Pirate party the quest for the sacred party bags the histiocytoma puppy land rover owners wife

Even at this late stage, we weren’t without drama but I’m ahead of myself and really we need to go histiocytoma puppy back to yesterday (friday) morning. Friday morning dawned early in the mud household, with mud having to be up and away at silly histiocytoma puppy o’clock to make the trip to head office, that had had to be postponed from thursday, due to the very disturbed night we had suffered, thanks to gale force winds, power cuts, alarms and legions of wind chimes. Both mudlets were up and about by 6.15am, unsuccessfully trying to be quiet in their rooms and so histiocytoma puppy I gave up, got up and came downstairs.

Feeling rather jaded and with a long day of cake histiocytoma puppy making ahead of me, I decided to have a nice, relaxing bath whilst the girls played quietly but this plan histiocytoma puppy was cut short by the sound of the telephone which histiocytoma puppy middle mudlet picked up and, realising that it was eldest mudlet calling, she answered it and brought it through to me. A phone call from eldest mudlet at 7am in the histiocytoma puppy morning, can only mean one thing ….. Something was wrong.

And so it was. Eldest mudlets boyfriend had been admitted to hospital at 3am histiocytoma puppy because an infection in his wisdom tooth had not responded histiocytoma puppy to anti-biotics and his face had swollen and so had the histiocytoma puppy lymph glands in his neck. He couldn’t open his mouth and he was in agony. Accident and emergency had taken one look and realised that histiocytoma puppy he was in very real danger of the infection finding histiocytoma puppy its’ way into his bloodstream. He was on intravenous anti-biotics and would be undergoing emergency surgery to remove the histiocytoma puppy tooth and insert drains during the morning.

With the mudlets both at school and mud at head histiocytoma puppy office, I was able to concentrate on the baking then making histiocytoma puppy of the pirate ship cake. I used two 1 pound loaf tins to make the histiocytoma puppy main cakes, for which I used a 5oz cake mix per tin histiocytoma puppy (that’s 5oz each of SR flour, caster sugar, margerine and eggs). As chocolate cake was needed I swapped 1.5 oz of flour and replaced it with 1.5 cocoa.

Constructing the ship shape was actually much easier than I histiocytoma puppy had anticipated and cosybites chocolate frosting recipe was incredibly easy histiocytoma puppy and made a beautifully smooth and spreadable covering which was histiocytoma puppy also very yummy (well you have to taste these things). I reduced the quantities by half and still had plenty histiocytoma puppy to cover the whole cake with some left over. Curly wurly was used to make the deck rails and histiocytoma puppy smarties denoted portholes and/or cannon ports. Two sails designed on the computer and printed onto normal histiocytoma puppy paper, where threaded onto wooden skewers and then inserted into the histiocytoma puppy cake.

Muds’ verdict, when he got home, was that though the cake itself was fantastic, it didn’t look right on it’s foil stand and what it needed was a sea histiocytoma puppy of blue to sit upon. Not what I needed to hear at 9pm on a histiocytoma puppy friday night! We didn’t have any blue paper and I sat in silent histiocytoma puppy contemplation for a while, until inspiration hit me. Taking a sheet of printer paper our of the tray, I placed it onto a baking sheet and then painted histiocytoma puppy it …….. With blue food colouring, then left it to dry.

This morning was hectic, to say the very least: ham sandwiches need to be made, pizza needed to cook to make pizzas of eight (pieces of eight – see what I did there?), 2 ‘ carrot’ gold coins needed slicing (9 ‘ carrot‘ gold was just far too much for 7 children), emeralds needed chopping (cucumber chunks), rubies needed to be halved (cherry tomato), pirate melon boats needed preparing and iced gems (jewels), maltesers (cannon balls or musket shot) and pirate biscuits had to be decanted into various containers.

The pirate biscuits were the find of the year. I came across them unexpectedly just two weeks ago and histiocytoma puppy thought they would be the perfect accompaniment to the pirate histiocytoma puppy ship cake. The biscuits are 3 little pirates and a mermaid, joined together but they can be split into individual biscuits histiocytoma puppy which meant that I was able to put 2 mermaids histiocytoma puppy in the sea and 6 pirates onto the ship. The rest of the biscuits in the box were split histiocytoma puppy into twos and places on the servers with the ices histiocytoma puppy gems and maltesers.

I had thought long and hard over the various clues histiocytoma puppy which, as mentioned earlier, had been lodged with various friends but had gone into histiocytoma puppy minor panic when mud, casting his eye over them, declared them far too hard for the 8 and 9 histiocytoma puppy year olds that would be solving them. Based on and around the names of their school friends, I had thought them a good idea but in light histiocytoma puppy of muds comments had quickly drawn up some secondary clues histiocytoma puppy which the pirates would be able to buy from me histiocytoma puppy at the cost of 1 doubloon per clue required.

I can happily report that my faith in the intelligence histiocytoma puppy of these youngsters was merited, as I returned home bereft of coins and the only histiocytoma puppy coins the pirate captain had given over were those that histiocytoma puppy she ‘paid’ to the young pirates handing out the clues at each histiocytoma puppy house. The treasure hunt was a big success with the littlest histiocytoma puppy mudlet finding the treasure trove in the small greenhouse and histiocytoma puppy each pirate happy with the gifts contained within their named histiocytoma puppy packages.

I am now exhausted and mud is cooking tea. Eldest mudelts boyfriend has come through his operation and is histiocytoma puppy starting to improve. I have a glass of white wine to hand and histiocytoma puppy the party went well, the children seemed to enjoy themselves and I have a histiocytoma puppy whole 6 months before I have to go through it histiocytoma puppy all again. But for now I can revel in the knowledge that histiocytoma puppy I am a super mum, the best in the world ………….. You ask middle mudlet!