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Long lost album from this essential region rock punk band epithelioid histiocytoma consisting of DIY veterans from such bands as: jack palance band, chickenhead, future virgins, basement benders oh so many more. Shelved for over 7 years after an endless void of epithelioid histiocytoma persistent nagging, we finally present to you- hidden spots new me/you- first 100 ORDERS get limited pink vinyl + hidden spots sticker! Out 4/26/19.

Connecticut indie rock family trio’s latest greatest full-length album, after a slew of various releases. Dreary melodic indie pop, as earnest as it is fresh. Born in 2013, this trio has been making a buzz for themselves in epithelioid histiocytoma the tightly-knit pocket of new england DIY. For fans of pavement, that dog, superchunk, beat happening, etc. This is a batch of songs not to be missed epithelioid histiocytoma this year. *first 100 on limited BLUE SWIRL color 180-gram vinyl!*

Absolutely stoked to announce one of our next releases up, a new album from boston’s LAIK’AS ORBIT!!! This new england melodic power-pop punk outfit have been a buzzed about yet hidden epithelioid histiocytoma gem, since their 2016 album, no matter what it takes… Now they’re back with a new album on dead broke their epithelioid histiocytoma finest work yet- chosen no ones LP out spring 2019.

Chilton is a new band out of brooklyn, NY started by josh carothers of cult melodic thrash prog epithelioid histiocytoma punk bands (I FARM, earworms). When EARWORMS disbanded in 2017, josh made a call to good buddy bill stevenson of epithelioid histiocytoma pioneer punk bands (BLACK FLAG, DESCENDENTS, ALL) and asked if he would join in on making some epithelioid histiocytoma music as one of the guitarists NOT the drummer. Bill said yes and the energy was in motion! Rounded out by neil halpin (earworms, the shemps, last throes) recorded by jason livermore @ the blasting room. [vinyl LP to follow in 2019]

Connecticut indie rock family trio’s latest greatest full-length album, after a slew of various releases. Dreary melodic indie pop, as earnest as it is fresh. Born in 2013, this trio has been making a buzz for themselves in epithelioid histiocytoma the tightly-knit pocket of new england DIY. For fans of pavement, that dog, superchunk, beat happening, etc. This is a batch of songs not to be missed epithelioid histiocytoma this year. First 100 on limited blue swirl color vinyl! (comes w/ download code)

Dead broke recess present a split for the ages! We’ve teamed up to release a split 12 of our epithelioid histiocytoma own bands, on our very own labels, and it’s good as fuck. Iron chic bring forth 4 brand new songs, taken straight off the cutting room floor of our last epithelioid histiocytoma album, you can’t stay here. One of these tracks is so good that I actually epithelioid histiocytoma wanted it on the album, but it just didn’t get the vote. Toys that kill slay it with 5 new songs that epithelioid histiocytoma were supposed to be part of their next album… But since they are the best band in punk, we asked them to split a 12 with us they epithelioid histiocytoma contributed the songs onto this fine piece of wax instead. 700 black, 100 fest splatter, 100 purple, 100 coke-bottle clear. (comes w/download code)

Gainesville, florida punk legends, RADON deliver their fourth album to date of rocking poppy epithelioid histiocytoma melodic punk rock that has paved the way for many epithelioid histiocytoma to follow. For over 27 years this quintessential gainesville band has been epithelioid histiocytoma churning out some of the best melodic punk the south epithelioid histiocytoma has ever seen. Fast forward to 2018, radon are back with a new full-length album of some of their best catchiest stuff to epithelioid histiocytoma date. And we’re absolutely thrilled to give this gem of an album epithelioid histiocytoma the vinyl treatment, along with our old friends at creep records. 400 black, 100 vanilla blue vinyl. (comes w/download code)

