Inflammatory breast cancer .. so easily misdiagnosed! cancer chat histiocytoma treatment

I have inflammatory breast cancer which was firstly diagnosed as histiocytoma treatment mastitis in jan 09. Did not respond to antibiotic and was referred for biopsy. This is a particularly aggressive cancer and I had chemo;bilateral mastectomy and radiotherapy ending at end of oct 09. You can imagine my fear when a red area appeared histiocytoma treatment on my chest. Oncologist suggested a fungal infection and prescribed canestan; GP thought a form of dermatitis due to radiotherapy and histiocytoma treatment prescribed a steroid cream for one month. Luckily , I had a routine app. With oncologist who did not think it was a recurrence histiocytoma treatment of cancer, but referred me to surgeon for biopsy. Surgeon was 99% sure it was not cancer recurrence; so you can imagine my shock, on the mouth of christmas, to be told the biopsy was positive! Saw another two surgeons who arranged bone scans and CAT histiocytoma treatment scans. They were clear and surgery was going to be carried histiocytoma treatment out until I pointed out some ‘gnat bites’ on my left side. They knew then that systemic treatment needed to be given. Currently on chemo tablets. Seem very mild in comparison to FEC and taxotare which histiocytoma treatment nearly killed me. However, the inflammation and ‘gnat bites’ are not really improving; although it is early days … 8 days treatment so far. I will see oncologist in two weeks time. I am very well in every otherway .. And hope to beat the odds and conquer this horrible histiocytoma treatment cancer.

Hi when i read what you had been through it histiocytoma treatment was like reading about myself. May 2008 i went to my docs with 1 breast histiocytoma treatment very red, sore, huge painful etc and was sent home with antibiotics for histiocytoma treatment masitis. This went on for 2month till eventually they referred me. Aug 2008 i was diagnosed with inflamatary breast cancer. Had ec chemo till nov then had a double mastectomy histiocytoma treatment (having the other breast of was my choice to help histiocytoma treatment prevent it coming back) and all nodes on the affected side removed. Lump was only 4mm but 8/9 nodes had cancer. I then went on and had 12 weeks of taxol histiocytoma treatment and then followed with 3 weeks of radio. I was very tired after all the treatment but got histiocytoma treatment on with my family life looking after my hubby and histiocytoma treatment 3 kids. I really did think it was something i had won histiocytoma treatment till i found a lump in my neck in oct histiocytoma treatment 2009. After nagging eventually they scanned and did a biopsy and histiocytoma treatment found the cancer was back. I have 4 specs on lungs and started exeloda chemo histiocytoma treatment tabs immediately. Bone scan clear. I am still in shock and keep saying why me. On 3rd cycle now and after the 4th they will histiocytoma treatment scan me to make sure it is working if so histiocytoma treatment i will get another 4 cycles, then left in limbo till they grow back. I am going to fight this, i am not leaving my 3 children 3,6 and 9 with no mum. Hubby bin fantastic. Would love you to keep in touch and stay positive histiocytoma treatment and we can fight this horrible disease. Justine x

My wife has had a very similar experience. In october 2009 she began to suffer from pains in histiocytoma treatment her side, she went to our GP who diagnosed an intercostal muscle histiocytoma treatment injury and told her to return if it did not histiocytoma treatment improve. About six weeks later after intermittent bouts of pain she histiocytoma treatment returned to the GP who prescribed a course of heavy histiocytoma treatment duty anti inflammatory’s and was told to return in two weeks if histiocytoma treatment it had not cleared up. Exactly a week later she woke me up to show histiocytoma treatment me her breast that had started to turn red and histiocytoma treatment had gone hard at the front. We went to see a different GP at the practice histiocytoma treatment that morning. The GP could feel a lump so she booked her histiocytoma treatment an appointment with the breast clinic. Nine days later the morning of the appointment my wife’s breast had become more swollen and her nipple had histiocytoma treatment inverted. We attended the clinic, the professor looking at her mammogram results thought that she histiocytoma treatment had some cysts, as soon as she took off her top he changed histiocytoma treatment his mind. An ultrasound was done which indicated a thin long lump. Some core biopsies were taken and then we were ushered histiocytoma treatment in to an office where we were told the bad histiocytoma treatment news. The date was the 21st december, a date which shall always be seared into my mind.

Two weeks later (delayed a week because of christmas and new year) we returned to the clinic to be told what type histiocytoma treatment she had and what order the treatment would take place. We had already surmised by looking on the computer that histiocytoma treatment she probably had IBC. This was confirmed along with the fact that some of histiocytoma treatment her lymph nodes had cancer cells present which is part histiocytoma treatment of the reason why chemo forms the first part of histiocytoma treatment treatment along with her lump being 11.5 cm wide, with the need to reduce it in size before surgery. We were told that IBC only effects about 2% of breast cancer sufferers and the tumour being full of histiocytoma treatment fluid often does not harden until it is quite big, as with my wife. She had checked her breasts only a week before.

She is about to undergo her 5th (of 6) cycle of TAC chemo tomorrow and is doing well. Her tumour has reduced to 7 cm and because of histiocytoma treatment this the oncologist has referred her back to the surgeon histiocytoma treatment with a view to operate in late may. She is very positive and seems to be taking everything histiocytoma treatment in her stride even to the extent of having her histiocytoma treatment hair shaved off for charity. I am very proud of her

I realise this post is quite a few years old, but I too have gone to my doctors with the histiocytoma treatment same symptoms as you and wondered how quickly your very histiocytoma treatment large red painful breast appeared? Mine literally seemed to be hard and sore one morning, which 2 days later started turning red. Sent away with antibiotics for suspected abscess, redness continued to spread, hospitalised for 3 nights and put on iv antibiotics, given an ultrasound which showed no abscess present. Redness gone but still sore and hard. Sent home with another 14 days of 2 different antibiotics. 7 days later (monday) had a follow up appointment at the breast clinic, did mammograms which showed inconsistencies between breasts, another ultrasound which showed nothing like last monday, so decided to do biopsies, took 5 samples. Doctor said he thinks it looks like inflammation still from histiocytoma treatment the infection, but as I have not had any trauma or injury, am not breastfeeding, pregnant, a smoker, diabetic or any of the other usual risk factors they histiocytoma treatment said it’s unusual for a normally healthy 38 year old to histiocytoma treatment get mastitis to start with. Now waiting for results and can’t find anyone that’s had a similiar experience and am very worried.