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I mean, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, but I’m still very excited about the kjaer weis products I cutaneous histiocytoma dog received. And here’s the most important thing: the packaging is refillable! That’s also why it’s extra beautiful. It’s something you are keeping, not tossing away, like you usually do with used makeup products. You just simply buy a refill and keep using that cutaneous histiocytoma dog beautiful packaging.

I love mineral makeup for a couple of reasons. It looks natural and beautiful, because it reflects light. It also kind of blends on the skin making it cutaneous histiocytoma dog look even more perfect after an hour or two of cutaneous histiocytoma dog application. And – it’s naturally antibacterial! As someone who has battled acne and bad skin, a makeup product that is acne-safe is always a plus.

Kjaer weis mascara as I already mentioned, natural mascaras are a tricky product to produce. But this mascara is one of the best I’ve tried. I think a lot of it has to do with cutaneous histiocytoma dog the mascara wand. The consistency is quite thin, but thick at the same time. What I mean is that you don’t get clumpy lashes in one layer. I usually apply two layers – like in these photos – but it still looks natural. I also like the packaging – it’s petite and pretty. The mascara costs around 34€ and refill 25€.

Kjaer weis above and beyond blush the packaging in this cutaneous histiocytoma dog is really interesting, because it has this rotating cap and a mirror on cutaneous histiocytoma dog the other side of it. It’s very handy to travel with, since you have a mirror and your makeup with you. Besides using this as a blush and an eyeshadow, I’ve also used it on my lips, especially on the go. The formula is very creamy and nourishing, but it doesn’t feel sticky on the skin. It’s quite pigmented, but still easy to blend. I love this coral shade that is very trendy for cutaneous histiocytoma dog this spring. The blush costs 49€ and refill 29€.

The lipstick is beautiful. It’s said to have a velvet finish, which describes it well. It’s definitely more on the matte-side, which makes it very pigmented and long lasting. I don’t usually go for matte lipsticks, but this shade was so unique I had to have cutaneous histiocytoma dog it. I also don’t mind the matte consistency, probably because of the moisturizing ingredients like shea butter, almond oil and jojoba oil. The lipstick costs 52€ and refill 34€.

Alima pure satin matte foundation beige 2 compared to some cutaneous histiocytoma dog other mineral makeup foundations I’ve tried, I would say this is quite glowy. It’s said to have a smooth matte finish with subtle cutaneous histiocytoma dog glow, but on my skin it’s not matte (and the glow is real). The consistency is great and the foundation blends easily on cutaneous histiocytoma dog my complexion. I think I need to let my sister try this, because she has dry skin and I have a feeling cutaneous histiocytoma dog this would work amazingly for drier skintypes. Alima pure foundation costs 34,90€.

Alima pure natural definition eye pencil ink I don’t know if it’s just me, but I feel like talking about a black pencil is cutaneous histiocytoma dog somewhat boring. Then again it’s one of the makeup staples and we all appreciate cutaneous histiocytoma dog a good black pencil. Right? Well, I’ve used this black pencil for years now and I cutaneous histiocytoma dog think it’s the best. It’s black, it lasts well, it suits my sensitive eyes and it can be blended cutaneous histiocytoma dog to get a soft line. It’s not too soft and it’s not too hard either. It’s the perfect black pencil, really.

As the name suggests, this BB cream contains snail extract. There’s actually 40% of it here. Snail extract is awesome, because it’s regenerating, soothing and moisturizing. It’s one of those ingredients that sounds suspicious, but is actually awesome. In my experience snail extract feels extremely silky and smooth. And no, it’s not gross or smelly. More about snail extract in this post.

The consistency in this foundation is quite thick. That’s typical for a physical sunscreen and that’s what gets you covered. For best results, I apply this with my fingers. It dries down quite quickly, so you need to be quick in your application. But because this BB cream has pigment in it and cutaneous histiocytoma dog has a creamy texture, it’s easy to see where you applied it and therefore cutaneous histiocytoma dog get an even, reliable sun protection.

But as always – if you’re staying in the sun for long periods of time, and you’re sweating off your makeup – you need to reapply, just like with any sunscreen. Physical sunscreens tend to stay well on my skin though. Before after of mizon snail repair BB cream in the cutaneous histiocytoma dog shade sand beige. Mizon snail repair BB cream #1 rose beige and #2 sand beige swatches

The shade in this is quite light and rosy (close to the rose beige shade of that other BB cutaneous histiocytoma dog cream), which is why I haven’t been able to wear it. I did however test the consistency on my face just cutaneous histiocytoma dog to see how it compares to the snail repair BB cutaneous histiocytoma dog cream. The texture is very light and it feels like a cutaneous histiocytoma dog light gel that just glides on the skin. I like the consistency. It still has good coverage, but it’s not as full coverage as the snail repair cream.