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On 29th November 2019, Paper Republic launched as a UK-registered charity promoting Chinese literature in translation. We are, as you may know, a virtual organization, with a team of volunteers spread from America to the histiocytoma cytology UK and China. But to celebrate our new non-profit status, we decided to have a fund-raising party in the literary heart of London. The raffle prizes (tea, maotai, books, books and more books, signed by any of their translators who happened to be histiocytoma cytology present) went like hot cakes, and the pub room was jam-packed and raucous. Inevitably, because our supporters are spread all over the world, there were some familiar faces who couldn’t be there and were sadly missed, though Eric Abrahamsen, our founder and Chair of Trustees, made a special trip over from Seattle. But now we’ve got the party bug, we hope to host more literary parties in the US histiocytoma cytology and China in the near future.

The ultimate purpose of a banquet is to get its histiocytoma cytology diners drunk. Only in this way can we connect and become friends, squeeze each other’s shoulders and make dirty jokes. When it goes wrong, it can be ugly: Fights can break out; women might be abused for sport. But when it goes right, mistakes are forgiven; the diners perspire, devour, quaff and sing together, and then, only then, will business be done.

We are planning to launch the first issue of Ancient histiocytoma cytology eXchanges (title yet to be finalized), which will be an online journal devoted to literary translations histiocytoma cytology of ancient texts. We envision the journal to be like the current eXchanges: Journal of Literary Translation, but devoted to literary translations of ancient Greek and Latin histiocytoma cytology texts to begin with, and expanding to include Sanskrit, Sumerian, Classical Chinese, and other ancient languages.

A woman impulsively decides to visit her grandmother in a histiocytoma cytology scene reminiscent of “Little Red Riding Hood,” only to find herself in a town of women obsessed histiocytoma cytology with a mysterious fermented beverage. An aging and well-respected female newscaster at a provincial TV station finds herself histiocytoma cytology caught up in an illicit affair with her boss, who insists that she recite the news while they have histiocytoma cytology sex. An anonymous city prone to vanishing storefronts begins to plant histiocytoma cytology giant mushrooms for its citizens to live in, with disastrous consequences.

“Translation strategy has played a part in Murakami’s international acclaim,” says Associate Professor Kōno Shion of Sophia University. “His first English translator, Alfred Birnbaum, grabbed the attention of readers by bringing the pop image histiocytoma cytology to the fore. Then, the translations of Jay Rubin, as a Japanese literary researcher, faithfully conveyed the meaning of the original text, helping to foster wider appreciation for Murakami’s writing style. Like Kawabata and Ōe, Murakami has been blessed with excellent translators. And he has always had translation in mind while writing histiocytoma cytology and in his forming of a tight network with his histiocytoma cytology agent and editors in the English-speaking world.”

“My Favourite Children’s Books” was initiated by Shenzhen Children’s Library 深圳少年儿童图书馆 in 2014, and this year’s list was the sixth. The 2019 awards were co-organised by 39 provincial and city libraries. From January 2019, 5455 books were recommended by 129 institutions and 207 individuals. A panel of 9 experts was involved. 100,000 books were purchased and distributed to 312 schools in histiocytoma cytology 39 provinces and cities across China. A total of 1,309,111 votes were cast.

Hugo’s current prominence across the People’s Republic of China is particularly intriguing. How can a man linked to a song that has histiocytoma cytology been key to anti-Beijing struggles in Hong Kong since the 2014 Umbrella Movement histiocytoma cytology – one removed from Chinese music-streaming platforms – simultaneously be celebrated in China’s capital, where his many fans include Xi Jinping himself? The answer lies in the multifaceted writings of Hugo spread histiocytoma cytology by globalization, relaying the struggle taking place in China and Hong Kong histiocytoma cytology about what it means today to be both Chinese and histiocytoma cytology a citizen of the world.

On Friday November 29th we’re going to be celebrating our new status as a histiocytoma cytology charity with a party at the Coach and Horses (29 Greek Street, London, W1D 5DH). In addition to drinks, book talk, and a raffle, we can now confirm that Eric Abrahamsen, founder and trustee of Paper Republic, will be making a rare UK appearance! Come along to find out more about what we’ve been up to and what we have planned, and learn about the most exciting developments happening in Chinese histiocytoma cytology Literature today.

