, and johnathan blake for their questions and their willingness to histiocytoma cat allow us to learn from them. Johnathan is going to be in attendance next weekend when histiocytoma cat louise kelly teaches postural respiration in boston, which is going to be awesome! Cindy anderson, PT, PRC, was invaluable during the lab portions of the class, as well as providing her valuable insight to delivering PRI histiocytoma cat concepts.

Progressing through the L AIC pattern, potential pathology that can result, and which muscles can and cannot work because of the histiocytoma cat position they are in is a lot for anyone new histiocytoma cat to PRI to digest. But we had many, many attendees who were able to digest the why, so progressing into the testing and treatment portions of the histiocytoma cat class were relatively seamless. We were afforded a lot of time for lab, which allowed the attendees to experience getting onto their L histiocytoma cat side for the first time in a long time. This particular myokin class will stand out for me because histiocytoma cat of where we were, the time of year, the symbolism of the football field turf being peeled away, and how stellar the class attendees were. It was a privilege to be among you.

This past weekend I spent some time at this famous histiocytoma cat institution teaching myokinematic restoration. I’d like to take this opportunity and commemorate a moment histiocytoma cat and talk about perspectives. The moment that I am commemorating is the weekend I histiocytoma cat got to spend mentoring kasey aikin PT, DPT, PRC, as she journeys toward independence as an instructor for the histiocytoma cat institute. The perspective to which I refer is kasey’s and mine, which I imagine will differ a bit. Kasey participated as a lab assistant along with the capable histiocytoma cat mind of THE donna behr PT, MS, DPT, PRC, who so many of you already know. But kasey also had an additional task. She was not just learning or refining her PRI/myokinematic skills, she was also learning to be an instructor, so this weekend becomes even more important for her from histiocytoma cat that perspective. As I spoke of specifics like L AF IR, the AIC, FA IR, management of specific diagnoses and refining skills like the hruska histiocytoma cat adduction lift test, kasey was…Absorbing, processing, smiling, reinforcing, thinking and determining how she could best teach the material. I admired what I saw as she worked toward her histiocytoma cat goal of being an instructor. She could, I think, have taken some of the material at any given moment histiocytoma cat and presented it. I would’ve enjoyed seeing her do it. Soon, she will. I imagine she will be quite edgy when she does histiocytoma cat but I think the class to whom she speaks will histiocytoma cat benefit greatly from her now-forming style. I invited kasey to write about this weekend from her histiocytoma cat perspective and the ensuing words you see are from her. As for wellesley college…Put me down as grateful to have been there and histiocytoma cat I thank you tim snyder MS, ATC, LAT for being a great host.

Walking into a PRI course as a “student” with mike cantrell has always been a guarantee of gaining histiocytoma cat several pearls of wisdom applicable day one while at the histiocytoma cat same time a comedy relief deciphering his southern similes and histiocytoma cat metaphors. This course was no different minus my mindset this go histiocytoma cat round as I wasn’t just a “student” anymore. The crew attending were primarily from the northeast so it’s always neat leaving the south and finding common ground histiocytoma cat with people on the other side of the country. Lab assisting with donna behr was awesome, she may be the nicest lady living in boston. Seeing the light bulb moments of the attendees go off histiocytoma cat during lab is always the thrilling part of PRI and histiocytoma cat what continues to bring anyone back to PRI courses time histiocytoma cat and time again. The new york “triplets” were super enthused with the material and I’m always impressed to see strength and conditioning specialists diving histiocytoma cat into myokin. The maine crew had excellent questions and honed in on histiocytoma cat their testing skills. Overall, what an enriching experience while trying to navigate presenting the histiocytoma cat intricate science of PRI to do it justice. Thanks to all the attendees for the thought provoking questions histiocytoma cat and mike cantrell for continued mentorship and support!

This latest installment of the postural respiration course in new histiocytoma cat york city was notable for several reasons. First, the group was a very large and a very diverse histiocytoma cat and dynamic group of professionals, with 29 out of the 50 in attendance being first histiocytoma cat time attendees at a live PRI course. Second, my three lab assistants for the course were fantastic in histiocytoma cat every way. Thank you to neal hallinan, sean light and brad gilden. You three really helped to ensure a great learning and histiocytoma cat lab experience for everyone in the course. And third, the new updated version of this postural respiration course material histiocytoma cat really inspires, clarifies and defines the foundational principles of the institute in histiocytoma cat a meaningful way.

