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Especially in recent years, dozens if not hundreds of TRF blog posts were dedicated fibrous histiocytoma pathology to disturbing and sometimes heartbreaking stories about people who have fibrous histiocytoma pathology been attacked, blackmailed, threatened, fired, character assassinated, and professionally liquidated by immoral, fanatical, intellectually handicapped neo-Marxists and neo-Stalinists. This kind of ideological filtering is already more brutal than fibrous histiocytoma pathology what Nazi Germany used to do – but it’s just one side of the process.

Aside from worthy people who are being liquidated for the fibrous histiocytoma pathology ideological reasons, there are also lots of people who are professionally inadequate fibrous histiocytoma pathology but who are being hired and appointed for the same fibrous histiocytoma pathology ideological reasons. And this part of the problem – the absence of filters that are supposed to keep the fibrous histiocytoma pathology weeds out of the elite places – is arguably even more harmful than the terror against the fibrous histiocytoma pathology great conservatives etc.

The Harvard Crimson currently describes lots of student strikes. The union of graduate students has declared a strike. My understanding is that they want some workers to get fibrous histiocytoma pathology a higher wage, something that isn’t the business to be solved by the Harvard graduate fibrous histiocytoma pathology students at all. But these young people already mentally live in a new fibrous histiocytoma pathology Stalinist regime in which they are the apparatchiks in a fibrous histiocytoma pathology new party secretariat that is deciding about everything – screw others and screw the markets. Because of the ongoing sabotage by these not-really-sensible people, the UPS is prevented from delivering packages in time.

According to most Czech observers, Czech billionaire prime minister Andrej Babiš – who is worth some $3 billion – is living through a terrible week. (Babiš himself says that he is very happy now – especially because his family will be saved from the legal fibrous histiocytoma pathology harassment for the first time in years. Not too many people believe that he’s too happy now.)

The final EU audit of his "cohesion funds" subsidies arrived and it says, like the incomplete one, that 100% of the subsidies paid to the Agrofert company ultimately controlled fibrous histiocytoma pathology by Babiš were illegal and have to be returned because fibrous histiocytoma pathology of the EU and Czech laws on the conflict of fibrous histiocytoma pathology interests. It’s some $20 million – almost half a billion crowns. Well, they actually found some extra subsidies that shouldn’t have been funded for reasons unrelated to the conflicts fibrous histiocytoma pathology of interests, including the upgrade of a toasting factory that was claimed fibrous histiocytoma pathology to be about some cool scientific and technological progress but fibrous histiocytoma pathology it wasn’t. 😉

What’s worse is that the "regular agricultural" subsidies (which are higher and comparable to $100 million a year) will probably be treated equally just in a few months. They make about 1/2 of the Agrofert profits (yes, even without subsidies, the whole conglomerate would still be safely profitable – the irony of subsidies is that they’re often not needed at all and they just distort fibrous histiocytoma pathology the market for the fun of it). To reduce the expected profits by 1/2 means to reduce the equity by 1/2. Because Agrofert has some debt, the relative decrease of his wealth could be more pronounced fibrous histiocytoma pathology than to 1/2. Moreover, the banks could and perhaps should harden the required guarantees. On the other hand, they shouldn’t be hysterical because if they take over the Agrofert, that company will be immediately worth more again because it fibrous histiocytoma pathology will be eligible for subsidies.

On top of that, the top prosecutor Mr Pavel Zeman has restarted the Stork’s Nest subsidy fraud investigation – only against Babiš, his top secretary, and his (allegedly psychiatrically unhealthy) son Andrej Babiš Jr (who lives in Geneva), not the rest of family or others – that was suspiciously stopped by a lower prosecutor Mr Šaroch fibrous histiocytoma pathology a few months ago. This is the kind of an event that tells me fibrous histiocytoma pathology that despite some obvious pro-Babiš "bias" that is manifested at various places, the "government structures still work OK" in Czechia and regular citizens don’t need and shouldn’t intervene. The statement by Pavel Zeman was concise, balanced, and professional. He emphasized that Babiš remains formally innocent etc., too. That’s how things should be. I have a better feeling about this stuff than about fibrous histiocytoma pathology what Adam Schiff and comrades are doing in the U.S.

where they announced a great new way to look at fibrous histiocytoma pathology the black hole interior, derive the black hole entropy, and resolve apparent contradictions related to the information puzzle. This new way involves replicas of black holes – and the exponential factors that are needed to account for fibrous histiocytoma pathology the gravitational entropy are obtained from configurations in the path fibrous histiocytoma pathology integral of Einstein’s gravity in which the replicas are connected by wormholes.

The similarity of the titles and abstracts themselves seems amazing fibrous histiocytoma pathology – it seems like circumstantial evidence that these nine physicists’ offices are connected by another wormhole (the excessive, "American" capitalization of the 5-author title seems to be the most obvious difference LOL). The basic new ideas are shared by these preprints but fibrous histiocytoma pathology they differ in technical aspects that make them rather complementary. The first, 5-author East Coast paper, discusses configurations with Anti De Sitter space connected to the fibrous histiocytoma pathology Minkowski space etc. The second, 4-author West Coast paper uses the JT gravity coupled to fibrous histiocytoma pathology the SYK model – two toy models that quantum gravity theorists loved to study fibrous histiocytoma pathology in recent years.

