Is 5g worth histiocytoma dog the risks

In recent months there’s been a lot of talk about 5G – the next generation of wireless technology. 5G is being touted as a necessary step to the histiocytoma dog removal cost ‘internet of things’ – a world in which our refrigerators alert us when we’re low on milk, our baby’s diapers tell us when they need to be changed, and netflix is available everywhere, all the time. But what we’re not hearing is that evidence-based studies worldwide have clearly established the harmful effects of histiocytoma dog removal cost human exposure to pulsed radiofrequency radiation from cell towers, cell phones and other devices – and that 5G will make the problem exponentially worse.

5G radiofrequency (RF) radiation uses a ‘cocktail’ of three types of radiation, ranging from relatively low-energy radio waves, microwave radiation with far more energy, and millimeter waves with vastly more energy (see below). The extremely high frequencies in 5G are where the biggest histiocytoma dog removal cost danger lies. While 4G frequencies go as high as 6 ghz, 5G exposes biological life to pulsed signals in the 30 histiocytoma dog removal cost ghz to 100 ghz range. The general public has never before been exposed to such histiocytoma dog removal cost high frequencies for long periods of time.

This is a big deal. It turns out that our eyes and our sweat ducts histiocytoma dog removal cost act as antennas for absorption of the higher-frequency 5G waves.[1] and because the distances these high-energy waves can travel is relatively short, transmitters will be required closer to homes and schools than histiocytoma dog removal cost earlier wireless technologies: the build-out will add the equivalent of a cell tower every histiocytoma dog removal cost 2-10 houses.

But former FCC chairman tom wheeler has made it clear histiocytoma dog removal cost the telecom-dominated FCC does not put health first: “stay out of the way of technological development,” he said. “unlike some countries, we do not believe we should spend the next couple histiocytoma dog removal cost of years studying… turning innovators loose is far preferable to letting committees and histiocytoma dog removal cost regulators define the future. We won’t wait for the standards.” in response to questions about health concerns, mr. Wheeler said: “talk to the medical people”.[2]

The “medical people” have conducted over 2,000 international evidence-based studies that link health impacts with pulsed radiowave radiation histiocytoma dog removal cost from cell towers, routers, cell phones, tablets, and other wireless devices. These studies tell us that RF radiation is harmful at histiocytoma dog removal cost even low and short exposures, and that it impacts children and fetuses more rapidly than histiocytoma dog removal cost adults. Among the findings are that RF radiation is carcinogenic, causes DNA damage, affects fertility and the endocrine system, and has neurological impacts. Pulsed electromagnetic frequencies have also been shown to cause neurological histiocytoma dog removal cost symptoms: depression, anxiety, headaches, muscle pain, attention deficits, insomnia, dizziness, tinnitus, skin tingling, loss of appetite, and nausea.[3]

Scientists are urging the world health organization (WHO) to update its classification of RF from a group 2B histiocytoma dog removal cost carcinogen to a class 1 carcinogen – making RF and 5G comparable to arsenic and asbestos. Annie sasco, former chief of WHO’s research unit of epidemiology for cancer prevention, says, “ enough is enough, how many more deaths would be needed before serious action histiocytoma dog removal cost is taken? Evidence just continues to accumulate.”

Ronald melnick, the designer of the NTP study, says that the study “shows clear evidence of a causal link between cancer and histiocytoma dog removal cost exposure to wireless cell phone signals.” he adds that “an important lesson that should be learned from the NTP histiocytoma dog removal cost studies is that we can no longer assume that any histiocytoma dog removal cost current or future wireless technology, including 5G, is safe without adequate testing.”[5] meanwhile, 231 scientists from 42 nations have signed the 5G appeal, which urgently calls for a moratorium on the technology. Steps are being taken to slow the deployment of 5G histiocytoma dog removal cost in italy, belgium, israel, switzerland, and the netherlands, and in the states of california, new hampshire, massachusetts, and oregon.

But so far, not enough political leaders have been willing to heed the histiocytoma dog removal cost warnings. Or perhaps they are deferring to president trump, who said that 5G antennas “must cover every community and they must be deployed as histiocytoma dog removal cost soon as possible…. No matter where you are you will have 5G and histiocytoma dog removal cost it is going to be a different life. I don’t know that it will be better… but I can say that technologically it won’t even be close.”[6]