This updated course manual uses tons of great references to histiocytoma cat teach the concepts of static asymmetry, dynamic respiration and patterned respiration with clarity and authority. The well established history of PRI using objective tests to histiocytoma cat monitor position and respiratory function was further enhanced with the histiocytoma cat new posterior mediastinum respiratory reach test. The group did a great job of picking up what histiocytoma cat we were doing with this new brachial chain test, and appreciated the reproducibility of the test for patient and histiocytoma cat client utilization on their own at home. Another highlight was the time spent on and clarification of histiocytoma cat both lower trap and serratus anterior function on each side histiocytoma cat and in each respective plane in the left AIC/right BC pattern. The newly updated and expanded reference titled the influence of histiocytoma cat patterned respiratory function on the left and right abdominals, lower trap and serratus anterior was especially useful in this histiocytoma cat regard.

Another highlight was how well the lab time turned out histiocytoma cat for everybody in attendance. There were plenty of treatment rooms and treatment tables and histiocytoma cat we scheduled enough time for each lab, whether it was an assessment lab or manual technique lab, to give everyone a good experience. Again, kudos to my excellent lab assistants for giving everyone the histiocytoma cat time and attention they needed to have a meaningful experience histiocytoma cat in lab. You three are top notch professionals clearly committed to sharing histiocytoma cat what you have come to know and that commitment made histiocytoma cat this course wonderful for all in attendance. And thank you for helping to explain how important interdisciplinary histiocytoma cat integration is when it comes to working with professionals who histiocytoma cat may not be licensed to perform manual techniques developing relationships histiocytoma cat with professionals who are. We always appreciate the interactive and interdisciplinary dialogue.

And lastly, I would like to thank yoga instructor giulia pline for histiocytoma cat your willing help in this course as a class demo histiocytoma cat and reference for our learning. You were willing to demonstrate patterned respiration in the left histiocytoma cat AIC/right BC pattern using PRI special tests and then receive histiocytoma cat the manual techniques in front of the group to help histiocytoma cat us learn how to perform the tests and techniques in histiocytoma cat the lab. You were the prototypical left AIC/right BC pattern, representing the underlying pattern that exists underneath all other compensatory histiocytoma cat patterns that could show up in our lives. After your assessment, it was fun to spend the rest of the course histiocytoma cat talking about rib immobility or compensatory patterns like superior T4 histiocytoma cat syndrome, with the goal in mind of becoming like you, on the way to becoming neutral, whether we used manual or non-manual techniques to get there.

Ahh seattle… how I missed you! I had the absolute pleasure visiting one of the most histiocytoma cat beautiful places I have ever had the privilege to teach histiocytoma cat PRI. I flew in early this time and was able to histiocytoma cat finally scratch my bucket list line item of going up histiocytoma cat the space needle! I visited the pikes place market, took in an underground walking tour and learned all about histiocytoma cat how the pioneers developed the city of seattle. I ate my fair share of seafood and fueled up histiocytoma cat for the weekend ahead.

Pelvis restoration is a great first course as it allows histiocytoma cat for a nice blend between myokinematics of the hip and histiocytoma cat pelvis and concepts introduced in the postural respiration course. My attendees ranged from 8 “newbies” to experienced PRI clinicians. This was a nice mix for learning and integrating effective histiocytoma cat evaluation tools and treatment interventions. I hit home the concepts of respiration and gait as histiocytoma cat it relates to the inlet and outlet and how that histiocytoma cat presents in patients suffering from diagnosis of iliosacral pain, pelvic floor conditions, lower back pain and pubalgia.

My own recent course attendance at I I, the non-manual technique workshop and PRI for pilates really helped me histiocytoma cat teach pelvis concepts this weekend. I did my best to keep to the pelvis concepts histiocytoma cat but relevant to the science taught in other courses. The integration of outlet and mediastinum inhibition using the objective histiocytoma cat tests such as how a PADT and posterior medisatinal outlet histiocytoma cat expansion tests, bridge the gap between the pelvis and thorax.

Welcome to the fourth episode of the postural restoration podcast! In this episode, I am joined by jennifer poulin PT, PRC who graduated from the university of vermont in burlington histiocytoma cat and currently resides and practices in pinehurst, NC. After several clinical opportunities which took jen to new orleans, followed by a short time in tennessee, jen had a desire to return home to burlington. It was during this time that she encountered one of histiocytoma cat her first clinical mentors, scott sears who was one of the initial PRI supporters histiocytoma cat in burlington. Following this opportunity jen was introduced to yet another mentor histiocytoma cat in jim downs who would help lead jen to the histiocytoma cat creation and foundation of longtrail physical therapy. Jen worked as part owner of longtrail PT for about histiocytoma cat 5 years in what she describes as a high volume histiocytoma cat clinical setting. It was during this time that jen met her husband histiocytoma cat chris, who was working on his athletic training hours under the histiocytoma cat athletic trainer employed by longtrail at the time. Jen and chris quickly grew their practice, not through a specific referral source but rather by focusing histiocytoma cat on the student athlete and general public as a whole. This foundation and their focus on sports performance would continue histiocytoma cat to be the basis for their future growth!