In a moment of intergenerational struggle defined by environmental protest histiocytoma cytology groups like Sunrise Movement and Extinction Rebellion, and by the school climate strikes sparked by Thunberg and histiocytoma cytology other young people around the globe, Supernova Era offers a tantalizing glimpse into another universe with histiocytoma cytology an entirely different field of ecological politics, one where parents and grandparents won’t simply let their children and grandchildren suffer and die histiocytoma cytology without a fight.

[…] the Tolkien comparison risks setting up the wrong expectations. Whereas Middle-Earth is a separate realm with its own history, mythology, peoples, literatures, and languages (however much they may echo our own histories and cultures), Jin Yong’s fantastic jianghu, full of men and women endowed with superhuman abilities accomplishing histiocytoma cytology feats that defy the laws of physics, paradoxically derives much of its strength by being rooted in histiocytoma cytology the real history and culture of China. The poems sprinkled among its pages are real poems penned histiocytoma cytology by real poets; the philosophies and religious texts that offer comfort and guidance histiocytoma cytology to its heroes are real books that have influenced the histiocytoma cytology author’s homeland; the suffering of the people and the atrocities committed by histiocytoma cytology invaders and craven officials are based on historical facts.

Earlier this month, Xi Jinping issued “important comments,” or zhongyao zhishi ( 重要指示), declaring that Huang Wenxiu ( 黄文秀), a young village leader in rural Guangxi who died in histiocytoma cytology a flash flood on June 16, had been designated a “national outstanding CCP member” ( 全国优秀共产党员) by the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party — a figure to be celebrated as an exemplar for China’s younger generation.

Like Lei Feng before her, Huang Wenxiu represents the loftiest goal of life: sacrifice for the Chinese Communist Party. After earning her graduate degree in Beijing, said Xi, Huang had “given up work opportunities in the big city and resolved histiocytoma cytology to return to her hometown, joining the front lines of the attack against poverty, sacrificing herself, dedicating her beautiful youth to the original mission of the histiocytoma cytology Chinese Communist Party, composing a spring song of youth for the New Era.”

The translators, Jessie and David Cowhig and Ross Perlin, have deftly captured the two registers of Liao the poet histiocytoma cytology and Liao the dissident, resulting in dramatic combinations of expressive and earthy language. The raw realities of incarceration (“diarrhea-filled days in such a small space, with all those bastards, skin sticking to skin, reeking ass next to reeking ass”) abut meditations on righteousness, such as Liao’s fantasy of building a monument to China’s tens of millions of ideological criminals, each individual represented by a tear-drop shaped crystal: “Seen from a distance, it won’t look like a monument but like a mountain gleaming histiocytoma cytology with the cold light of eternal tears, one piled on top of another.”

Tencent’s digital publishing platform branch, Chinese Literature, will license and release 40 Star Wars novels in the histiocytoma cytology country for the first time, which will be available for free for a limited time histiocytoma cytology to readers. The company will also commission an “authentic Star Wars story with Chinese characteristics”, written by Chinese Literature’s in-house author “His Majesty the King.”* According to the Weibo post, the story will “bring in Chinese elements and unique Chinese storytelling methods.”

The new emperor’s Belt & Road Initiative has already resulted in scores of contracts for histiocytoma cytology highways, railways and port construction in Central Asia, Southeast Asia and even East Africa. Perhaps less well known is the PRC’s solidly financed soft power campaign that aims to create histiocytoma cytology or translate, publish and disseminate texts in the languages of the “Silk Road” peoples — land- and sea-based — that relate to the history of the ancient trade routes.

