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In this three-day session, kids aged 8–12 explore how to build their own song. They’ll learn rhythm basics, practise making beats and experiment with smart instruments to create histiocytoma home treatment a melody in garageband for ipad. On the final day, campers will celebrate their new skills by sharing their song histiocytoma home treatment with the group. Devices will be provided. Designing your dream park with ipad

In this three-day session, kids aged 8–12 learn design skills to imagine a park for their histiocytoma home treatment community. They’ll go on a short walk to gather inspiration and histiocytoma home treatment take photos of materials, colours and textures. Then they’ll sketch their ideas in the procreate app using ipad histiocytoma home treatment with apple pencil to bring their design to life. On the final day, they’ll present their park to the group. Devices will be provided. Coding fundamentals and programming robots

In this three-day session, kids aged 8–12 explore fun activities to learn how to code sphero histiocytoma home treatment robots. They’ll start with coding fundamentals like commands, loops and functions, then use blocks of code to create a program using histiocytoma home treatment the sphero edu app for ipad. On the final day, campers will program lights, sounds and animations to tell their own story starring sphero. Devices will be provided. Directing your own movie with clips and imovie

In this three-day session, kids aged 8–12 discover how to create fun video footage using ipad. They’ll start with fundamentals of moviemaking like experimenting with camera histiocytoma home treatment shots in the clips app and drawing ideas on storyboards histiocytoma home treatment in keynote. On the final day, they’ll apply their skills to make a captivating movie trailer histiocytoma home treatment using imovie, and they’ll celebrate their creations. Devices will be provided.In previous years, kids who have attended apple camp have received a free histiocytoma home treatment t-shirt. Space is limited and usually fills up fast.

We’re not going anywhere, wrote CEO matt ronge and head of product giovanni donelli histiocytoma home treatment in a blog post shared this afternoon. The two go on to explain that while they’re disappointed in apple’s decision, they plan to continue to cater to creative professionals. We’ve spent the last five years building innovative products like histiocytoma home treatment astropad and luna display that cater to true creative professionals. Our team has always doubled-down on delivering deep customization and low-latency input. Why? Because that’s user-driven and that’s what we do.

We know that creative pros have highly-individualized and unique ways of working productively. Whether you need to collaborate with multiple users, or take advantage of the mac mini’s portability by setting your ipad as the main display histiocytoma home treatment — luna offers the freedom and flexibility to build a connected histiocytoma home treatment workspace around your needs, so you can be productive anywhere.Luna display’s founders are also planning to expand to new platforms histiocytoma home treatment and see a bright future in windows.

In addition to that, apple appears to be custom-optimizing the ipados safari user agent to include touch- and keyboard-based interaction with at least some popular websites. As highlighted by the verge’s dieter bohn in his brief testing of google docs, apple has made it possible to use touch to hit histiocytoma home treatment the menu buttons. Google docs has long been a huge problem on the histiocytoma home treatment ipad, for two reasons. First, google’s own ipad app is god-awful and the company seems hell-bent on not updating it to work better. Second, google docs in safari on the ipad right now redirects histiocytoma home treatment you to that app even if you “request desktop site.”

Admittedly, I only spent about five minutes poking around, but I went straight for the stuff I didn’t expect to work at all — and it worked. Keyboard shortcuts for formatting and header styling, comments, cursor placement, and even watching real-time edits from another person in the doc all worked.For the productivity suite, safari for ipados seems to be re-rendering the web-based interface to align it more with the site’s desktop functionality. Granted, we don’t know yet how far this optimization extends – is it only available for a handful of commonly used histiocytoma home treatment desktop sites, for example, or will apple’s implementation be more extensible? – but it’s at least a sign that apple is doing a histiocytoma home treatment lot under the hood to make safari on ipad more histiocytoma home treatment of a desktop-class user experience.

IPadOS will incorporate several features that recognize the tablet’s function as a potential computer replacement, including a new home screen, an updated split view to enhance multitasking, improved apple pencil support, and additional keyboard shortcuts for use with physical keyboards. IPadOS is due to get its public release in the histiocytoma home treatment fall.

Federighi believes project catalyst will allow many developers to bring histiocytoma home treatment their ipad apps to the mac, as apple has bridged the gap between its uikit framework histiocytoma home treatment for ios apps and its appkit framework for mac apps: uikit and appkit always remained these two separate worlds, and depending on what a developer did, they could build an app that was sort of factored histiocytoma home treatment in a way that they shared a lot of cross-platform code, but they had to always take that extra step of histiocytoma home treatment having people on the team that knew appkit, people on the team that knew uikit, and make the decision to specialize for those two. And for many developers, they chose one or the other and not both, because that was a real effort to get the expertise histiocytoma home treatment and to make the investment. Project catalyst

