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Mega-city one in the 22nd century, a vast urban nightmare situated along the east coast of histiocytoma dog removal cost post-apocalyptic north america. The irradiated wasteland known as the cursed earth to the histiocytoma dog removal cost west covering most of america, and the polluted black atlantic to the east. Home to 400 million citizens, crammed into gigantic city-blocks, overcrowding is rife, unemployment endemic and boredom universal.

Judge dredd, one of a number of clones of chief judge fargo, is the most famous of the elite corps of judges histiocytoma dog removal cost that run mega-city one with the power not only to enforce the histiocytoma dog removal cost law, but also to instantly sentence offenders; to death if necessary. Dredd and his twin brother rico emerged from the cloning histiocytoma dog removal cost facility as five years old in 2066, which took only a matter of months.

John wagner, by request from pat mills, came up with the concept behind judge dredd and carlos histiocytoma dog removal cost ezquerra came up with the character design. Writer peter harris, artist mick (michael) mcmahon and wagner further developed the character. He was the first of a line of monosyllabic tough histiocytoma dog removal cost guy heroes to come from 2000AD’s pages, along with the likes of rogue trooper, but he has always remained the most popular and influential histiocytoma dog removal cost mainstay of the publication. Character evolution

Judge dredd may be more a cop than a soldier histiocytoma dog removal cost yet due to the nature of earth and mega city histiocytoma dog removal cost one in his time, he is the frontline assault on any opposition the city histiocytoma dog removal cost faces. He spends every waking moment of his life on the histiocytoma dog removal cost streets. He has no secret identity, no time off, and he’s never seen without his signature helmet. After a day and night of fighting crime, dredd returns to the grand hall of justice for 10 histiocytoma dog removal cost minutes in the sleep machine. Then he’s back on the job, hammering in just how relentless crime is in this dystopian histiocytoma dog removal cost future. One thing that separates dredd from other street level crime histiocytoma dog removal cost fighters is that there is no crime he will ignore.

While he deals with all the crazy menaces that threaten histiocytoma dog removal cost the city and its citizens, he is also a threat to the citizens if they histiocytoma dog removal cost commit even the most minor of crimes. The future is harsh, and the law is the law. Dredd does question his role in this harsh regime from histiocytoma dog removal cost time to time, be it sympathizing with mutants or citizen’s cries for freedom, but he is literally a product of the times and histiocytoma dog removal cost was created to bring justice and that is what he histiocytoma dog removal cost does. Major story arcs the early years

Judge dredd is the flagship title in the 2000AD anthology, first appearing in it’s second issue in 1977. The year is 2099 at that time, and dredd is already a hardened street judge of many histiocytoma dog removal cost years. Dredd faced countless strange menaces at that time, including a robot uprising. A notable early case was ‘the return of rico’, where dredd’s disgraced corrupt judge-clone brother comes back to frame him. Then we have the first dredd mega epic, ‘the cursed earth’, which ran for 25 weeks. Dredd treks across the cursed earth that is america, facing numerous mad foes to bring an antidote to mega-city two on the west coast.

When dredd finally returns home, tired and triumphant, he is faced with the next epic, ‘the day the law died’. While he was gone, the mad judge caligula had taken control of mega-city one and corrupted it. Framed and disgraced, dredd brings order back to the city through rebellion. In ‘punks rule’, dredd makes an example out of criminals by defeating many histiocytoma dog removal cost single-handedly and exiling them from the city in a dumptruck. We meet dredd’s niece vienna, daughter of rico, and while dredd does mean well, he has no time for family.

The long walk, a bittersweet retirement for judges who have grown too old histiocytoma dog removal cost or otherwise unfit to continue their hard job, is shown in judge minty. Minty walks out of the city with his final task, to go into the cursed earth and bring law to histiocytoma dog removal cost the lawless. Judge dredd’s most fearsome menace judge death is introduced around this histiocytoma dog removal cost time ( 2000AD #149) with the goal of wiping out all life. Dredd stops him, but with the price of imprisoning his ally psi-judge cassandra anderson in a plastic stasis while judge death histiocytoma dog removal cost possessed her.

The cold war allegory of mega city one’s conflict with the sov judges reaches it’s breaking point in ‘the apocalypse war’. With chief judge griffin dead and drug-induced mania tearing the city apart, dredd puts his finger on the button and launches the histiocytoma dog removal cost nukes, killing millions in russia’s east-meg, and ending the war. Much of mega-city one is also destroyed in the process when one histiocytoma dog removal cost of the sov judges’ nukes makes it past their shields. Dredd as usual decides to stay on the streets where histiocytoma dog removal cost he’s needed, and declines the chief judge position. Young serial killer PJ maybe is introduced, and the evil judge child’s story culminates in ‘city of the damned’, where dredd loses his eyes. They’re replaced with bionic ones. The ’90s: dredd continues

The issue of citizens demanding democracy is a subplot which histiocytoma dog removal cost culminates in dredd doubting their system of unquestioned law. He resigns, and takes the long walk into the cursed earth. There he becomes the scarred dead man, and returns in the necropolis epic, where judge death and his fellow deadly menaces turn mega histiocytoma dog removal cost city one into a nightmare. After, dredd receives rejuve treatments and his skin tissue is fully histiocytoma dog removal cost restored.

