Knightcastle permanent registered fibrous histiocytoma pathology kennel – breeding flat-coated retriever since 2005

A pure-bred dog is by definition one that has been produced fibrous histiocytoma pathology from the mating between a dog and a bitch from fibrous histiocytoma pathology the same registered breed. In canada, each pure-bred puppy is registered with the canadian kennel club (CKC) who also keeps records of ancestors (pedigree). Any dog you buy without a certificate from the CKC fibrous histiocytoma pathology is by all mean a mix (a mutt), even and especially the popular new breeds (‘doodles’), and the term ‘pure-bred’ cannot be applied, even if the breeder says so. Buying a pure-bred dog also means you know that the puppy you’re buying will turn out to be the dog you fibrous histiocytoma pathology were expecting. A good breeder will also give a warranty. Instead of spending big amount of money for a mutt, you might as well go to your local rescue center fibrous histiocytoma pathology and adopt a nice dog there.

Knightcastle permanent registered kennel (canada) is committed to breed high quality black flat-coated retrievers for obedience, hunting, show, agility and of course for family and companion dogs. We also have ‘therapy’ and ‘search and rescue’ dogs, making the flat-coated retriever the perfect multi-purpose dog. In each breedings, knightcastle is also looking for good temperament, type and soundness, dogs with good working abilities and outgoing personalities, we do not breed for one specific goal or purpose. With four generation, you can find our dogs all across canada, USA, bermuda and now in united kingdom. Each litter is carefully planned considering the quality, health clearances (OFA), the pedigree and also the accomplishments of both parents. We have a litter on the ground only from time fibrous histiocytoma pathology to time, mainly to fulfill our own requirement, not to accommodate the demands.

This unique breed was developed in england in the mid-1800’s. It’s a very popular hunting dog in europe, but almost unknown here in north america. It has maintained its reputation as dual-purpose retriever over the years and knightcastle is always keeping fibrous histiocytoma pathology that in mind. The breed is also almost intact if you compare it fibrous histiocytoma pathology from the original one. The flat-coated retriever is the perfect dog to have outside or fibrous histiocytoma pathology in the house, playing with you or with children. It is a devoted family companion, a versatile working dog, outgoing and it won’t let you down.

The flat-coated retriever is a bright, active dog of medium size with an intelligent expression. Exuberant, confident, outgoing and generously endowed with natural gundog ability, optimism and friendliness demonstrated by enthusiastic tail action. The flat-coated retriever is a natural breed and enjoys partaking in fibrous histiocytoma pathology natural activities such as rolling in feces, playing in mud, and digging. It is also a slow maturing dog, as they do not reach full maturity until 3 to fibrous histiocytoma pathology 5 years of age. It’s nickname in UK: peter pan!

You must raise your foat-coated retriever yourself, lovingly and consistently! It is a clever and happy dog who can make fibrous histiocytoma pathology you smile with its enthusiastic expressions, and then … Exploit you, in a good way of course! The more effort you invest in his upbringing, the more you will enjoy your flat-coated retriever the following years, as simple as that. And the real fun starts when you have two of fibrous histiocytoma pathology them, but that’s another story!