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My husband, Larry, had two brothers die with colon cancer. However, his other brother and he have been very fortunate, at least so far. The doctor told Larry after his last colonoscopy that he histiocytoma cat was "clean as a whistle". Kind of an odd saying but the meaning was obvious. As far as I know, no one on my side has had colon cancer or histiocytoma cat breast cancer. My oldest daughter just had two polyps removed but won’t receive the results for a couple more weeks. I just hope everything is OK. I have a tendency towards cysts but so far they histiocytoma cat have always been benign.

Both my sisters died with blood cancers and since my histiocytoma cat last blood test was considered abnormal, my doctor has sent my records to a hematologist. It’s just been a few days, but I guess I’ll hear from the hematologist’s office in the near future. I don’t have a lot of faith in the Medical situation histiocytoma cat in this area. They have different groups of doctors who deal with their histiocytoma cat own large hospitals in other cities. The medical office I go to works with the local histiocytoma cat small hospital which I like and where I get all histiocytoma cat my blood work done. But the oncology/hematologist office is in the county seat 15 miles away. It is at times like this that I wish I histiocytoma cat was back in Ocala. ☹️

PATRICIA, I learned more from your explanation that I ever knew histiocytoma cat before about how this awful cancer can start. The one about your daughter is the MOST concerning one, and my heart aches for you. So many have colon cancer these days and at younger histiocytoma cat and younger ages. One can not stress enough the importance of colorectal cancer histiocytoma cat screening. Sadly though, insurance will not pay if you are not over 50 histiocytoma cat years old and that is about 25 years too late. Thank you for sharing the information with us.

MARILYNE, sounds like the heat is continuing in your area! I thought I heard it was going to be cooler…but not yet! Mark and Family went to S. Lake Tahoe yesterday after noon and they are enjoying some histiocytoma cat time away. Of course I have lots of pictures and the6 all histiocytoma cat have jackets on! Love that lake…..Keep Tahoe Blue….. Your family too have done your duty to ward off histiocytoma cat the darn colon cancer. Dr. Dave is a trained surgeon and used to do many histiocytoma cat colonoscopies and he always stressed the importance of screenings as histiocytoma cat if left long enough any polyps WILL turn cancerous. Little did he know how much he would have to histiocytoma cat know about this with his own wife😩 Michele immediately talked her brother into going for a screening, and thankfully he was fine.

shirleyn – Glad you’re back with us, and I hope you return often to say hello and histiocytoma cat let us know how your doing. I don’t blame you for wondering whether it was the Enbrel, that was the reason for your lymphoma? Those new drugs for the the autoimmune illnesses like rheumatoid histiocytoma cat arthritis, haven’t been around long enough to know what the unusual histiocytoma cat side effects are. Are you still taking Enbrel, or did your oncologist take you off of it?

Jean – I hope your daughter will get good news this coming histiocytoma cat week, that the polyps they removed are benign. Also I am hoping that your blood tests will be histiocytoma cat okay? Under the circumstances of your two sisters, it’s good that your doctor sent your test results to histiocytoma cat a hematologist to be double checked. On another subject . . . I left you a message in the Television folder, on a movie you might like.

Jenny – The thing that is so puzzling, is that so many young people are getting these terrible histiocytoma cat cancers, that were unheard of when we were their age! (I mean unheard of in our generation.) Two couples our age that we have known since we histiocytoma cat were first married . . . both have had daughters that have died from pancreatic cancer! Both girls were in there mid to late 50’s. When we were in our 50’s, we had never even heard of pancreatic cancer. Now it’s a common cancer in that age group. My younger daughter Sandy, had a boyfriend, Robert, that she really liked, a few years ago. AJ and I liked him too, and he joined us for Christmas dinner and other events, the year that they were together. They broke up, but remained good friends. This June, he died from Esophageal cancer. He was only 51 years old.

