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We are happy to announce the new linode integration for histiocytoma human skin rancher! Rancher is a free and open source tool that simplifies histiocytoma human skin the deployment and management of kubernetes clusters. Instead of using command-line tools to access your clusters, rancher’s web interface provides a logical presentation of all of histiocytoma human skin your deployments, services, and other cluster objects, and you can edit and scale your clusters with the histiocytoma human skin click of a button.

Under the hood, rancher leverages the linode docker machine driver to create new histiocytoma human skin cluster nodes on linode. There’s a lot of technical wizardry that powers this integration, but it’s all in service of making kubernetes more accessible. If you’re the type of user that wants to be able histiocytoma human skin to drop down into the CLI and dig deep into histiocytoma human skin your kubernetes manifests, rancher provides easy ways to do that too.

If you already have a cluster running on linode, you can import it into rancher too. If you’re already a rancher user, try turning on the linode integration and testing out a histiocytoma human skin new cluster on our platform. Rancher has built-in support for multi-cluster applications, which can ease the adoption of a multi-cloud strategy that incorporates linode.

Philly tech week is a week-long celebration of technology and innovation happening throughout the greater histiocytoma human skin philadelphia region. We’re proud to be the HQ for the kickoff of histiocytoma human skin events this year, and look forward to being involved with many other events histiocytoma human skin throughout the week! There’s something for everyone, so make sure to check out the full calendar of histiocytoma human skin activities so you don’t miss out!

The cloud native computing foundation’s flagship conference gathers developers and users from leading open histiocytoma human skin source and cloud native communities. Join kubernetes, prometheus, envoy, coredns, opentracing, fluentd, grpc, containerd, rkt, CNI, jaeger, notary, TUF, vitess, NATS, linkerd, harbor and etcd as the community gathers for four days histiocytoma human skin to further the education and advancement of the container space.

Texas linux fest is the first statewide annual community-run conference for linux and open source software users and histiocytoma human skin enthusiasts from the lone star state. Whether you use free software and linux at home, in your place of business, in your school or non-profit, or you are simply curious, texas linux fest offers something for you. We’re excited to attend, and of course, chow down on some delicious BBQ!

The 2019 velocity program will cover everything from kubernetes and histiocytoma human skin devops to observability and performance to give you a comprehensive histiocytoma human skin understanding of applications and services—and stay on top of the rapidly changing cloud landscape. Learn new skills, approaches, and technologies for building and managing large-scale, cloud native systems, and connect with peers to share insights and ideas. We can’t wait to see you there!

The national devops conference is targeted towards C-level executives interested in learning more about the devops movement histiocytoma human skin and its cultural variations that assist, promote and guide a collaborative working relationship between development and histiocytoma human skin operations. This will be our first year in attendance, and we are super stoked to see all that london histiocytoma human skin has to offer!

We won’t be in attendance for this one, but, we’re proud to be a sponsor of appsec cali! The event is a one of a kind experience for histiocytoma human skin information security professionals, developers, pentesters, and QA testing professionals from around the world, to gather at the beach to learn and share knowledge histiocytoma human skin and experiences about secure systems and secure development methodologies.

Making our way down south, we’ll be headed to nashville to discuss all things python. PyTennessee is a developer-focused python conference with talks ranging in skill level from histiocytoma human skin beginner to advanced, and on topics from web development to data science and histiocytoma human skin machine learning. It’ll be a busy two days full of keynotes, speaking sessions, professional development, and more, and we can’t wait to be a part of it all!

Next up we’ll be headed to the west coast for developer week histiocytoma human skin in the SF bay area. Join us and 8,000+ developers, engineers, software architects, dev teams, managers and executives from 70+ countries as we discover the latest in developer technologies, languages, platforms, and tools. We’ll be there all week so make sure to come histiocytoma human skin drop on in and say hi!

Taking a little break from travelling, you can meet us online at laracon on march 6. You’ll be able to take part in a full day histiocytoma human skin of talks featuring some of laravel’s brightest minds, all while being able to stream them directly from the histiocytoma human skin comfort of your home or office. Interested in listening in? Tickets are only $12! Or, you can also enter to win one of our free histiocytoma human skin virtual tickets we’re giving away on the laracon website! We’ll see you on the web!

Making our way down the east coast, we’re off to D.C. For the apachedc roadshow. With one day, two rooms, twelve presentations, two keynotes, and a career fair, it’s sure to be a jam-packed day of events! Topics include apache and center for assurance research engineering projects, open source software in government, cybersecurity, and career development. Who’s excited?

