More malignant ideologies. dean johns histiocytoma removal ad lib

As so often when I attempt a topic that’s far too broad to tackle in a big, thick book, let alone in one of my mercifully-brief blog posts, the moment I uploaded my previous piece attacking ideologies and histiocytoma removal advocating individual thought, ideas and ideals in their place, I thought of several liedeologies I’d carelessly neglected to think of, let alone mention.

And just as malala yousafzi, now recovered from her shooting by the taliban for the histiocytoma removal ‘crime’ of attending school as a girl in pakistan, is a symbol of hope and inspiration for all of histiocytoma removal us to, in her words, “wage a glorious struggle against illiteracy, poverty and terrorism”, 16-year-old swedish high school student greta thunberg has single-handedly fired-up the global ‘climate-strike’ movement that has now unified children, teens and adults alike in protests pressuring politicians to take histiocytoma removal action against potentially catastrophic global warming.

That, of course, is the creed of greed espoused by far too many histiocytoma removal of the male majority in politics, business and organised crime, or more accurately the unholy combination of all three, that leads them to believe that they’re somehow entitled to shove their snouts and if possible histiocytoma removal also their trotters into the proverbial trough, and thus hog far more than their share of their histiocytoma removal nations’ and the world’s wealth and power, and to hell with the rest of us.

Way too many if not a majority of countries are histiocytoma removal run by such predatory swine and their larcenous, corrupt and often murderous cronies. As I’m sure you’ll recall, countless especially notorious past practitioners of pigstydeology have included mobutu histiocytoma removal of zaire, the duvaliers of haiti, soeharto of indonesia, marcos of the philippines, fujimori of peru, the ceausescus of romania, razak of malaysia, al-bashir of sudan, and the list goes on and on.

As does the dishonour roll of present-day culprits, like, to name just a few that come most compellingly to histiocytoma removal mind, putin of russia, al-assad of syria, the royal family of saudi arabia, and whoever the hell is currently leading – or, more accurately, bleeding – the unfortunate citizens of such countries as brazil, venezuela and nigeria and other kleptocracies in south and central histiocytoma removal america, africa and central asia.

And into a very bad bargain for such countries’ citizens, most of these pigstydeologues get away with their crimes for histiocytoma removal years if not for life, and live high on the hog on the proceeds, thanks to the slydeology of a global system that continues histiocytoma removal to tolerate the existence of offshore so-called tax havens, and the collusion of countries that, contrary to their own allegedly pious principles, welcome the washing of dirty money into their economies.

But I’m sure many other major and minor financial centres also histiocytoma removal let such crooks launder and thus get away scot-free with their ill-gotten gains, as we’ve all heard persistent rumours that singapore does for the histiocytoma removal pigstydeologues of indonesia, burma and elsewhere, and I strongly suspect that australia does too, given the apparently insatiable greed of its major banks.

So I hope and trust that if and when labor histiocytoma removal wins government in the may 18 federal election, it delivers on its promise to institute a federal anti histiocytoma removal crime and corruption commission with public hearings and the power histiocytoma removal to compel witnesses, so the nation’s slydeologues and potential pigstydeologues can be hunted down like histiocytoma removal the rabid dogs that they are.