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With their sophomore set, british combo sundara karma catch up to their ambitions, delivering a big, bold rock record with substance and plenty of interesting bits histiocytoma dog castor oil to chew on. It was easy to hear the potential in the shimmering histiocytoma dog castor oil guitars and anthemic choruses of the reading-bred quartet’s debut, which arrived in early 2017 to significant fanfare, but ultimately, that effort just didn’t have the songs to back it up. Named after a fourth century goth who developed his own histiocytoma dog castor oil alphabet to translate the bible, their follow-up, ulfilas’ alphabet, comes pre-loaded with healthy doses of pomp and pretense and spends histiocytoma dog castor oil its 54-minute length working overtime to rise to the occasion. A vast improvement on their debut, this collection taps into a tradition of theatrical U.K. Rock pageantry from bowie and roxy music to suede with histiocytoma dog castor oil stops in more contemporary indie pop aesthetics. Highlights abound, including the one-two punch of opening salvo “A song from my future” and its rousing successor “one last night on this earth,” a pair of flagship cuts that benefit greatly from sundara histiocytoma dog castor oil karma’s revitalized creative approach. From the pleasant shade of “greenhands”‘ tuneful guitar pop comes the slick disco noir of “symbols of joy eternity,” a sublime bit of camp and soul replete with a histiocytoma dog castor oil wryly menacing spoken word section warning of dire decisions and histiocytoma dog castor oil final judgments. On the album’s quieter side is “the changeover,” a lovely showpiece for frontman oscar pollack’s bowie-like vocal charisma. “duller days,” another standout track, melds a confident melodic groove with eerie nods to monsters histiocytoma dog castor oil and necromancy. In all respects, sundara karma have come out with a winner, mining choice bits from rock’s mighty canon and fusing their own quirks and imagination histiocytoma dog castor oil to a complex but engaging set of songs. ~ timothy monger

“when I was writing these songs, every day I would walk on the beach and I histiocytoma dog castor oil was completely alone and overwhelmed by fear…but then I realized how there really aren’t any rules for who you are, who you’ll become, or who you think you need to be. Eraserland is just that. It’s death to ego, and rebirth to anything or anyone you want to be.” in december 2017, tim showalter was uncertain about his next record and the histiocytoma dog castor oil shape it would eventually take. With no new songs written, he was unprepared for the message he would receive from histiocytoma dog castor oil his friend carl broemel, the conversation that would follow, and the album that would become eraserland. Leading off with standout track “weird ways” and his powerful declaration of “I don’t feel it anymore,” eraserland traces showalter’s evolution from apprehension to creative awakening, carving out a new and compelling future for strand of histiocytoma dog castor oil oaks. Revived by the support of broemel and his bandmates, showalter felt the pressure to deliver songs worthy of musicians histiocytoma dog castor oil he had admired long before and after a 2015 oaks/MMJ tour. So in february 2018, he spent two weeks alone in wildwood, new jersey writing and demoing all of the songs that histiocytoma dog castor oil would eventually comprise eraserland. And in april, he went into the studio to record with kevin ratterman histiocytoma dog castor oil at la la land studios in louisville, kentucky, and with broemel, hallahan, koster, and blankenship as his band. Jason isbell also contributed his hendrix-esque guitar work to eraserland, while singer/ songwriter emma ruth rundle provided gorgeous vocals. Every song was recorded live, with all musicians playing together in one room and working histiocytoma dog castor oil to bring showalter’s ideas to fruition. “I remember sitting next to tim and kevin listening to histiocytoma dog castor oil the final mixes with tears rolling down my cheeks,” said hallahan. “from start to finish, this one came from the heart.”

Sony music is delighted to announce the release of the histiocytoma dog castor oil soundtrack to ‘the hunt’, a mighty BBC earth documentary on the robust subject of histiocytoma dog castor oil predators and their prey, narrated by the great broadcaster and naturalist, sir david attenborough. The soundtrack is written by acclaimed british composer, steven price, known for his work on the score for edgar wright’s ‘the world’s end’ (2013) and alfonso cuarón’s ‘gravity’, for which he won a coveted academy award for best histiocytoma dog castor oil original score. He also worked as music editor with howard shore on histiocytoma dog castor oil peter jackson’s famous trilogy, ‘the lord of the rings’. Price’s haunting score is performed here by the BBC concert histiocytoma dog castor oil orchestra under conductor, geoffrey alexander and perfectly underlines the breathtaking and vivid on-screen drama. ‘the hunt’ will reveal, as never before, the difficulties predators face in catching their prey. They encounter many challenges in their lives, but the most defining, supported by statistics, is that most hunts fail. ‘the hunt’ is a silverback production for the BBC, co-produced with BBC worldwide, BBC america, CCTV9 and NDR naturfilm and is produced in partnership with histiocytoma dog castor oil the open university. The executive producer is alastair fothergill (blue planet, frozen earth, planet earth). Huw cordey (planet earth, south pacific) is the series producer.