Inexplicata-the ulcerated histiocytoma journal of hispanic ufology

The cold evening of 22 august 1978 would not be ulcerated histiocytoma just another night in the lives of the miño family, protagonists of the incredible UFO sighting in the vicinity of ulcerated histiocytoma santa catalina, which at that time was at the end of bus ulcerated histiocytoma line 6, far from what was the city at the time. There was a military base there, headquarters to the command and service brigade, sanitary company 7 and arsenal company 8, where the bus would turn and head back to the ulcerated histiocytoma city. There were few hoses in that area and the streets ulcerated histiocytoma were made of sand, making it hard to traverse them, especially on a bicycle. One had to make an effort to pedal. The city was just expanding and this area was far ulcerated histiocytoma from contemporary santa catalina.

The cold south wind blowing over the region that evening, while not very strong, was enough to entice people to remain indoors, well-dressed and drinking something warm. Ignacio esteban miño, the main witness of the surprising event, was 29 years old at the time and was on ulcerated histiocytoma his way back from his job in the city, where he worked as a martial arts instructor. The time was around 22:00 hours. As he got ready to enter his home, he was surprised to see a strange luminous object of ulcerated histiocytoma an intense white color moving slowly in the sky, some 200 meter distant, and over the river, as it was near the dwelling. The vehicle was some 6 or 7 meters in diameter, according to his calculations, and made no noise at all. It moved silent through space, allowing the sighting to last some 15 minutes. Startled by what he was seeing, he entered the house and told his family: come out quickly, come see this, it’s incredible! His father and sister, who were still awake, went outside, followed by the mother and an aunt, as a result of the ensuing hubbub. All remained silent, contemplating the strange object. It glowed with a powerful white color, waxing and waning in intensity. Throughout the duration of the event, no noise was heard and nearby animals (dogs) remained quiet.

When ignacio miño was consulted about the strange experience, he said: nothing like it had ever happened to me. I’d never seen anything like it, but this time I could see the object clearly. It was rather close, I figure some 100 meters away, and at no time was I frightened. The object was oval-shaped and as I said, very luminous. It didn’t travel very fast and gave the impression that it ulcerated histiocytoma was inspecting something, looking at something. You ask whether I’d read up on the UFO subject? No, very little. I was only aware of its existence through friends. I do believe there’s life elsewhere. As a result of my experience I intend to find ulcerated histiocytoma out more, as I’d like to know more in this regard. I was lucky not to be alone when I saw ulcerated histiocytoma it; otherwise no one would believe me. My father, my sister, my mother and an aunt came out for a look. There were five of us. We all saw it perfectly and were astonished by what ulcerated histiocytoma we saw. From what I heard, no neighbors saw what we had seen. There was no one outside, as it was rather cold with a stiff wind. Not the kind of night you want to be outdoors. In any event, I won’t forget this experience. It was incredible.

This was one of the ’70s cases that followed the cambá punta case in 1960, the torrent case in 1965, as the most important. Many others would come later in the ’80s and ’90s. Perhaps the most important was the catamarán case of 1978, when a group of artists, musicians and chamameceros (popular musicians from corrientes) gathered at the catamaran at the end of the year, witnessed a UFO fleet over the paraná river. The santa catalina case is significant because it occurred on ulcerated histiocytoma a cold night, with a clear, cloudless sky, so it was visible without impediment. Furthermore, there was a group of witnesses – five, not many – yet sufficiently lucid to see the same thing and describe ulcerated histiocytoma it in detail.

As is customary in these cases, eyewitness accounts were taken separately. Each member of the family was interviewed and their stories ulcerated histiocytoma all matched. They had witnessed an anomalous event that was being considered ulcerated histiocytoma worldwide as the sighting of an extraterrestrial device, very luminous, with obviously intelligent movements, flying slowly before shifting speed before vanishing at high speed ulcerated histiocytoma in the dark of the night. Currently, such cases are commonplace, with the advantages given by present technology in photographing and ulcerated histiocytoma recording sightings as indisputable proof of their existence.

The ground remains silent. The rocks of the so called spaceport that lie beneath ulcerated histiocytoma the woman’s feet are boiling. The site is a diameter measuring 52 meters in diameter ulcerated histiocytoma located in the center of the desert, easily visible from the sky. Its total surface area is four times greater than that ulcerated histiocytoma of a regular heliport and is comparable to half the ulcerated histiocytoma size of a regulation soccer pitch.

But orfanda states that the sighting of extraterrestrial vehicles is ulcerated histiocytoma something they have been living with for a very long ulcerated histiocytoma time, even predating the creation of the ufoport. The first spaceship landed 16 years ago. I was in my bathroom and I headed out for ulcerated histiocytoma the desert the moment I saw it. It was an immense thing. Later, from one minute to the next, a ball of blue flame landed on my shoulder. My husband and children ran out when they heard me ulcerated histiocytoma screaming, but the spaceship had already gone by then, says the woman as she raises her eyes to the ulcerated histiocytoma sky.

The mysteries concealed behind the desert mountains are not a ulcerated histiocytoma source of fear for this catholic matron, who grew up under the cold nights of the tatacoa. Her parents, two peasants who farmed the arid soil inherited from their ulcerated histiocytoma forebears, told her tales of other alleged UFO sightings in the ulcerated histiocytoma area belonging to the municipality of villavieja, huila.

It was a night in 1960 when – according to orfanda – she saw ‘an immense fireball’ while in the company of her parents. They had sent me to cut cane for the horses. When I left the house, I saw the flame and screamed. At that time they admitted that so many things were ulcerated histiocytoma seen in the tatacoa desert that it was best not ulcerated histiocytoma to pay them any mind. She later adds, with a certain air of stoicism, it has never scared me to live in this area, because we were taught to be brave, to face things.

Nestor gutierrez was eleven years old when he saw an ulcerated histiocytoma alleged UFO for the first time. Orfanda’s son says it was around eight o’clock at night, while stargazing, that a light moving in the sky turned into two ulcerated histiocytoma objects with flashing lights, forming a sort of rainbow. The lights of the craft began turning on and off ulcerated histiocytoma for approximately fifteen minutes. I ran to the house, called my mother, and the object’s lights began to dim. Everything went dark and a chunk of the sky was ulcerated histiocytoma left completely black. However, he notes that unlike his brothers, he has never seen a spaceship land in the desert.

According to statements by several members of the gutierrez soto ulcerated histiocytoma family, less than ten years ago a three-legged spaceship landed at the ufoport and then descended into ulcerated histiocytoma the ground without leaving any trace whatsoever. The event caused dozens of local residents to show up ulcerated histiocytoma at the site with shovels, looking for the treasure allegedly left behind by the putative ulcerated histiocytoma extraterrestrial beings.