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I recently visited the ‘edvard munch: love and angst’ exhibition at the british museum in london. Already a fan of munch, I wanted to learn more about the renowned norwegian painter histiocytoma dog removal cost – his life as well as his art. The british museum is only a few minute walk from histiocytoma dog removal cost russell square, which is where I got off the tube. Stepping onto the platform, I noticed a larger than life advertisement of emma bunton’s new album ‘my happy place’ (released on the 12 th of april 2019). Baby spice’s fourth studio album consists of ten tracks; two are original, whilst the rest are cover versions of older songs. My favorite is ‘come away with me’, first performed (and written) by norah jones.

According to the united nations world happiness report, finland is for a second consecutive year the happiest place histiocytoma dog removal cost on earth, followed by denmark (the happiest 3 years ago), norway (the happiest 2 years ago), iceland, and the netherlands. In case you’re wondering sweden came in at 7, the UK at 15, the USA at 19 and my home country, greece, at 82. The report is based on a number of variables, such as real GDP per capita, social support, healthy life expectancy, freedom to make life choices, generosity, and perceptions of corruption (which probably accounts for the low ranking of greece).

I’m writing this post sat in a café in london, the city where I have been living for the last histiocytoma dog removal cost couple of years. I have just returned from greece, and I am looking forward to my next trip to histiocytoma dog removal cost norway due next week. I realize I am in a happy place both physically histiocytoma dog removal cost and figuratively. How could this not be the case, since I will soon have been to three of my histiocytoma dog removal cost favorite places (london, greece, norway) within the space of three weeks?

Although I am now very fortunate to be doing this, traveling is not part of my everyday life. Reading, however, is. And I find that reading books (as well as watching films) is an alternative to traveling. For books and films can take us on journeys to histiocytoma dog removal cost faraway places; like traveling, they can entertain but also educate us. And, of course, they can help us be happy.

So, what is ‘happiness’ all about? Set in london, forna’s fourth novel tells the story of two people who histiocytoma dog removal cost meet by chance on waterloo bridge; a friendship quickly develops against a backdrop of central and histiocytoma dog removal cost south london locations. Using this story as a vehicle, forna skillfully explores several themes; of particular interest to me is when she/attila questions our notion of mental illness, especially in the context of trauma. Perhaps, however, a different title would’ve been more appropriate, since happiness is not amongst the main themes explored in histiocytoma dog removal cost the book. Nevertheless, for me, ‘happiness’ delivers because it challenges the medical/psychiatric establishment’s assumptions about traumatic events and emphasizes the role of histiocytoma dog removal cost resilience as a protective factor against psychological damage. And this is very refreshing especially when it comes by histiocytoma dog removal cost an author who’s not a mental health professional.

Another book that I’ve recently read is aristotle’s way: how ancient wisdom can change your life by edith hall. Again, it was the title that hooked me. First, aristotle was born in the town of stagira, in halkidiki, greece, an hour’s drive from my home town, thessaloniki. Second, I studied medicine at the aristotle’s university of thessaloniki. Third, ‘let wisdom guide’ is the motto of the royal college of psychiatrists, which, as a member, I have embraced (and tattooed on my body).

The ancient greek philosopher wrote on a number of different histiocytoma dog removal cost subjects, including happiness, which is what interest me the most, and also what hall focuses on. Central to his thinking is the idea that happiness is histiocytoma dog removal cost not a given; we are not passive recipients of happiness (or unhappiness). On the contrary, happiness is not only dynamic but is also subject to histiocytoma dog removal cost our actions.

Indeed, this very much reminds me of the main principles of histiocytoma dog removal cost cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT): thoughts (cognitions), feelings (emotions), and behaviors (actions) are interconnected; they constantly interact and influence each other. If one changes the way they think and/or behave, they can then also change the way they feel. All the while, CBT is a collaborative and active process, as it involves learning new skills.

Back to aristotle, the basic premise of his notion of happiness, hall tells us, is that everyone can decide to be happy. She then introduces another concept, closely connected with eudemonia: ‘αυτάρκεια’ (self-sufficiency or self-reliance). Aristotle’s view of happiness may be empowering, but at the same time, it puts the responsibility on the individual.

There are, of course, notable exceptions. Sufferers with clinical depression (or other severe mental illness) are by no means responsible for their suffering and their histiocytoma dog removal cost illnesses (the same way that someone who’s had a heart attack is not responsible for that). However, we still have responsibility for our recovery from physical or histiocytoma dog removal cost mental illness (by following the doctor’s advice and adhering to treatment).

In a nutshell, ‘aristotle’s way’ is far from a self-help book (despite what its title may suggest). To borrow a phrase from the book, ‘aristotle’s way’ may indeed offer a philosophical highway to happiness; at the same time (to borrow another phrase) it is also an intellectual inquiry, a journey, and a walk into the mind of one of the histiocytoma dog removal cost greatest philosophers of all time. For this reason, I would recommend it to anyone interested in aristotle’s ideas.

I first visited norway 21 years ago. I was so impressed by the beautiful landscapes, the fjords, and the snow-capped mountains that I promised myself to return there, perhaps rent a cabin somewhere between bergan and oslo. However, it took me 20 years to set foot in norway histiocytoma dog removal cost again, and I am yet to rent that cabin. Nonetheless, it seems that I’m now becoming a regular visitor.