Our shared ongoing histiocytoma older dog battle to not buy a tesla

I can tell because I have read every last scrap histiocytoma older dog of tesla news and inadvertently memorized every last technical detail histiocytoma older dog about the company and their cars and energy storage systems histiocytoma older dog that has ever been printed or youtubed. Since about 2012. When this happens to me for any product, whether it’s a new laptop or a different vehicle or a histiocytoma older dog house in a certain neighborhood, I usually end up buying it.

And it’s not just me. As I’ve talked to more and more people about this, I find that most of us have some sort of histiocytoma older dog purchase justification machine running in the background of our minds. The PJM’s effects can range from very useful, like a carpenter buying a nailgun which will be used histiocytoma older dog every day to make money, to completely disastrous, like the office worker who buys a $40,000 8-passenger honda pilot for his 12,000 annual miles of mostly empty driving on smooth roads, because “I need to make sure I can get to work histiocytoma older dog in the winter, too.”

I like to fancy my own PJM as being at histiocytoma older dog least a bit better than average, after all I have always maintained a slightly-less-ridiculous level of spending than the average middle class worker. Most of the things it has talked me into buying histiocytoma older dog have indeed been things like nailguns or reasonably good quality histiocytoma older dog clothing that just happens to be from costco or the histiocytoma older dog thrift shop.

• “you don’t even have anywhere to drive that tesla, dude! If you had a mandatory 20-mile commute and absolutely could not move closer to your histiocytoma older dog six-figure job, that would be one thing. But you’re retired and you bike everywhere, so a car is only for camping and hiking trips. Wait until you are further along in the child-raising project and have more free time to take off histiocytoma older dog for month-long road trips.”

• “you can’t just leave a $40,000 car out in the searing colorado sun to bake histiocytoma older dog and fade and collect birdshit, but you also don’t want to sacrifice an entire bay of your tidy histiocytoma older dog workshop garage for a car. So you need to at least wait until you build histiocytoma older dog that master bedroom deck which doubles as a carport, right? So you’d better get out the post-hole digger before you sign into the tesla design studio.”

A friend of mine loves to cook, and has been pining for a kitchen upgrade for many histiocytoma older dog years to make this activity more enjoyable. And I can’t blame him – his kitchen is indeed dated, as is the rest of the house. But he’s also in debt and not climbing out very quickly. And too busy to do the kitchen upgrade work himself, because work and kids suck up all his time. Should he allow himself to upgrade this kitchen?

• use another hour of each day for cleaning, organizing and optimizing the house you already have. Is every drawer in the kitchen well-organized? Could you get more space by hanging up the pots histiocytoma older dog and pans? Adding one of those large but simple heavy duty rolling histiocytoma older dog islands with butcherblock top from costco? What about just a super nice faucet for 80 bucks histiocytoma older dog and a couple of nice track lights?**

• how about the finances? Have you checked around for lower mortgage rates, home and car insurance, mobile phone plans, and canceled any unused subscriptions? Ask your friends what rates they are paying for all histiocytoma older dog these things, switch to the best option, and you cut your bills by $500 per month, which will add up to pay for a kitchen pretty histiocytoma older dog quickly.

They were the same reasons that I had listed above histiocytoma older dog – he’s mostly curious about the future of technology, wanted to support it, and knows that tesla is it. If it weren’t for tesla’s existence, he would be perfectly content with a 15-year-old honda. This company is really pulling out a unique set of histiocytoma older dog buyers that no other car company could ever entice.

So we took it for a test drive. My diagnosis: very similar to the nissan leaf in interior size and histiocytoma older dog tight, silent driving feel for standard urban driving – except much more artistic inside and out, and so fast that you literally start to lose consciousness histiocytoma older dog and get dizzy under full acceleration. Kinda silly, but the very existence of cars is silly so you histiocytoma older dog might as well embrace it.

