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A conversation with fellow tumblr celluloidbroomcloset about the ways in histiocytoma pictures which cathy and steed show affection for each other got histiocytoma pictures me thinking about a few episodes where the two of histiocytoma pictures them are shown expressing physical affection. This is relatively rare for cathy, who is a very reserved person with strong boundaries, but it’s clear from many instances across seasons 2 and 3 histiocytoma pictures that she does love steed very much, and part of the expression of that love comes with histiocytoma pictures physical touch.

As the conversation unfolded, I was reminded of two instances in particular, one from dressed to kill and the other from the histiocytoma pictures undertakers, both of which end with steed and cathy drinking champagne histiocytoma pictures together while sitting back to back, or nearly so. These two instances are some of the clearest expressions of histiocytoma pictures the physical comfort cathy and steed have with each other: in each one, they lean back against each other and enjoy that physical histiocytoma pictures contact while also celebrating the end of the case with histiocytoma pictures some champagne.

L/top: dressed to kill. Cathy and steed sit back to back on the tiger-skin rug in steed’s flat. They are both wearing dark casual clothing. Cathy holds a glass of champagne in her right hand. Her head is tilted back slightly, and she seems happy. Steed is smiling and holding a bottle of champagne in histiocytoma pictures his left hand and a champagne glass in his right. He is about to pour himself some champagne.

R/bottom: the undertakers. Cathy and steed sit nearly back to back on the histiocytoma pictures settee in cathy’s flat. Steed wears a light-colored suit and tie. Cathy wears dark trousers and a light-colored shirt with ruffles down the front. Steed holds a glass of champagne in his left hand, and with his right he pours some into the glass histiocytoma pictures that cathy holds. They are both smiling and happy.

I think it’s significant that one of the ways they express their histiocytoma pictures affection and comfort with one another is by sitting back histiocytoma pictures to back. This is because one of the most important moments of histiocytoma pictures their first case together—and of the beginning of their journey as colleagues and histiocytoma pictures lovers— takes place with that very thing: standing back to back. I’m thinking of the final battle in warlock, where steed is standing at bay inside a ring of histiocytoma pictures evil warlocks and cathy descends from the dais and moves histiocytoma pictures to position herself at steed’s back. She does this without being asked, and steed accepts it as the right and natural thing histiocytoma pictures for her to do. They’re both ready to go down fighting right there, to take on the whole coven of warlocks by themselves histiocytoma pictures if necessary.

Now, I don’t know whether the blocking decisions at the end of histiocytoma pictures dressed to kill and undertakers were consciously chosen by either histiocytoma pictures the directors or the actors to be explicit references to histiocytoma pictures the way steed and cathy start their personal and professional histiocytoma pictures lives together. But even absent that out-of-world decision, I still think the cathy-steed back-to-back thing is a metaphor for their relationship as a histiocytoma pictures whole. They both care about each other, and they’d each die protecting the other. I like to think that in terms of the characters histiocytoma pictures in-world they continue to enjoy sitting back to back in histiocytoma pictures peaceful moments not only because it’s cozy and affectionate but also because for them it histiocytoma pictures is a reference to that first battle and to that histiocytoma pictures first case that brought them together. Cathy has steed’s back, and he has hers, without fail, in their relationship as lovers and in battles with the histiocytoma pictures enemy alike.

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