"Cancer is a group of diseases involving abnormal cell growth histiocytoma cat with the potential to invade or spread to other parts histiocytoma cat of the body. These contrast with benign tumors, which do not spread to other parts of the body. Possible signs and symptoms include a lump, abnormal bleeding, prolonged cough, unexplained weight loss, and a change in bowel movements. While these symptoms may indicate cancer, they may have other causes. Over 100 types of cancers affect humans. Wikipedia"

DNA often shows a shared propensity for certain physical or histiocytoma cat mental behaviors. My daughter’s skin cell tumor is not unfortunately rare, and it does have a low survival rate as it histiocytoma cat is one that involves cells or other items ending in histiocytoma cat the brain, which is encased in bone. Skin cancers are cancers. We see more diseases precisely because we use or ingest histiocytoma cat more chemicals in our lifestyles. And that is unlikely to change as it is even histiocytoma cat one of the causes of climate change which is one histiocytoma cat of the major precursors to mass migrations of both human histiocytoma cat and animals.

Everyone has left and we all had a good time, especially me. The quad boys and the single sister of Bob’s family came and Erin, my great-niece, came. Everyone was talking and there was a football game on histiocytoma cat and conversation was more to the Harton family, so I took Erin to the back porch so we histiocytoma cat could talk Tock. There is/was nothing particular but we had a good conversation. I did hear that her brother and his wife are histiocytoma cat expecting their second child. Her brother, Geoff, married a Chinese woman and they have a cute boy, looks very Chinese, but I could see some of Jan in his face. So, by the end of the year, we are expecting two more babies. Everyone loved the cats and they got a lot of histiocytoma cat attention. Tom bought three kinds of pizza tonight and I had histiocytoma cat two slices of vegetarian. My Tom has been buying a vegetarian pizza from Papa histiocytoma cat Murphy that we cook ourselves and we like it very histiocytoma cat much. The ones Tom H bought were already baked. I think it is so nice that several came to histiocytoma cat see me because I doubt I’ll come down again, however "never say never" and "never" usually is not in my vocabulary. So we’ll see.

You wonder what causes the various types of cancer. Norm’s first wife died of lung cancer and we know histiocytoma cat (or think we do) what causes that. But so many others seem to have no basis. Is it what we put in the air and/or water? Is it the fast foods we eat? I have had two skin cancers and the doctor blamed histiocytoma cat sitting in the sun. The first one was in 2005 and I was 91. I had not sat out in the sun since I histiocytoma cat was 18-20 years old. So it seems it takes a while for the cancer histiocytoma cat to take hold in some cases.

I was disappointed that the senior minister was not in histiocytoma cat Indy today because I wanted to tell him what was histiocytoma cat going with my church; we’ve discussed it before. Actually, it is our interim/transitional minister I wanted to tell about. Sad for the minister, but nothing bad about him. He’s a nice man but is 77 and would like histiocytoma cat to fully retire, which he will do when we get a permanent senior histiocytoma cat minister.

MARILYNE, we have not heard from the travelers yet today, so not sure what all adventures they enjoyed yesterday. Michele is seeing her PCP doctor today, just the yearly check up, I suppose. Goodness, I hope and pray this doctor does not have ANY histiocytoma cat bad news for her! Thank you for asking. She still has not heard from the radiation oncologist about histiocytoma cat when she can start the treatments…..waiting for insurance to say when, ya know? The Cali Family REALLY enjoyed Tahoe.

