Insightman and his honda histiocytoma dog treatment insight hybrid autos

Carscoop has learned that the new Insight achieved a rating histiocytoma dog treatment of of 4.4 liters per 100 km (53.5 mpg) in the European fuel economy test cycle for mixed city histiocytoma dog treatment and highway driving. This rating is better than the 4.6 liters/100 km (51.3 mpg) of the Honda Civic Hybrid but not as high as histiocytoma dog treatment the 4.3 liters/100 km (54.7 mpg) of the Toyota Prius. The Insight’s highway rating is 4.2 liters/100 km (56 mpg), which is more fuel efficient than the Prius (the Prius is less fuel efficient on the highway than histiocytoma dog treatment in the city). So with the anticipated price of the Insight being thousands histiocytoma dog treatment of dollars less than that of the Prius, it would take a long time for a Prius owner histiocytoma dog treatment to recoup the difference through fuel savings. The official US Environmental Protection Agency numbers are eagerly awaited.

November 19, 2008. Honda sheds some light on the new driver assist function histiocytoma dog treatment it has created to help you maximize your fuel economy: American Honda Motor Co. said it plans to introduce its Ecological Drive Assist System, a new interactive fuel-economy enhancement technology, on the new Honda Insight this spring. Eco Assist combines Honda’s driver-activated "Econ" mode that optimizes control of the vehicle’s transmission, engine and related powertrain components to conserve fuel, along with a feedback function that uses speedometer background color histiocytoma dog treatment to provide guidance on environmentally responsible driving. Also included is a scoring function that provides feedback about histiocytoma dog treatment current driving practices, as well as cumulative, long-term feedback tracking progress, Honda said. "Hybrid drivers enjoy trying to get the most fuel economy histiocytoma dog treatment from their vehicles," Dan Bonawitz, vice president of American Honda, said in a statement. "The visual nature of Eco Assist is intended to help histiocytoma dog treatment drivers improve their efficient driving skills by making the hybrid histiocytoma dog treatment experience more fun and rewarding."

Two years after discontinuing production of the original Insight, Honda has revealed their next dedicated hybrid automobile and it histiocytoma dog treatment is to be called (drum roll) the Insight! This concept has now appeared at the Paris Auto Show histiocytoma dog treatment and the production version is to appear at the North histiocytoma dog treatment American International Auto Show in Detroit next January. The first deliveries in the United States are scheduled for histiocytoma dog treatment April 22nd, Earth Day.

What is known about this car is that it will histiocytoma dog treatment use a version of the 1.3 liter 4-cylinder engine from the Civic but will incorporate a new histiocytoma dog treatment version of Honda’s Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) hybrid system. The IMA battery pack will be located under the cargo histiocytoma dog treatment area (like the original Insight) so that the rear seat can be folded (unlike the Civic hybrid) to increase cargo space. It’s unclear at this time if the new Insight will histiocytoma dog treatment carry a spare tire. The spy photos of the camoflaged Insight undergoing desert testing histiocytoma dog treatment show smaller wheels (I’d guess 14- or 15-inchers). The concept car’s LED headlights, knife-blade mirrors, and micro door handles won’t make it to the production model, either. Instead of being flush with the rear bumper, the tailgate will be recessed, which is a common practice to minimize the vulnerability of histiocytoma dog treatment the hatch.

By changing the Insight into a 5-seat, 5-door hatchback it’s clear that Honda is taking aim at the Toyota histiocytoma dog treatment Prius. The new Insight is expected to offer better fuel economy histiocytoma dog treatment and a significantly lower price than Toyota’s market-leading hybrid. Honda plans to sell 200,000 of these Insights a year worldwide, with half of that total coming to the United States. In 2001, the peak sales year in the United States for the histiocytoma dog treatment Insight, Honda sold 4725 Insights. The total for 1999 through 2006 was just over 13,600 Insights sold in the U.S.

Here’s one of the most interesting tidbits hinted at on histiocytoma dog treatment Honda’s special web page for this car: "Additionally, various technologies, including a system to assist more fuel-efficient driving, are being installed to further increase practical fuel efficiency." My Insight’s Fuel Consumption Display bargraph and digital readout are excellent histiocytoma dog treatment tools for managing the vehicle’s fuel economy. It will be very interesting to see what Honda has histiocytoma dog treatment come up with to provide better driver assist asistance than histiocytoma dog treatment these displays.

If Honda’s improved hybrid technology can enable this larger and heavier histiocytoma dog treatment Insight Nouveau (I refuse to call it Insight 2) to approach the still unmatched fuel economy of the Insight histiocytoma dog treatment Classic, this car will be a major breakthrough and I expect histiocytoma dog treatment it will be in great demand. I can’t wait to see the Honda Insight return to the histiocytoma dog treatment top of the EPA fuel economy list!