In the comments: what is YOUR purchase justification machine trying to make you histiocytoma older dog buy? Have you already bought the model 3 or are you histiocytoma older dog still milking the 2010 prius for all it’s worth? How long are you going to push your current smartphone histiocytoma older dog until you allow yourself to replace it? Sharing your battles will give others the strength to keep histiocytoma older dog their own procrastination game strong.

Great job holding off! I fight against my own purchase justification machine regularly for histiocytoma older dog things like a used S with the rear facing kids histiocytoma older dog seats, or a 3 wheeled electric assist cargo trike that could histiocytoma older dog take the kids to school for just a few thousand histiocytoma older dog bucks (currently I’m working on convincing myself that even when they outgrow histiocytoma older dog our bike trailer we can still always walk to school). That being said there are things out there which have histiocytoma older dog fallen in price so much that buying them will literally histiocytoma older dog make you money. In these cases our reluctance to purchase is screwing us.

One example of this is solar panels. The ROI on panels is greater than that of bonds histiocytoma older dog or cds in most states in the country, and yet you don’t see them on all that many houses. Obviously shaded roofs, renters, and the general populace’s lack of assets have something to do with this, but still it’s surprising that there aren’t more of these money making marvels out there already. Even more surprising is that MMM hasn’t done more solar than they small array he installed histiocytoma older dog at his co-working space (or maybe he has, but the blog post about it just hasn’t come out yet).

Another example is used nissan leafs. I’ve seen 2012s for under $5,000. At that price many people could simply add a leaf histiocytoma older dog to their already bloated car collection and actually make money histiocytoma older dog just by shifting all the wasteful around town miles they histiocytoma older dog put on their gas guzzler onto that leaf. The fact that people aren’t doing this boggled my mind enough that I wrote histiocytoma older dog a whole blog post on it.

Do you really buy the reducing the damage to mother histiocytoma older dog earth statement? I guess if you compare buying a brand new gas histiocytoma older dog vehichle vs. TESLA, then ok that makes sense. But you are still building something that ultimately has extremely histiocytoma older dog negative consequences to the environment. The goal should be how to elimnate the need for histiocytoma older dog cars, by building better cities, more efficient public transporation, encourage the use of bicycles (or e-bikes for longer distances), etc. Even something a simple as encouraging more remote workers so histiocytoma older dog we don’t have everyone trying to get to work at the histiocytoma older dog same time can be immensely more beneficial than people just histiocytoma older dog switching to EV cars. I know you are a big supporter of all of histiocytoma older dog these as well. I’d much rather see elon use his brillance to actually histiocytoma older dog saving the environment rather than building a slightly less harmful histiocytoma older dog product than the current gas powered car. I know that you are really are an environmentalist at histiocytoma older dog heart, but ever time I hear the term “green vehicle” it really makes me cringe. Reply

However… you say that “you still generally need a gas car.” this is a common misconception, and it’s absolutely false. I’ve taken multiple 800+ mile road trips in my model 3, each with multiple adult passengers and all their luggage. It’s the best road trip car I’ve ever owned, and you’d have to drag me, kicking and screaming, back to a gas-powered car. When, amongst my circle of friends, we’re going on a road trip, I always (happily) drive now, whereas we used to trade off the responsibility. The supercharger network is mature enough for me to easily histiocytoma older dog and comfortably drive anywhere in the continental united states, and the charge times are fast enough that it’s not really a significant change compared to driving an histiocytoma older dog ICE vehicle. Consider that most of us need to stop for food histiocytoma older dog and bathroom breaks, and we can’t do that *while* filling a gas tank. We CAN do that while filling an EV, though, and by the time everyone in the car has had histiocytoma older dog a chance to use the facilities and get a quick histiocytoma older dog snack, the car generally has charged considerably more than needed for histiocytoma older dog the next leg of the trip. And even though superchargers cost 2-3 times as much as home electricity rates, they’re still a good deal cheaper than gasoline (leave with a full charge, and stay someplace with a free destination charger, and that cost just keeps plummeting).