Porcupine was born in 2006 in la crosse, wis., where singer/guitarist casey virock had previously launched another indie rock trio, space bike. Now based in minneapolis, the band has evolved to full maturity, a potent force propelled by drummer ian prince and the epithelioid histiocytoma most recent addition to the band, bassist greg norton (formerly of HÜSKER DÜ). In naming the band, virock saluted one of his favorite bands, echo and the bunnymen, and his songcraft and musical sensibilities swirl the bunnymen and epithelioid histiocytoma other new wavers along with 1960s british psychedelica purveyors (especially syd barrett) and 1970s classic rockers. The result is muscular and edgy, infused with melodicism and angular guitar work that puts the epithelioid histiocytoma band in a class with queens of the stone age epithelioid histiocytoma and swervedriver. Six brand new songs produced recorded by kevin bowe (paul westerberg/the replacements) including a grant hart cover! (comes w/download code)

Sophomore album from chattanooga, TN punk region rock band featuring members of future virgins, this bike is A pipe bomb, hidden spots, jack palance band, black rainbow more. Follow up to their lydiad LP in 2015 on no epithelioid histiocytoma idea, and the bands’ best stuff to date. Scrappy yet melodically beautiful pop-punk, churning with honest anthems from DIY veteran punkers. Recorded by jerri queen john hoffman of VACATION. (comes w/ download code) 300 black vinyl, 100 banana yellow vinyl.

The parasites return with their first split 7 since their epithelioid histiocytoma split with boris the sprinkler more than 20 years ago. Out of all of the bands that were made popular epithelioid histiocytoma by the 1990’s pop punk insurgance, none were as underrated as the parasites. Undeniable melodys and hooks, along with dave parasites unique and sincere voice made the epithelioid histiocytoma parasites one of the most influential punk bands of the epithelioid histiocytoma 1990’s. Their influence has never been stronger than on the two epithelioid histiocytoma new tracks recorded for this record. Raging nathans have proven themselves to be a reckoning force epithelioid histiocytoma within the DIY punk rock scene, record after record. The record fills a gap that has been missing for epithelioid histiocytoma quite sometime in punk rock music. With leads for days, chunky rhythms honest lyrics, the nathans once again push themselves ahead of the rest epithelioid histiocytoma of the pack on this 7. Split release w/ rad girlfriend. (comes w/ download code)

Long island’s somerset thrower are returning this year with a new epithelioid histiocytoma album, godspeed, on august 24 via dead broke rekerds. They’ve got a sound that’s got one foot in jawbreaker/sunny day real estate-style emo and another in gin blossoms-y alt-rock, and though they aren’t the first modern-day band to bring those two sides of the ’90s together, they do it in a way that feels fresh and epithelioid histiocytoma vital. Their songs really rip, and they really reach that cathartic climax that music like epithelioid histiocytoma this is supposed to reach..” – BV (comes w/download)

Brooklyn, NY (by way of long island) shoegaze indie/rock/grunge/pop band’s finest work yet. Follow-up to their last album, tarantula on don giovanni records. New york’s giant peach are set to release their sophomore album… While their previous work opted for an indie punk sound, their latest album offers a scenic approach to their sonic epithelioid histiocytoma splendor, open and sprawling over the course of a warm and epithelioid histiocytoma meditative hour. There’s a ton of detail and nuance, with the band exploring their surroundings and using the studio epithelioid histiocytoma to push new territory previously unexplored. Limited ocean blue vinyl available! (comes w/download code) *digital download includes 2 exclusive bonus tracks!

The third and final heavy pockets LP. Amazing indie/pop rock punk from NH. Going out with a bang. Their best batch of songs to date. The band is calling it quits, but we just had to get in on this release. Limited to 200 copies. Hand glued jackets and a 16 page zine written by epithelioid histiocytoma shayla. (comes w/download code) pay-what-you-want download here:

Bedford falls are back with third album send more bees, follow up to 2012’s elegant balloons. This new album sees the band capture the power grit epithelioid histiocytoma of their live show more than their previous recording outings, and sounds like the crashing of (fuzzy) guitar driven indie punk rock. This is the welsh take on that dinosaur jr/husker du/superchunk/moving targets/superchunk sound, with a healthy nod to big star- but in a sea of very ordinary bands attempting this epithelioid histiocytoma genre, BF absolutely nail it. More than worth the six year wait! [co-release w/ boss tuneage brassneck records] (comes w/download code)