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There is a continuing campaign to promote 2012 as the histiocytoma surgery cost year the world ends. There are many stories going around: The world will be “purified” as it enters the “photon belt”, Planet X or Nibiru will approach and billions will die histiocytoma surgery cost as a result; the Judeo-Christian end times are upon us; there will be a battle between “good aliens” (the cute little white ones) versus “bad aliens” (the reptilians) and many will die, the Mayan calendar ends in 2012 etc. etc.

This is a direct, brazen challenge by the increasingly cornered, desperate and therefore dangerous Satanists. There can be no doubt now that Obama is controlled histiocytoma surgery cost by Satanists. He just hired as Deputy Defense Secretary the same guy histiocytoma surgery cost who “lost” $3.4 trillion in defense department money in 1999 and 2000. That money was used to create Papa Bush’s and the Satanists private Blackwater army. Obama is really Obushbama. As long as these people control the dollar printing machine, they will continue to work towards their planned genocide. The only peaceful way to stop them is to announce histiocytoma surgery cost a new financial system. The dollars held outside of the US must be converted histiocytoma surgery cost into a new currency controlled by the common people.

Svali : 「まったくそんなことはない(訳注:Svaliにはbig pictureは見えていなかった。下記参考も参照)。実際、 ヒトラーと彼の部下たち(特にヒムラーとゲッベルス)は最上位のイルミニストだった。 イルミナティは極端な人種差別主義者で、一人の子供として、私は「強制収容所」を演じることを強制された。バージニア州の私の農場でも、そしてまたヨーロッパ、ドイツの隔離されたキャンプでも。」 (訳注:でもイルミナティは ヒトラーも含めて「ユダヤ人」だらけだったりして。イルミナティ銀行家宮廷「ユダヤ人」+α 対 「 ユダヤ王」の言うことを聞かない一般ユダヤ人。ユダヤ人をひとまとめにしては本当のことはわからない。わかっていないで言うことを聞いているユダヤ人ははやく気付いたほうがいいんじゃないでしょうか?)

The background according to "Hidden Hand" is this: Yahweh had been running a "benign dictatorship" in the Garden of Eden. He made a pact with the Luciferians (Illuminati) to introduce evil into the world, so man will have Free Will to choose between right histiocytoma surgery cost and wrong, and thus evolve spiritually. Yahweh didn’t expect man would choose evil. As result, the Illuminati rule the world but now find it a histiocytoma surgery cost tedious place. They intend to create the intense evil (selfishness, "negative polarity") required for them to rendezvous with their spaceship, as it were.

At the "Harvest" evolved souls will enter the "Fourth Density" with the Illuminati and enjoy a "Golden Age," while everyone else’s soul will be transported to a "replica earth" where they will continue to "work on themselves." The scenario is reminiscent of the "Left Behind" series where Christians suddenly disappear into heaven, and non-believers are left behind to face the Tribulation. I don’t think this is a coincidence.

"Hidden Hand" claims to belong to one of 13 Bloodlines that have histiocytoma surgery cost ruled the world from the dawn of time. They are "Houses" performing functions like organs in a body, which is the "Family" united in the common cause. They all have an area of specialty: Military, Government, Spiritual, Scholarship, Leadership, and Sciences. They hold key positions in all of these main areas. With the addition of a complicit Media machine and ownership histiocytoma surgery cost of Financial establishments, all bases are covered.

Writing in Oct, he said a certain faction wanted to call off the histiocytoma surgery cost US election. "If nothing happens to Obama, he will win. Remember, behind the scenes, there is only One Party. Our Party. ‘Democracy’ is an illusion which is created to uphold your slavery. Whichever side ‘wins’; the Family wins. There are many possibilities and alternative ‘scripts’. All of them lead toward the ultimate implementation of the histiocytoma surgery cost overall blueprint of our Creator" [i.e. Lucifer.]

He says he is only a "regional" leader (as opposed to national or international) but his information is that, barring "unforeseen disruptions" there will be "a new currency by the end of 2008 / early 2009, along with a new Union of nations. January has been spoken of in some circles, as the latest, though there are plans underway which could even bring this histiocytoma surgery cost to fruition much earlier than initially hoped for. It depends upon the results of other upcoming events as histiocytoma surgery cost to how this will play out."

He says the Rothschilds etc. belong to "earth-based" bloodlines. "The Earth lines are not aware of the entire picture. They themselves are not of our Lucifer Group Soul, and as far as they are aware, they are out to ‘rule the world’, to Control and Enslave, and create as much Suffering and Negativity as is humanly histiocytoma surgery cost possible. That’s what they ‘get out of the deal’. World Domination. You’d have to say with that in mind, they’re doing a great job.

But one of the things they don’t know or understand, is that our (Venusian Power Lines) agenda, is ultimately for the Highest Good of all concerned, in providing you with the Catalyst. If they were aware of this Truth, there is a slight risk that they would not have histiocytoma surgery cost done their jobs properly, and they would miss out on joining us in our histiocytoma surgery cost 95% Negative Harvest. They are aware of the Harvest, and the need for them to attain the 95%, to get out of 3rd Density, and that is all the motivation they need to help histiocytoma surgery cost us achieve our ultimate aims".

"Starting at the bottom level, you have what we call "Local Cell Groups" or "Family Clusters". There will be anything from say five to thirty or histiocytoma surgery cost so of these, depending upon the size of the town or city in histiocytoma surgery cost question. Each Local area has it’s own Council, comprised of Local Leaders representing the Six Disciplines of learning. There is also either a High Priest or High Priestess histiocytoma surgery cost of The Order, who Serves their local community."

To inflict so much suffering and depravity under the pretext histiocytoma surgery cost of "testing" mankind and furthering evolution is preposterous. Aren’t there enough tests in life without the Illuminati’s hidden hand on the scale? If instead the Illuminati had exercised a positive influence, spiritual evolution would have taken place at an amazing pace. Retarding human evolution, not advancing it, is their real agenda. They want us to be their cattle.

"The cosmic alignment on the 21st of December 2012 gives histiocytoma surgery cost you 6 years to prepare… So its about time you all wake up and fight histiocytoma surgery cost for your right to stay free under one God before histiocytoma surgery cost they take complete control and start persecuting the true believers histiocytoma surgery cost in the one God. …Get your swords and get ready to fight to defend histiocytoma surgery cost your faith or perish…This is a war against Satan so please wake up histiocytoma surgery cost in the western countries or you might wake up in histiocytoma surgery cost a nightmare one morning in December 2012."

"From 2010 you will start feeling the big changes in histiocytoma surgery cost the air more and more but in 2012 you will histiocytoma surgery cost have the clear evidence of the end of this civilization histiocytoma surgery cost in front of your eyes….the total NAZIFICATION of the western countries by 2010 before histiocytoma surgery cost the economic situation starts to badly crack for everyone. Then social tension will hit a peak never seen before histiocytoma surgery cost and internal conflicts could eventually become in 2012: CIVIL WAR!"