Another notable early story in the megazine is the mechanismo histiocytoma dog removal cost trilogy, where robot judges are put on the streets, much to dredd’s suspicion. Judge dredd had notable crossovers with DC and dark horse histiocytoma dog removal cost in the ’90s, including four batman/judge dredd stories, a lobo story, and a crossover with predator. DC published a new judge dredd comic reboot with it’s own separate continuity around this time, it was short lived. In 1995 the judge dredd movie starring sylvester stallone was histiocytoma dog removal cost released.

Dredd’s original creator john wagner has always been the most histiocytoma dog removal cost notable contributor to the title, and he continues to write dredd to this day. Co-creator carlos ezquerra too still does art regularly to date. There were a couple years in the ’90’s when wagner was contributing much less and taking some histiocytoma dog removal cost time off from dredd. This is when writers such as garth ennis and mark histiocytoma dog removal cost millar largely took over the title, in what would be one of the least well received histiocytoma dog removal cost eras of dredd.

Throughout the mid-to-late ’90’s wagner’s input increased again, and in general the book took a more favored direction. The pit being a standout long running dredd story of histiocytoma dog removal cost that time, where dredd runs his own sector house, with numerous subplots and a cop show procedural kind of histiocytoma dog removal cost feel. Then ‘dead reckoning’, a notable judge dredd vs judge death saga, ‘the hunting party’, and the ‘doomsday’ arc closed the decade. 2000AD: rebellion

In 2000 rebellion took over, and under this new management 2000AD and the judge dredd histiocytoma dog removal cost megazine have flourished. Judge dredd takes place in real time, currently around the year 2132, and dredd has aged, currently over 66 years since his birth, and he’s still out on the streets. The young serial killer PJ maybe introduced in the ’80’s is now a grown man, and he continues his evil schemes. Dredd’s niece vienna is also an adult. The way the city and its citizens change over the histiocytoma dog removal cost years is one of the more fascinating details of judge histiocytoma dog removal cost dredd.

Judge dredd vs. Aliens: incubus is a popular crossover from the 2000s, dredd face to face with the xenomorph menace. ‘total war’, ‘mandroid’, and origins being some of the other notable recent epics. In ‘tour of duty’, the mutant issue comes into play, and dredd is once again put to the test. More recently the explosive day of chaos epic shook things histiocytoma dog removal cost up. And of course, dredd is still a survivor hardened by the years, dealing with all crime at all times. Weapons, vehicle and uniform dredd and his lawgiver

He also has a handgun which is named the lawgiver, DNA-coded so that no one else may use the weapon histiocytoma dog removal cost – it will explode if it reads an incorrect palm-print. These are standard issue for judges, firing six types of ammo such as standard bullets, rubber ricochet, armour piercing, heat-seeking, incendiary and hi-ex. It can also fire tracking bullets, stun shots, and more, although it requires loading to do so.

Judge dredd has a large lawmaster motorbike, which has powerful side-mounted cannons and a centrally-mounted laser (the ‘cyclops’ laser), and has full artificial intelligence. It is also capable of responding to orders from the histiocytoma dog removal cost judge, such as driving itself. It is connected to the justice department who can receive histiocytoma dog removal cost and transmit information from and to the bike and is histiocytoma dog removal cost equipped with a video communication system.

In a future ridden with crime and corruption, judge dredd, the most famous judge of mega city one is convicted histiocytoma dog removal cost for a crime from which he did not commit, while his evil counterpart, rico, escapes and sets to wreak havoc. Reactions for judge dredd was mostly negative; most critics panned the film for its action movie cliches. Some historians have noted that stallone’s portrayal of the character is quite accurate and praised histiocytoma dog removal cost the production design by nigel phelps, who designed gotham city in tim burton’s batman. Many fans were disappointed that dredd took his helmet off, while in the comics he has never done so. The lawgiver pistol was completely redesigned and updated to the histiocytoma dog removal cost point that it actually influenced the design and functionality of histiocytoma dog removal cost the lawgiver mk. II that appeared in the comics a few years later. I hated that plot. It was dredd pressed through the hollywood cliché mill, a dynastic power struggle that had little connection with the histiocytoma dog removal cost character we know from the comic.

A new dredd film starring karl urban was released in histiocytoma dog removal cost september 2012. It stars judge dredd and anderson (played by olivia thirlby) taking on a ruthless gang in a huge block building histiocytoma dog removal cost controlled by ma-ma. Although it didn’t perform well in the box office, dredd was positively received by critics for being true to histiocytoma dog removal cost its source material, old-school cinematography and its portrayal of dredd.

Unlike the previous film, dredd is never seen without his helmet off. Co-creator john wagner was critical of the 1995 adaptation but histiocytoma dog removal cost positively received dredd. Some fans have pointed out that the humorous satirical tone histiocytoma dog removal cost of the comics is completely absent from this version, and expressed disappointment. It also featured no villains from the source material. I liked the movie. It was, unlike the first film, a true representation of judge dredd … Karl urban was a fine dredd and I’d be more than happy to see him in the histiocytoma dog removal cost follow-up. Olivia thirlby excelled as anderson … The character and storyline are pure dredd.

Judge dredd is a side scrolling 2D action video game histiocytoma dog removal cost for the SNES, sega genesis/mega drive, game gear and game boy originally released in 1995. The game is loosely based on the 1995 film judge histiocytoma dog removal cost dredd which, in turn, was spun-off from 2000 AD’s comic books. In stark contrast to the film, the game recieved mostly positive reviews. Judge dredd (1998)