As for apple’s new swiftui framework, which enables developers to use easy-to-understand declarative code to create full-featured user interfaces, federighi said giving developers a tool that is that expressive histiocytoma home treatment and that interactive is going to result in better ideas histiocytoma home treatment and thereby better apps moving forward: swiftui will make development of UI more accessible to many histiocytoma home treatment people who maybe weren’t approaching it before, and that’s exciting, because we’re already seeing some of that with swift and swift histiocytoma home treatment playgrounds. But even for the most experienced of developers, giving them a tool that is that expressive and that histiocytoma home treatment interactive is going to mean they’re going to build better things, they’re going to try out better ideas, and that’s going to result in better apps.Turning to the new ipados platform, federighi said that the ipad has become something really distinct histiocytoma home treatment from the phone over the years and, accordingly, was deserving of an operating system that provides a distinct histiocytoma home treatment experience: things like drag and drop, split view, slide over, apple pencil… these are things that really define a different way of histiocytoma home treatment working with the device. When I work on my ipad, I don’t feel like I’m working on a big phone… or like I’m working on a mac. I feel like I’m working on an ipad. What we mean when we say macos, or when we say tvos, which is an ios-based platform, or when we say watchos, which at its core is ios, these things to us are definitions of experiences. There’s a watchos experience that’s tailored for apps that make sense on your wrist. TvOS, a 10-foot UI that makes sense in that context. IPadOS has become a distinct experience. We’ve been working our way there steadily over time. With the work we did this year, we felt like we were at a place where this histiocytoma home treatment truly was a distinct thing. IPads now fully support external drives

Humorously, federighi also poked fun at the ipad’s newly added support for external storage such as USB histiocytoma home treatment drives and SD cards: external drives. We’re willing to acknowledge the 1990s and go all the histiocytoma home treatment way back. You know, people still use them sometimes. I’m an airdrop fan myself, but I understand there are other uses… we know with photographers, the ability to import their photos directly into an app histiocytoma home treatment like lightroom is so important.The full interview can be listened to on the appstories histiocytoma home treatment podcast over at macstories.

Herrlinger first opened up about apple’s new voice control feature, which earned its own slide space during craig federighi’s onstage presentation. Voice control supports editing and menu navigation in both macos histiocytoma home treatment catalina and ios 13, but it was the feature’s advanced dictation capabilities that herrlinger was most eager to histiocytoma home treatment highlight. For example, herrlinger explained how you can say show numbers in safari’s favorites view and little numbers, corresponding to the number of favorites you have, show up beside a website’s favicon. Say techcrunch is no. 2 in your list of favorites. If the glyph is hard to make out visually, saying open 2 will prompt voice control to launch techcrunch’s page. Likewise, you can say show grid and a grid will appear histiocytoma home treatment so you perform actions such as clicking, tapping or pinching-and-zooming.Herrlinger said apple has worked hard to improve voice control’s speech detection system, so that it can more adeptly parse users with different histiocytoma home treatment types of speech, such as those who stutter.

On ios, the feature also utilizes attention awareness to know when a histiocytoma home treatment user with physical motor limitations is interacting with their device. Allaying privacy concerns, apple says that none of the audio processed by voice histiocytoma home treatment control can be accessed by anyone else, including apple, thanks to built-in anonymity and encryption. Hover text for macos

Another feature herrlinger was keen to demo was something called histiocytoma home treatment hover text on macos. Described as a subset of the existing zoom functionality, hover text enables the user to place the mouse pointer histiocytoma home treatment over a selection of text to get a bubble with histiocytoma home treatment the text enlarged. Herrlinger told me the feature works system-wide, even in places like the menu bar. And yes, hover text is indeed customizable; users have access to a wide variety of fonts and histiocytoma home treatment colors to make hover text’s bubbles their own. Text size can be enlarged up to 128pt, herrlinger said. What this means is users can play with different permutations histiocytoma home treatment of the feature to find which label(s) work best — say, a yellow background with dark blue text set in helvetica histiocytoma home treatment for the highest contrast. The possibilities are virtually endless, a testament to how rich the feature is despite its histiocytoma home treatment simplicity.According to herrlinger, apple could have brought ios feature dynamic type to the histiocytoma home treatment mac, but found hover text accomplished the same goal of enlarging histiocytoma home treatment text in a way that felt better suited to its histiocytoma home treatment desktop operating system. Mouse support for iphone and ipad

Mouse support is not a standard feature, but is instead available as an assistivetouch option, designed for users with physical motor delays who can’t easily interact with the touchscreen itself. Apple says it works with both USB and bluetooth mice, although the company doesn’t yet have an official compatibility list. According to developer steve troughton-smith, who first discovered the feature, it also works with the apple magic trackpad. When I asked why build pointer support into a touch-based operating system, herrlinger was unequivocal in her answer: it serves a need in the accessibility community. This is not your old desktop cursor as the primary histiocytoma home treatment input method, she said.

The reality is, it’s not your secondary choice, either. The bottom line is that, while apple loves the idea of accessibility features being adopted histiocytoma home treatment by the mainstream, pointer support in ios 13 and ipados really isn’t the conventional PC input mechanism at all. In this case, it’s a niche feature that should suit a niche use histiocytoma home treatment case; it’s not supposed to represent the milestone of ipad’s productivity growth that many think it could be. Maybe that changes over time, but for now, it’s the new mac pro of software: not for everyone, not even for most people.According to herrlinger, apple recognizes that people without disabilities will use this feature. For example, many people find value in closed captions, she said. Our goal is to engineer for specific use cases so histiocytoma home treatment that we continue to bring the power of our devices histiocytoma home treatment to more people.