At linode, we consider our user community to be one of our histiocytoma human skin greatest assets. If you’ve been following our journey since the launch of the histiocytoma human skin linode community site, you’ve probably seen and felt the ways in which our histiocytoma human skin user community is growing. We want to take some time to talk about some histiocytoma human skin of the great things that have come since, and recognize your contributions to its value and success.

To start, since launch, we have over 18,000 established user profiles on the community site, which includes over 15,000 user profiles that we migrated from the phpbb community histiocytoma human skin forum. As we mentioned in our initial blog post, we migrated 15 years of forum history to the community histiocytoma human skin site, which included over 10,000 posts and over 50,000 responses. Since then, we’ve seen thousands more questions and answers posted by users histiocytoma human skin like yourself, having conversations on topics ranging from general linode-related questions to more specific questions about linux and related histiocytoma human skin applications.

In march, we improved the markdown functionality, which allows users to better format questions and answers. In april, we added new sorting options, and in may we improved further, allowing users to find unanswered questions and be the first histiocytoma human skin to share their own knowledge on the wide range of histiocytoma human skin topics being discussed. Linode staff can now pin topics, making recent, more relevant discussions easily discoverable. In june, we added the ability for users to @mention others, similar to what you’d find in popular chat applications and social networks. Users that are mentioned will receive a notification within the histiocytoma human skin new linode cloud manager, and from there, they will be able to jump right into the conversation. Most recently, in september, we added the ability for users to share a little histiocytoma human skin love in the form of “likes” for questions and answers posted by others. We’ve also included the community site as a resource in histiocytoma human skin the “get help” page of the new linode cloud manager.

We’ve come a long way since launch and we have histiocytoma human skin even bigger plans for the community site that we’ll be revealing in the coming months. In the short term, look for changes to the search functionality, which we’re looking to enhance using predictive search. We’re also planning to integrate community site search within the histiocytoma human skin “get help” page of the new linode cloud manager, as well as likes and email notifications to keep you histiocytoma human skin in the loop with conversations that are important to you.

Our foundation here at linode has been built in large histiocytoma human skin part by your conversations with us, your enthusiasm for being a part of our journey and histiocytoma human skin your insight into ways we can do better. This community site is our way to give back and histiocytoma human skin help you grow too. We hope this resource will be a place for you histiocytoma human skin to ask questions, find answers, and exchange ideas and information with other users like yourself. We’re really excited about the progress we’ve made so far, and we want to thank you for being a big histiocytoma human skin part of that.

From new jersey, we move on up to the east side, to a deluxe conference in the sky. We are excited to be in the big apple at histiocytoma human skin the hotel pennsylvania. PyGotham has stayed true to its roots by being for histiocytoma human skin developers and run by developers. We’re excited to see what they have planned for their histiocytoma human skin 7th year. Don’t forget to swing by the linode booth to see histiocytoma human skin what cool stuff we brought for you!

Here we go again on our own, going down the only road we’ve ever known to columbus ohio, for the 16th annual ohio linux fest. What’s that you say? A grassroots conference for the GNU/linux/open source software/free software community? Featuring attendees and presenters from all over the united states, nay the world? Sign us up! We look forward to hearing all things open source and histiocytoma human skin chatting with fellow linux users.

You stay classy, san diego, because we’re coming to town for djangocon. As the leaves change, and the temperature begins to venture into hoodie weather, we’ll be taking our talents to the west coast. Stop by the linode booth to gear up in a histiocytoma human skin super soft tee shirt and some of our other swagalicious histiocytoma human skin items. We look forward to seeing you on the left coast.

Everything is bigger in texas and developer week is no histiocytoma human skin exception. Developer week is austin’s largest developer trade show. Is austin the coolest city on our fall tour? We certainly can’t say definitively, but what better place to talk all things tech? Meet us at the salt lick after the show and histiocytoma human skin we can eat BBQ until we fall asleep. See you there!

Be there or be square. As winter descends on our east coast home, we will be crossing this great country to visit the histiocytoma human skin birthplace of grunge music in seattle! Bring your flannel shirts, your questions, and a bag to bring home all the cool stuff. This is cloud native computing foundation’s flagship conference and brings together a diverse array of histiocytoma human skin people from within the open source and cloud native communities. We hope to see you there.