MARY ANN, safe travels back home today. When I spoke to my dad this morning, he went on and on about why my kiddos want histiocytoma cat to travel out of the country with so much strife histiocytoma cat going on? I told him they are just as safe in other histiocytoma cat countries as the6 are here with all the nasty stuff histiocytoma cat that goes on. As my kids always say…"if something happens to them at least we know that histiocytoma cat they were doing what they wanted to be doing, and not just caught up in some being in the histiocytoma cat wrong place at the wrong time" and I have to agree wit( them. They have travel in their blood, as we love to travel and have been very blessed histiocytoma cat to see as many countries as we have. Our Boston Son and DIL are leaving for Portugal on histiocytoma cat this coming Friday….I think that news is what sent my dad on histiocytoma cat his rampage! 😩😘

I’m back, I think. It seems I was in a car all day, but I wasn’t. I’m tired and I know I’d go right to sleep, but I’d wake up about 4 am and that would be histiocytoma cat it for the night. Tom H and I got to Merrillville shortly before Tom histiocytoma cat T showed up. Tom H had wanted to leave at 2:30 and we got there after 2:30, closer to 3 pm. He made a pit stop, then I did and after he brought in my luggage, Tom T showed up. I offered to buy all three of us a piece histiocytoma cat of pie, but Tom H wanted to be on his way and histiocytoma cat declined. But Tom T and I had a dessert.

Tom H and I had gone to Speedway to eat histiocytoma cat lunch on the way north and I brought most of histiocytoma cat the sandwich home with me. I started to eat it here and I just was histiocytoma cat not hungry. I put it in a ziplock and will eat it histiocytoma cat later – tomorrow perhaps. From Speedway we went to I-65 and headed for Merrillville. Tratffic was a bit heavy and there was construction, but we were able to go right along. The same thing coming home, traffic and construction, but nothing to slow us down. We got home about 6 pm.

We spent time with all four children. We stayed several days each at youngest daughter Lisa’s, our son Michael’s, and my brother’s. They all live quite a distance from each other. Daughter, Lauri, lives on the coast of Maine so she drove to histiocytoma cat Lisa’s house and spent the day with us. Granddaughters Elise and Emilie and their families spent the first histiocytoma cat Sunday with us at Lisa’s. The great-grands (Kae, Evan and Wesley) have grown so much since last year. Also saw granddaughter Erin (Donna’s daughter) and her two boys, Trevor and Brody. Trevor is 16 (17 on Nov. 1) and I couldn’t believe how much he’s grown! He’s 6′ 2"! We missed seeing five of our grands due to work, etc. Everyone is so spread out.

I think I mentioned that my childhood best friend has histiocytoma cat Alzheimers and is in a nursing home. (She was also married to my cousin). Her birthday was the 18th so her daughter asked us histiocytoma cat to join them when they took her to a restaurant histiocytoma cat for an ice cream sundae. Dorothy still recognizes me and remembers past times. Sadly, she doesn’t always recognize some of her own family. It was a busy two weeks as we also visited histiocytoma cat other friends and relatives.

Good morning, Beverly, and whoever might follow. I’m up early (for me) because a man is coming to see why my TV histiocytoma cat won’t work. The TV went on the fritz a couple of days histiocytoma cat before I left for Indy. Tom tried to get it to work and finally called histiocytoma cat Comcast who is our provider. Nothing worked so they made arrangements for the man to histiocytoma cat come this morning. I could have waited another day because I could have histiocytoma cat slept a bit longer. But I’ll be able to take a nap later. I slept good except for the cat jumping on my histiocytoma cat bed a few times. He ignored me the first half hour after I got histiocytoma cat home and after that, he almost clung to me. He missed his attention! His "mother" (Annie) was here Saturday or Sunday evening so he had her histiocytoma cat attention and she brushes him.

Beverly, it sounds like you had a good visit with your histiocytoma cat family. It’s good to do that once a year. I don’t have as far to go as you do and histiocytoma cat I really feel this was a last trip down there. But I don’t say "never". The drive/ride down there does not bother me and the visit histiocytoma cat doesn’t either, but it is hard to get a nap and I histiocytoma cat do need one occasionally. I eat differently too. And many families are spread out today, as you said yours is. Ours is too, from Michigan to Indiana to California. How nice that your Alzheimer’s friend still recognizes you because so often they don’t recognize anyone.