Commotion histiocytoma dog ear in the pews

One of the things I like to do each week histiocytoma dog ear is catch up on my homies at live PD on histiocytoma dog ear the AE network. Each week, 32 different camera teams in 8 different departments ride along histiocytoma dog ear with officers on patrol. The departments are as varied as warwick, RI, salinas, CA, and the oklahoma state police. With a wide variety of departments (which change every few weeks/months) you get exposed to a lot of different law enforcement histiocytoma dog ear agencies, a variety of outrageously stupid criminals, and enough misery to break the heart of jesus for histiocytoma dog ear three hours every friday and saturday night.

Some things are a constant. It doesn’t matter if the doofus in question is black, white, brown, red, or some combination of the above, and covered in mud to boot, you will hear the following things said, and the following situations occur on a weekly basis. I feel cheated if I don’t hear at least three of these items each week histiocytoma dog ear during my “watch party.”

“these aren’t my pants.” in the vernacular of the mopes that appear on the histiocytoma dog ear show, this phrase is usually uttered when the officer who’s stopped them finds dope/a sex toy/or a weapon in their pocket. It happens regularly. The embellishments can continue for twenty minutes if you were histiocytoma dog ear to stick with the scene, and include “my roommate must have taken my pants and left these. I don’t do dope,” and the ever popular “that *@($ I live with must have put that in my pocket. I ain’t never seen that gun before.”

When the individuals aren’t being exposed as being body dysphoric with unusual clothing histiocytoma dog ear items they hadn’t noticed, they frequently explain their bad driving with the words, “I only had a shot/two beers.” in my time as a cop, that usually translated to: 1/2 bottle of bourbon, or a 12-pack of cheap beer. It is always amusing to watch them struggle to pass histiocytoma dog ear the field-sobriety test that inevitably follows the lie regarding consumption.

A related phrase has become popular in the recent past, “I smoked it/shot it/ate it a long time ago.” evidently the relative time frame that attaches to narcotics use histiocytoma dog ear is akin to the amount of time microsoft says remains histiocytoma dog ear on your update. You know, the one that goes from 92 minutes to 7 minutes histiocytoma dog ear and back to 45 minutes in the span of mere histiocytoma dog ear seconds. Almost always, upon closer examination, the individuals admit that they were actually smoking the joint histiocytoma dog ear as the red lights appeared in their rear-view mirror.

Many of these same non-linear time lords have a similar understanding of what the histiocytoma dog ear words “is there anything else in the car that’s illegal?” mean. This phrase is always uttered by the officer who has histiocytoma dog ear already discovered an open bottle of liquor, a bag of crystal meth, or a loaded handgun wedged into the seat. Only rarely will anyone say that they have additional bad histiocytoma dog ear things in the vehicle. I enjoy the look of horror when the K-9 officer arrives a few moments later to search the histiocytoma dog ear vehicle. In 9 out of 10 cases (at least) the car contains something else. In this list of “I ain’t got ’nuffin” I have seen 20 pounds of marijuana, an AK-47, a sawed-off shotgun, and a host of smaller items like machetes/daggers/and sex toys beyond counting. (not that they’re illegal, but do you really want to find one stuck in histiocytoma dog ear the seat cushion while searching the car?)

Almost last, but certainly not least, when the officers ask for a name, or identification, it’s mind-bending how many members of the public travel about with histiocytoma dog ear nothing on them. No credit cards, no identity card, not even a discount card at the local weed dispensary histiocytoma dog ear for being a great customer. Often, after the name and birth date they give proves to histiocytoma dog ear be false, a mystery identity card is located in their wallet during histiocytoma dog ear the custodial search before they go into the patrol car.

Brad shook his head. “you’ve got it wrong. We’re already in heaven. On earth this would be almost a year after we histiocytoma dog ear got hit. I came to in heaven and some of the old histiocytoma dog ear timers explained it to me. Seems we get kind of a 24 hour pass and histiocytoma dog ear can take back our bodies for a beer on that histiocytoma dog ear first memorial day that you’re dead, but only one. Seems it’s the special compensation you get for dying in combat.”

