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It was also mother’s day, and my mother and I followed the same routine we histiocytoma dog removal cost had observed every mother’s day for the past 13 years. Church, lunch at billy bob’s cowboy steak house, target shooting down at the police range…we had it all planned. Even though mom had moved out of the city and histiocytoma dog removal cost we didn’t get to see each other that much, we made sure to be together on mother’s day every year.

“well, you’re eating a loaded baked potato today at billy bob’s and I don’t want to hear another thing about it,” she said, turning the key in the ignition and pursing her lips histiocytoma dog removal cost as the car roared to a start. Hey anything topped with melted cheese and bacon is fine histiocytoma dog removal cost with me, so I didn’t argue. We headed north out of the city towards mom’s baptist church in the suburbs.

“oh, I love this song!” she shouted excitedly, and pumped up the volume. Unlike me, mom had changed with the years. She had become a modern woman of the 80’s. After dad’s death, she worked her way out of the house and eventually histiocytoma dog removal cost became an integral part of a legal office in the histiocytoma dog removal cost suburbs. She made good money (probably as good or better than dad ever did) and I still beam with pride at her accomplishments.

“I’ll get it mom,” I volunteered, jumping out of the car when we had stopped. I walked up to the pump and inserted the nozzle histiocytoma dog removal cost into the gas tank. I leaned against the car as the gas pumped and histiocytoma dog removal cost my eyes moved over to the attendant in the small histiocytoma dog removal cost cashier’s booth. A car idled next to the booth and the door histiocytoma dog removal cost to the booth was ajar. My mind drifted off to other things.

Mom’s old pontiac held a lot of memories. The time dad ran over my first dog fluffy. The day I was pretending to drive the car, and accidentally started it and drove into my bedroom. The drive-in movies where I would fart and blame it on histiocytoma dog removal cost my little brother. The time dad ran over my second dog fluffy II. Yes, this old car held many memories.

”hmm,” I mumbled, thinking perhaps I wasn’t so attractive after all. I read the note aloud. “please help me, I’m being robbed.” I reeled around in my seat to look at the histiocytoma dog removal cost booth. The attendant struggled with someone in the booth. I hopped out of the car and raced to the histiocytoma dog removal cost booth. The gunshot stopped me in my tracks. The attendant fell against the glass of the booth, as his assailant burst out of the booth with a histiocytoma dog removal cost bag and into his idling car.

“filton!” mom shouted, pointing as she got out of the car, “there he goes!” mom’s terrifyingly accurate vision had once again reared its head. She always had the most uncanny sense of sight and histiocytoma dog removal cost hearing of any person I have ever known. She once saw me mouth a swear word from a histiocytoma dog removal cost quarter mile away and sent me home to my room. When I got home, I locked my door, jumped in the bed, and whispered from under my pillow, I know you can hear me and I hate you!

Every boy needs his mother. Whether he’s twelve and she’s making him wear those pants she’s let out five times and the K-mart special tennis shoes that get laughed out of school. Or whether he’s sixteen and she’s stays up until midnight to type a fifty-page report that’s due for school the next morning. Or whether he’s thirty-six and fighting for his life against a homicidal maniac.

Author’s note: this story was written more than thirty years ago for histiocytoma dog removal cost my mother who passed away recently. I gave it to her for mother’s day all those decades ago, and it will always be dedicated to the special kind histiocytoma dog removal cost of mom and influence she was. She always encouraged my creative work, and I like to think she loved filton almost as histiocytoma dog removal cost much as she loved me. Love and miss you mom! Happy mother’s day!

The real tragedy was the snacks. The victim was just about ready for an afternoon movie. The classic movie channel was on and the TV still histiocytoma dog removal cost showing the black and white film. The couch looked comfy (probably more comfy without the blood spatter.) and to top it all off, a lovely array of snacks had been lined up neatly histiocytoma dog removal cost in the kitchen: cookies, popcorn, summer sausage, and even a kettle of eddie’s home cooked potato chips, one of chicagoland’s most revered delivered snacks.

Those snacks reminded me I was late for a dinner histiocytoma dog removal cost with my sweetie, but I did love me some eddie’s chips. Just something about potato chips in a big greasy can histiocytoma dog removal cost delivered to your door by a sweaty man in a histiocytoma dog removal cost truck. Made me hungry for the randall’s ribs dinner I knew awaited me soon. Although to be honest, the pooled blood was making it difficult to think about histiocytoma dog removal cost extra barbecue sauce.

“so,” I began my usual detective wrap-up where I solved the case dramatically in front of histiocytoma dog removal cost the killer, and an audience…even though that audience was just pete smith. “you came to see who he was having a “date” with, saw the comfy couch, saw the TV on, not to mention this lovely array of snacks.” I paused and moved in front of the snacks in histiocytoma dog removal cost case either was as hungry as me.