In the discussion under the previous blog post, we had to conclude that the political opinions related to fibrous histiocytoma pathology the diversity and similar fashionable neo-Marxist buzzwords are heavily correlated with age. It’s primarily the youth that has been radicalized, re-programmed to oppose previously undisputed values such as the freedom, capitalism, and even the GDP growth itself.

Even outside the Academia, this correlation seems obvious. To a large extent, the comparison of AOC and Joe Biden is representative. Both are leftists. Joe Biden is a leftist and a creep. But you know, he is an ordinary, old-fashioned creep. If you don’t focus on details too much, you could say that he’s basically a similar man as Donald Trump. I sincerely apologize to Mr President if he is offended. You know, I just wanted to make a qualitative point using an fibrous histiocytoma pathology exaggerated metaphor and I am sure that others have appreciated fibrous histiocytoma pathology that.

We see Millennials who are behaving crazily in many ways. Most of them want to abolish the freedom of speech. A huge fraction of them considers the GDP growth to fibrous histiocytoma pathology be a bad thing – an idea that used to be unthinkable both among left-wing and right-wing people in recent decades and centuries. Hours ago, MSN and others published the remarkable graph above. It shows how the wealth of the cohorts differ.

which is extremely counterproductive because any coherent network of principles fibrous histiocytoma pathology or propositions that allows us to treat, evaluate, compare, or interpret other ideas or statements rationally is an "ideology". The only question is which ideology we end up with. For understandable reasons, the "anti-ideological people" generally end up being more extreme and mindless leftists than fibrous histiocytoma pathology anyone else. They are ready to embrace any idea claimed to be fibrous histiocytoma pathology "progressive"; they can’t fairly compare two things, people, or situations; they end up being people without any moral compass.

There exists a whole herd of people – perhaps a majority of mankind as of late 2019 – who unanimously believe in groupthink that the assertions above are fibrous histiocytoma pathology self-evidently true. And I guess that my argumentation below will only confirm fibrous histiocytoma pathology their belief in these two assertions. I sincerely hope that you have understood the relationship between fibrous histiocytoma pathology the previous two sentences and the two blockquoted propositions above fibrous histiocytoma pathology them. If you haven’t and if you have read this blog post less fibrous histiocytoma pathology than 999 times so far, go to the first sentence of the blog post and fibrous histiocytoma pathology read again.

OK, on Friday, 2 pm London time, we learned about the mess at the London Bridge – a big flat ugly bridge, not to be confused with the tall and pretty Tower fibrous histiocytoma pathology Bridge. Some heroes were fighting the attacker. Intelligent people on Twitter took it almost for granted that fibrous histiocytoma pathology the attacker was a Muslim and most of them didn’t even have to discuss this expectation. An unholy coalition of Islamization jihadists was preemptively attacking people fibrous histiocytoma pathology for assuming that the culprit had to be a Muslim.

Make no mistake about it. The odds were way above 90% that the culprit behind a mass stabbing in London had fibrous histiocytoma pathology to be a follower of the religion of peace. Non-Muslims simply aren’t this obsessed about this ritual. Once the dust settled, it was clear that Usman Khan (28) – who was shot dead by police soon enough – was indeed the stabber; the ISIS publications have claimed that he was their warrior. The name makes it clear that he is as native fibrous histiocytoma pathology a Briton as you can get 😉 – after all, his surname matches the surname of the mayor of London.

Einstein’s or even Newton’s gravity seems to predict much faster speeds near the fibrous histiocytoma pathology center, close to Kepler’s or Newton’s model of the Solar System. This is the simplest manifestation of the fact that without fibrous histiocytoma pathology some additions, Newton’s or Einstein’s predictions for the motion caused purely by the visible fibrous histiocytoma pathology stars’ gravity contradict the observed motion of galaxies.

There is a conceptually smooth solution to this discrepancy: postulate the existence of dark matter – matter that isn’t seen in the telescopes because it doesn’t interact with the electromagnetic field but that still affects fibrous histiocytoma pathology the motion of the stars within galaxies. Every good theorist agrees that there is nothing wrong with fibrous histiocytoma pathology a theory that has electrically neutral – and therefore "dark" – particle species. The refusal to add this "dark matter" may be labeled "MOND", Modified Newtonian Dynamics which assumes that the visible stars are fibrous histiocytoma pathology responsible for all the motion which means that their "forces" must differ from the Newtonian ones in some way. MOND has celebrated some partial successes in predicting the speed fibrous histiocytoma pathology patterns in a broad set of galaxies.

Even if we embrace dark matter, we don’t know what it is made of. Axions and WIMPs remain the fundamental theoretical physicists’ preferred choices (and maybe axions became a bit more likely in recent fibrous histiocytoma pathology years when a big part of the WIMP parameter space fibrous histiocytoma pathology was excluded) – but SIMPs and various other astrophysical objects named after superheroes fibrous histiocytoma pathology have been proposed, MACHO, RAMBO, TERMINATOR, BRUCEWILLIS, GRETA, and others.