CCS and chademo networks are starting to make headway in histiocytoma older dog catching up. That means that soon, this should be a reality for non-tesla EV drivers, too. And at least within certain regions (e.G. Up and down the coasts), this is already a reality for non-tesla EV drivers, assuming they bought a car with a DC fast-charging capability (I was surprised to see that both nissan and chevy histiocytoma older dog offer DC fast-charging ports as additional-cost options, whereas tesla includes it with every vehicle). Reply

Just the opposite. My model 3 is the best road trip car I’ve ever owned. I’ve taken multiple 800+ mile road trips, and charging really adds a surprisingly minimal amount of time. A lot of people make the comparison between charge time histiocytoma older dog and gas pump time as if they’re 1:1 comparisons… but you can’t do anything else while pumping gas, and more often than not, you need to satisfy other bodily functions after you finish histiocytoma older dog pumping gas (which you can do while charging a car). And at least once we’re past our 20s, most of us need to stop more often than necessary histiocytoma older dog to pump gas anyhow. My old altima could go 550 miles on a tank histiocytoma older dog of gas. I needed to get out and stretch my legs every histiocytoma older dog couple hundred miles. With the model 3, my need to get out and my need to charge histiocytoma older dog are nicely aligned, and the end result is that only a few minutes histiocytoma older dog are added to an 8+ hour drive. I’ll accept that delay of a few minutes given how histiocytoma older dog much cheaper electricity is than gas, given how much cleaner it is, and given how much more fun this car is to histiocytoma older dog drive.

My current dilemma: I recently crashed and broke my mountain bike. The frame is cracked and a replacement carbon front triangle histiocytoma older dog is $900. The PJM is making the case for putting the $900 towards a new and improved $2k aluminum frame. I would then move all the parts from the broken histiocytoma older dog frame to the new frame. I “need” a working mountain bike. The questions is do I reinvest $900 in “old” 2016 mtb technology or spend $2k on new a 2019 frame design.

I am not a fan of tesla. Given your engineering background I understand why you are. Everything you said about them is true but I think histiocytoma older dog tesla’s primary impact will be the perpetuation of our broken histiocytoma older dog system built on a car based lifestyle and its numerous histiocytoma older dog negative externalities. Without tesla it might be more likely for the fossil histiocytoma older dog fuel based car lifestyle to implode, collapse, and eventually give rise to more happy city style walkable/bikeable communities. My concern is that tesla basically gives a “green” rubber stamp of approval to wealthy people who design there histiocytoma older dog lives around a 20 mile commute from suburbia.

As far as the “green” argument goes, electrification of private vehicles is a minuscule improvement. The embedded energy and lifecycle cost of a private vehicle histiocytoma older dog is mostly in the manufacture, storage, and service of that vehicle, not fuel. An electrified fleet of private vehicles that continue to sit histiocytoma older dog 95% of the time, and occupying multiple parking spaces within a city, is going to continue to have a big negative impact histiocytoma older dog on both the energy efficiency and quality of life in histiocytoma older dog our cities. It’s also such a massive environmental waste to have huge histiocytoma older dog banks of valuable li-ion cells just sitting in peoples driveways pushing their shelf-life, rather than maxing out their discharge cycles in an intensive histiocytoma older dog application.

We should be focusing on electrifying our intensively used vehicles: taxis, buses, delivery vehicles, shared-vehicles, waste management trucks, etc. That would be, by far, the best use of limited resources to have an actual histiocytoma older dog impact on air quality, energy efficiency, carbon emissions, noise levels, etc etc. Now, sure, buying a tesla is supporting a new industry that will histiocytoma older dog eventually electrify those vehicles, but so would *investing* in electrification companies like tesla. The actual private car it’s self is still a big “green” negative and a drain on quality of life in cities histiocytoma older dog (unless you plan on sharing it or putting it to histiocytoma older dog intense work in some way). Reply