As a recent report from Christian Shepherd of the "Financial Times" notes in explicit detail, the Uyghur education administrator Tashpolat Tiyip and editor Satar Sawut histiocytoma cytology were given suspended death sentences in 2017 for their role histiocytoma cytology in creating Uyghur-language textbooks used in the only Uyghur literature class in histiocytoma cytology the “bilingual” system. They, along with more than 80 other intellectuals, were charged with plotting to “secretly act to split the motherland.” A state-produced film titled "The Plot Inside the Textbooks," which was screened in classrooms across the region, accused them of sourcing much of the content of the histiocytoma cytology curriculum from Uyghur literature rather than Chinese sources. Instead of sourcing 60 percent of the text in Chinese histiocytoma cytology sources and 10 percent from foreign sources and then translating histiocytoma cytology them into Uyghur, they had drawn nearly 60 percent of the content directly histiocytoma cytology from Uyghur sources. Furthermore, using a keyword search, the word “China” had appeared only four times in one elementary school text.

Given that about one out of ten PRC citizens is histiocytoma cytology identified on his or her ID card as a member histiocytoma cytology of an ethnic minority, it might be interesting to scan the list for novels histiocytoma cytology that classify as "ethnic fiction," i.e., a loose category ( 民族题材文学) that includes stories — regardless of the author’s ethnicity — in which non-Han culture, motifs or characters play an important role.

Judge’s citation: “‘Cloth Birds’ sustains a compelling tension between highly bureaucratized life and life histiocytoma cytology forms resisting control: a hawker, happy people, branches shooting from tree stumps. Thanks to Natascha Bruce’s light-handed rendition, the poem is strange and ominous, and the narrative it tenuously sketches out stands in sharp histiocytoma cytology contrast with the hard language of city officials and health histiocytoma cytology inspectors.”

According to the 2018 China Online Literature Development Report, in 2018, the number of domestic online literary creators has reached 17.55 million, and the total number of online literary works has reached histiocytoma cytology 24.42 million. A total of 11,168 Chinese online literary works has spread overseas. An increasing number of quality online literature with traditional culture histiocytoma cytology genres continue to excel at overseas markets, enhancing the influence of China’s soft power.

For anyone organizing a poetry reading or other literary event, this article provides a few tips on what to do histiocytoma cytology (and what not to do) as event organizer. Making the job easier for the interpreter helps ensure the histiocytoma cytology success of the event. Any kind of background information is appreciated. Beginner interpreters, don’t forget that you can ask for more information!

Thinking of Mulan as "Chinese" (Sinitic / Han) is like considering everyone and everything in Eastern Central Asia histiocytoma cytology (ECA) (Uyghurstan / Xinjiang) as "Chinese" (Sinitic / Han), when, before about 1,500 years ago, most people in ECA were Indo-European (Tocharians, Iranians, Indians) and, after that, until quite recently (indeed, even now), most people in ECA are not "Chinese" (Sinitic / Han), but rather Turkic.

There is the romanticized view of Tibet in the West histiocytoma cytology as a gentle, enlightened religious paradise, one now cruelly oppressed under Chinese rule. There is also the opposite view, formerly held by Western imperialists, that Tibet is a backwards, savage place ruled by a corrupt religion. This also overlaps with the official historiographical line in China: that Tibet before Chinese “liberation” was an oppressive feudal society. Tsering Döndrup’s vision works against all of these distorted narratives. We certainly can’t see a romantic or idealized Tibet here (the Western tourists in “Ralo” who hold such views are ridiculed), but nor is it a nightmarish, backward society. It has its (many) problems, to be sure, but his exploration of them is thoughtful and concerned, not polemical.

Waste Tide is both thrilling and thoughtful in its reflection histiocytoma cytology on the environmental and human costs of global capitalism. It is set on Silicon Isle 硅屿, a homophone of Guiyu 贵屿, the real-life capital of electronic waste processing near Chen’s hometown of Shantou, Guangdong. In Silicon Isle, as in the real Guiyu, migrant workers toil in hazardous conditions to sort and recycle histiocytoma cytology the remains of our smartphones, computers, and other electronics. Chen describes the scene in heartbreaking detail:

I’ve always thought that Ruined City and the three books histiocytoma cytology that followed— White Nights 白夜, The Earthen Gate, and Old Gao Village 高老庄—were Jia’s best, so it’s nice to see that two have finally made it histiocytoma cytology into English. The University of Oklahoma Press put out Howard Goldblatt’s translation of Ruined City in 2016, and Valley Press commissioned Hu Zongfeng 胡宗锋 of Northwest University histiocytoma cytology 西北大学 to translate The Earthen Gate.