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You know, I like animals. Particularly the laid back kind. My 12-year-old dog molly, a part dalmation and part heeler variety, is that kind. She’s most awesome because when she’s let outside to potty, she stays in the yard and comes when I call histiocytoma dog removal cost her. She’s good around people despite being on the shy side. Going for rides in the car, I can count on her to stay in the back histiocytoma dog removal cost seat AND on her side. Really, the only true complaint is that she’s a trash digger. Forgetting to erect the gate can result in unsightly piles histiocytoma dog removal cost and smells in my bedroom. My lab, however, is not the same. She can’t be trusted. Take last night for instance.

Time crunch last week at the local grocery store didn’t allow me to get the usual 40 lb.(out of stock) bag of dog food for the girls; I settled for the 16 lb. One with the idea that I’d go back for more. What stopped me from following through was a severe cold histiocytoma dog removal cost and the threat of bronchitis. So, being delayed, and out of dog food, I got ready to hit the road last night. Molly enjoys riding in her spot in the back passenger histiocytoma dog removal cost side. Stella, well, she literally does a happy dance when she goes. The tail wags, the butt shimmies, and her voice whimpers. Total cuteness and dread waved over me simultaneously. Ugggh! My blonde beauty has been in her kennel while I histiocytoma dog removal cost worked all day and guilt blanketed me. Despite my misgivings, I connected her leash to her collar. We all went out the door and into the car. Molly, leashless, hops right into her spot. Traipsing to the other side, I no sooner get the door opened and stella bounds histiocytoma dog removal cost into the car smashing my senior citizen dog quietly minding histiocytoma dog removal cost her own business in HER spot. Stella just turned one-years-old. Someone once told me labs are “good” when they turn about 2-years-old. Man. That’s a long ways away! And, this trip to buy food to fill her belly was histiocytoma dog removal cost going to be . . . Trying.

Barely 30 yards from home, I had to pull over to get her under control! She was EVERYWHERE in the backseat and she was about histiocytoma dog removal cost to leap in the front seat with me. That would have been a disaster because that girl can’t sit in one place while in the front seat. She thinks she has to sit on my lap and histiocytoma dog removal cost supervise my driving skills. As I pull to the side, she rams molly, the wall flower, with a full body rush. Poor molly. She doesn’t even bark. Such patience with the baby of the family.

Settled down for the second, we putter down the road to dollar general with her histiocytoma dog removal cost snorting in my left ear. Now, stella has ridden numerous times and is behaved 85% of the time. Today is part of the 15%. I should have known. As soon as I shut the door, she leaps to the front seat with a look of, “you aren’t taking me?” I tap the back seat window, and she quickly jumps to the back. However, as I turn to go, she’s back in the front. We repeat the tap and jump a couple of times. Frustrated, I open the passenger door and get in her face histiocytoma dog removal cost and demand she STAYS! She doesn’t seem to be phased that I am ignoring her histiocytoma dog removal cost quest to escort me into the store and my voice histiocytoma dog removal cost is raised. Finally getting her “settled”, I carry on with the mission. Should have said a prayer before coming back out because histiocytoma dog removal cost not only was she proudly sitting in the front seat histiocytoma dog removal cost like she was going to drive home, but she tore up the small bag of trash looking histiocytoma dog removal cost for a morsel, scattered my treasures in the console, and looked at me like “what?”

After all was cleaned up and stella in her proper histiocytoma dog removal cost place (again!), I was counting the minutes until I pulled in my histiocytoma dog removal cost driveway. I herd the girls indoors, fill the water and food bowls, and plop on the couch. Relaxing with eyes closed, I feel something on my leg. Her chin rested on my knee and her puppy dog histiocytoma dog removal cost brown eyes said, “thanks. I love you.” grrr! Stella. You’re cuteness makes me melt. I love you, too.