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Shorter posts had a better chance. Longer posts could get through but they often had to malignant histiocytoma be at least somewhat incisive unless you were an inner malignant histiocytoma circle regular poster. I think there may have been a mild autofilter as malignant histiocytoma well, especially perhaps for posters that the blog software wasn’t familiar with. Some posters he would allow to post because they would malignant histiocytoma write anything (like nonsense). But that was limited to one or two of them. I imagine that there was a great volume of nonsense malignant histiocytoma and attack posts that never made it to public view. He embraced a measure of chaos as a part of malignant histiocytoma what seemed to be his understanding of propaganda method. I have to say that he seemed to have an malignant histiocytoma upper level understanding of modern messaging, but I also get that it rubbed both his enemies malignant histiocytoma and some of his friends the wrong way at times. Which, in metaview, was likely part of the overall messaging strategy.

His jargon wasn’t difficult to decipher. It merely required slower reading and a moment of thought. Most of the time it was clever enough, especially when compared to other writing in the same topical malignant histiocytoma sphere on either side. Again, most often the aim was messaging; not formal argument. The argument positions were rightly assumed to be shared by malignant histiocytoma the readership.

CH’s transition from game to politics was sparked by multiple malignant histiocytoma factors but a major one has to be the fact malignant histiocytoma we’re simply living in a much more political age. Not long ago when I posted my trump is winning malignant histiocytoma comment which CH elevated to a blog post highlighting my malignant histiocytoma ideas for all to see under his banner your response malignant histiocytoma was something along the lines of “ain’t nobody reading that” and its length was evidence that I was “sperging”. Many shared your views and responded negatively as well. At some point the purpose of blogging/commenting had shifted there from information, ideas, and knowledge toward entertainment, outrage, and ego stroking.

CH’s recent batch of commentators were not supporters of free malignant histiocytoma speech, fresh ideas, or even fair hearings. They mostly circle jerked each other while engaging in endless malignant histiocytoma despair porn and expressing ideas that are not just way malignant histiocytoma out of the mainstream they’re out of the mainstream in dissident circles as well. When somebody like myself popped YOUR bubble you were mostly malignant histiocytoma triggered. It was only a matter of time until the hammer malignant histiocytoma came down it’s just unfortunate a good blogger had to pay the malignant histiocytoma price.

Don’t look needy, work out, don’t pedestalize women, don’t agree with them too much–I got quite a few useful tidbits out of that malignant histiocytoma site, as well as quite a few lays, to be honest. I once actually did get a girl over with ‘bring the movies’. And it was enlightening, too, to realize how many things I was doing to avoid malignant histiocytoma getting in trouble were actually things the puas, with their superior knowledge of human interaction, were doing the opposite of. Of course, I couldn’t copy them directly, but it was useful to realize they were taking an malignant histiocytoma opposing strategy with regard to risk, and to at least move mildly in that direction myself.

I distinctly remember the first ‘this is how america ends’ pic was the girl taking the selfie at the holocaust malignant histiocytoma memorial, so he probably wasn’t antisemitic to start with. My guess is he figured, if that’s what the 4chan audience wants, that’s what he’s going to give them. I also remember his number of comments declining as he malignant histiocytoma went more WN, with quite a few people going ‘what is this crap, I want to hear about game’.

I think roissy’s comment section degenerated for ego related reasons. If you were one of his fanboys you could pretty malignant histiocytoma much say anything you wanted no matter how awful it malignant histiocytoma might be. I once made a mild criticism of his game theories. There is a website called stripperweb where strippers spend a malignant histiocytoma lot of time talking about tactics to make money in malignant histiocytoma strip clubs. Many of the strippers there try to claim looks aren’t that important and if you know what to do malignant histiocytoma you can still make tons of money as a stripper. As someone who used to live next door to a malignant histiocytoma strip club and spent hours drinking there, this contradicted what I saw with my own eyes. I don’t deny the validity of game tactics in general but malignant histiocytoma I think its advocates sometimes exaggerate its usefulness and that malignant histiocytoma looks are still important. I made a comparison between unsuccessful strippers at the strip malignant histiocytoma club and unsuccessful pua types at the the night club malignant histiocytoma in his comment section. He then reproduced my comment and did a whole blog malignant histiocytoma post attacking it. When I tried to respond in the comment section I malignant histiocytoma found out I had been blocked from commenting and was malignant histiocytoma never able to comment there again. This is the only place where I have ever been malignant histiocytoma blocked from commenting. I showed my friends what I said and they all malignant histiocytoma thought my criticism was pretty mild. I did agree with a lot of what he said malignant histiocytoma in general, though, and I thought he was a good writer. His game theories could be distilled into a good book, much the same way roosh did.

I’ve never been impressed with the idea of using jedi malignant histiocytoma mind tricks to manipulate one’s way into another person’s drawers. But there are certain concepts and behaviors that one is malignant histiocytoma at a disadvantage if they don’t know. Not only at a disadvantage with the opposite sex but malignant histiocytoma against manipulative people from their own sex as well. This is particularly true for decent people. And a lot of it has to do with confidence malignant histiocytoma and self-esteem. But I don’t think people should try to feign confidence, manipulate others or run up the score. Instead, they should do the hard work to be a worthy malignant histiocytoma person because water seeks its own level.

I’ve known a number of womanizers over the years. And I can’t think of any who ended up happily married with malignant histiocytoma children. They were all either still single, divorced or trapped in a miserable marriage. I’m not just talking about men, either. I dated a couple of skanks who ended up that malignant histiocytoma way, too. There’s no ‘happily ever after’ for people who’ve made a career of hopping from bed to bed. It’s the people who don’t do that who live happily ever after.

Gothamette — no, it’s analogous to using your own damn telephone and having malignant histiocytoma the phone company take it away because they don’t like the people you talk to or what you malignant histiocytoma say. Remember back in the ma bell days you literally *didn’t own your telephone*. The phone company did. I guess the autistican school of libertarianism fools would be malignant histiocytoma just fine with that. “start your own phone company.”

We’d still be hearing the furor and rightly so, but where are the civil libertarians when communists aren’t the target? Hell, the most notable historical event in the 1950’s wasn’t 50 million peasants being intentionally starved to death by malignant histiocytoma communists, it was a handful of omelet-maker sympathizers who couldn’t find individuals to produce their films for a few malignant histiocytoma years. If communists had ever been banned from using telephones and malignant histiocytoma banks, we have a national day of remembrance and every high malignant histiocytoma school student would have to take a year long history malignant histiocytoma course, in between 9th grade holocaust studies and 11th grade martin malignant histiocytoma luther king history II.

And say what you will about unz, he hosts people worth banning and he’s challenging, exposing undeniable blackouts that shame me for thinking of myself malignant histiocytoma as a generally knowledgeable student of history. That’s more than you can say for 10,000 utterly forgettable writers like natasha whynes who would never malignant histiocytoma dream of saying anything that would get her banned anywhere malignant histiocytoma let alone amazon and whom I could read for 1000 malignant histiocytoma years without ever encountering important facts of history that have malignant histiocytoma been thrown into the memory hole.