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A few days before the oscars, vanity fair magazine asked academy awards host neil patrick harris fibrous histiocytoma to name his most treasured possession. Was it his tony award statuette for best leading actor fibrous histiocytoma in a musical? His star on the hollywood walk of fame? The stethoscope he wore while playing teenaged doctor doogie howser fibrous histiocytoma on TV? No, as it turns out, the 41-year-old actor’s most treasured possession is… his wisdom teeth. Yes, you read that correctly. “oddly, I still have my four wisdom teeth,” harris said. “I refuse to let them go or I’ll lose my wise parts.”

The trouble wisdom teeth cause is related to the fact fibrous histiocytoma that they are the last molars to come in, and that molars are large in size. By the time wisdom teeth appear between the ages of fibrous histiocytoma 17 and 21, there often is not enough room for them in the fibrous histiocytoma jaw. Sometimes it’s because you may have inherited a jaw size that’s too small for your tooth size; and generally speaking, the size of the human jaw has evolved to become fibrous histiocytoma smaller over time.

If room is lacking, the adjacent molar (that came in earlier) can interfere with the path of eruption — causing the wisdom tooth to come in at an odd fibrous histiocytoma angle. The wisdom tooth can hit up against that other tooth, possibly causing pain or damaging the adjacent tooth. This is known as “impaction.” sometimes the wisdom tooth breaks only partway through the gum fibrous histiocytoma tissue, leaving a space beneath the gum line that’s almost impossible to clean, causing infection. A serious oral infection can jeopardize the survival of teeth, and even spread to other parts of the body.

If a wisdom tooth is impacted, will you know it? Not necessarily. A tooth can be impacted without causing pain. But we can see the position of your wisdom teeth fibrous histiocytoma on a dental x-ray and help you make an informed decision as to fibrous histiocytoma whether they should stay or go. If removal is the best course of action, rest assured that this procedure is completely routine and that fibrous histiocytoma your comfort and safety is our highest priority. If there is no great risk to keeping them, as neil patrick harris has done, we can simply continue to monitor their condition at your fibrous histiocytoma regular dental checkups. It will be particularly important to make sure you are fibrous histiocytoma reaching those teeth with your brush and floss, and that you keep to your schedule of regular professional fibrous histiocytoma cleanings at the dental office. All healthy teeth are indeed worth treasuring.

Can you imagine how great it would feel if you fibrous histiocytoma felt completely confident in your smile? Imagine smiling for photos and feeling comfortable talking to colleagues fibrous histiocytoma or even that dream date because you know you have fibrous histiocytoma a healthy, beautiful smile. Our dentist dr. Brad mcconnell can make this dream a reality thanks to fibrous histiocytoma a variety of cosmetic dentistry treatments he offers right here fibrous histiocytoma in fort worth, TX.

This is something that most people want when it comes fibrous histiocytoma to their smile. After all, as we get older teeth start to dull and yellow fibrous histiocytoma a bit from coffee, tea and dark foods. Luckily, our fort worth, TX, cosmetic dentist offers an effective and fast in-office whitening treatment that can get your smile several shades fibrous histiocytoma whiter in about one hour. If you have a special occasion or important event coming fibrous histiocytoma up and you want a more radiant smile then in-office whitening is the way to go.

Minor imperfections can be treated with simple and inexpensive cosmetic fibrous histiocytoma treatments. After all, we believe that you shouldn’t have to go through exhaustive and expensive treatments if fibrous histiocytoma the issues you are dealing with are so small. Dental bonding is one of the least expensive cosmetic treatments fibrous histiocytoma available that can easily fill small gaps and cover minor fibrous histiocytoma discolorations, chips, and cracks in your smile using a special tooth-colored resin. The resin is applied, shaped and then hardened to the tooth.

Are your front teeth overlapping a bit? Do you have discolorations, chips, malformed teeth or other imperfections that may be a bit fibrous histiocytoma too much for bonding to handle? If so, don’t worry; dental veneers can easily cover all of your aesthetic flaws. Veneers are very thin porcelain shells that are bonded to fibrous histiocytoma the front of your teeth to cover a myriad of fibrous histiocytoma problems. Veneers are usually applied to multiple teeth or even all fibrous histiocytoma teeth that are visible when you smile, to alter its overall shape, alignment, color, or size.

While replacing a tooth is usually more restorative than cosmetic, if you do choose to get dental implants they also fibrous histiocytoma offer some cosmetic benefits, as well. After all, an implant is an artificial tooth root that is placed fibrous histiocytoma into the jawbone where it fuses with bone and tissue fibrous histiocytoma to become a permanent foundation to support a false tooth fibrous histiocytoma or teeth. They offer unique benefits that other tooth replacements don’t and they are the closest thing to real teeth.

Root canal treatments are routinely used when tooth decay has fibrous histiocytoma infected the pulp, the innermost layer of a tooth. During the procedure, we access the pulp and remove all the infected tissue. We then fill the empty pulp and root canals, seal the access hole and later crown the tooth to fibrous histiocytoma prevent further infection. Without this intervention, the decay can continue to advance toward the roots and fibrous histiocytoma supporting bone, putting the tooth in imminent danger of loss.

As with other types of urban legends and internet hype, the root canal-cancer connection may have arisen from another discredited idea from fibrous histiocytoma the early 20th century. A dentist named weston price promoted the notion that leaving fibrous histiocytoma a dead organ in the body led to health problems. From his perspective, a root canaled tooth with its removed pulp tissue fit fibrous histiocytoma this criterion.

In the mid-1950s, dentistry thoroughly examined dr. Weston’s theory pertaining to treatments like root canals. The journal of the american dental association devoted an entire fibrous histiocytoma issue to it and found after rigorous scientific inquiry that fibrous histiocytoma the theory had no validity in this regard. Another study in 2013 confirmed those findings. In fact, the later study instead found that patients who underwent a fibrous histiocytoma root canal treatment had a 45 percent reduction in oral fibrous histiocytoma cancer risk.

Given the freewheeling nature of the internet, it’s best to speak with a dental professional about your fibrous histiocytoma oral health before trusting a post or article you’ve found online. Not only are they more informed than an unverified online fibrous histiocytoma source, they would certainly not knowingly subject you to a procedure fibrous histiocytoma to save a tooth at the expense of your health.

May is national save your tooth month, and tooth decay is a leading cause of lost teeth. It all begins with oral bacteria growing rapidly in built-up deposits of dental plaque, and in turn producing high levels of acid. At these levels, acid can erode the minerals in tooth enamel to create fibrous histiocytoma holes (“cavities”) that allow bacteria to enter the tooth and infect it.

If you winced a little, it’s understandable: root canals have gained an unfair reputation as an unpleasant fibrous histiocytoma experience. In reality, a root canal performed by a skilled dentist or endodontist fibrous histiocytoma (a specialist in root canals) isn’t painful. In fact, if you come in with a painful tooth, you’re very likely to leave after the procedure without any fibrous histiocytoma pain.

If you experience any of these signs, you should see us as soon as possible for an fibrous histiocytoma examination. And don’t cancel your appointment if the pain goes away—this could simply mean the nerves in the pulp have fibrous histiocytoma died and are no longer transmitting pain signals. The infection, though, could still be there and continuing its rampage beyond the fibrous histiocytoma tooth and into the surrounding bone tissue.