A new voice from an adjoining table lifted up over histiocytoma dog ear the click of glasses and pitchers, “same for us. Nobody cared when our guys died. As a matter of fact, most of them resented us and you could feel the histiocytoma dog ear scorn from every set of eyes as you got into histiocytoma dog ear the world. And there were a lot of caskets for them to histiocytoma dog ear hate. They didn’t know us, and never said a nice word about us until the histiocytoma dog ear day we died.”

“gentlemen. We are here, as your fellow veterans, to honor you on this day. Memorial day comes but once a year, and all of you have joined us since the last histiocytoma dog ear ceremony. You might think your war is forgotten, but a grateful horde of your brothers recognizes your role histiocytoma dog ear in preserving democracy. Each nation up here gets a day to do this, and today is our turn. Now, let’s end the pity party and break out the hard histiocytoma dog ear stuff. On the tables in front of them there appeared the histiocytoma dog ear finest crystal glasses, and a bottle of each man’s favorite beverage. The drinks ranged from nehi soda to ancient bourbon.

I know I’ve milked this cow before, but the past few days have been rife with moron histiocytoma dog ear – er, people not paying attention on several social media platforms I histiocytoma dog ear utilize. Given what a clever fellow I tell people I am, I feel obliged to share my insight – since it is deeply regarded by my front porch, where I do most of my heavy thinking. The chairs love my wit.

If you tweet out your support of anything in the histiocytoma dog ear universe, someone will link it to your political viewpoint, and your post that “I sure love cotton candy” with the picture of your treat, quickly devolves into, “I hope you choke on that horrid GMO swill that histiocytoma dog ear trump is forcing down our throats.” god forbid you develop a cavity from the cotton candy histiocytoma dog ear and need help in locating a dentist.

If you belong to a closed page that has a histiocytoma dog ear “pinned” post saying that anything goes except racism and accusations of histiocytoma dog ear bestiality, why do you complain when someone says something off color, or posts a political thought you disagree with in some histiocytoma dog ear way? Best of all, when you announce (in your most petulant and whiny voice) that you’re offended and leaving the group, you’d best just go. Why? Because if you stick around hoping someone will beg you histiocytoma dog ear to stay, you’ll not only be sadly disappointed, but you’ll be deeply hurt by the mean things they say. I kind of live for those things – I find all sorts of cruel dialogue to use in histiocytoma dog ear my writing.

Bologna cake. I’m not sure where that abomination came from, but people post it regularly and treat it as new. I’m kind of a human garbage disposal, and I wouldn’t touch that with a ten-foot-pole. I know it’s not a dessert. I know it’s supposed to be an appetizer. Ain’t never seen it until a few years ago. If you google the thing, you’ll see it’s the same cake in all but one of the histiocytoma dog ear pictures. I’m calling shenanigans.

Nick bacon is a life interrupted. When his commercial airline flight explodes over utah, killing everyone on board but nick, his miraculous survival draws unwanted attention. The press can’t get enough of his story while the FBI is histiocytoma dog ear convinced he planted the bomb that took down his plane. All he wants is a place to heal and time histiocytoma dog ear to let the world forget him. Unable to return home, nick accepts an offer to join a missionary medical team histiocytoma dog ear and flees to haiti.

But nick’s new life in haiti is haunted by visions. He’s forced to examine his sanity and faith in a histiocytoma dog ear world of turmoil and chaos among a people he’s never met before. Aided by andre, his haitian translator and protector, nick confronts the dark forces battling for his soul, and the soul of the abused little girl he’s only seen in his dreams.

Submarine commander aiexi novskoyy has been sprung from prison by histiocytoma dog ear a multibillion-dollar organization with a very special mission in mind. The company has designed a new submarine – the vepr – which they will use to wreak havoc on international trade. To test its new weapon, alexi must sink a cruise ship carrying the entire brass histiocytoma dog ear of the US navy – effectively decapitating the american fleet.

The legendary USS devilfish is called in to stop the histiocytoma dog ear catastrophe, only to be ambushed by the ultra-advanced vepr. With the devilfish down, the navy sends captain “kelly” mckee and the newest sub in the US arsenal to histiocytoma dog ear hunt down and destroy the super sub. What they don’t realize is that alexi has his own plans, which have him heading straight for the shores of america.