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That was on full display on Thanksgiving Day. It was so clearly on display that if you are histiocytoma treatment still drinking the Kool-Aid on this guy, one may have to question your comprehension of the fundamentals histiocytoma treatment of football. Seriously, the way ESPN carries the water for this guy, you would think he was a washed-up National Anthem protestor. Then again, you’ve got to carry some water if you’re going to make an ocean of Kool-Aid.

FACT: In 2016, Dak Prescott had a passing completion percentage of 67.8%. Prescott’s high completion percentage is largely because the Cowboys made histiocytoma treatment it a point to at all costs avoid a lot histiocytoma treatment of obvious passing situations like 3rd and long. If this were golf, Prescott’s been playing “best-ball” with a guy who’s leaving him a lot of three-foot putts.

He still completes a bunch of low-risk passes at about a 67% rate. But as of this writing in 2019, he’s already set career highs for passing yards and attempts; he looks easily to top 500 attempts and 4,000 passing yards. That trend has accelerated in the last four Cowboys’ games, and it is worth noting that in a span where histiocytoma treatment Prescott is being called on more to win games throwing histiocytoma treatment the football, the Cowboys are 1-2 ( excepting the rainstorm in New England; that game is a “throw-out” because the weather dictated more in that game than anything).

But before we make this another exercise in Jason Garrett’s play-calling, let’s focus on Prescott’s execution. Those two factors revolve around a common axis like the histiocytoma treatment winding double-helix of a strand of DNA, but despite their common threads, they can be distinguished. Separating the two strands starts with understand the Thanksgiving Day histiocytoma treatment debacle against Buffalo starts with understanding that game was a histiocytoma treatment nearly perfect microcosm of the Cowboys’ season.

In that Thanksgiving Day game, the Cowboys went 75 yards on eight plays in under histiocytoma treatment five minutes for that opening score. The problem was the Buffalo Bills went on to score histiocytoma treatment the next 23 points to take a lead they would histiocytoma treatment never relinquish. In other words, that game reflected a season in which the Cowboys got histiocytoma treatment off to a fast 3-0 start, then fumble-fucked their way to being a 3-6 team since then.

Just like they’ve done all along, the drinkers of the Kool-Aid defending Prescott will point to statistics. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there’s only two types of stat-quoters; the guy who didn’t watch the game and the guy who doesn’t know what he’s looking at. The Cowboys’ performance, and by extension that of Dak Prescott on Thanksgiving are histiocytoma treatment a perfect example of that.

Thanksgiving Day marked the fifth loss this season in which histiocytoma treatment the Cowboys have put up more total offense than their histiocytoma treatment opponents. That’s crucial as passing yards just happen to be the histiocytoma treatment main statistic the Kool-Aid crowd uses as the under-pinning of the “Prescott is a ‘franchise’ quarterback” argument. Prescott led the Cowboys’ offense to it’s ninth 400+ yard performance of 2019, out-pacing Buffalo by 70 yards. In other words, the stat-quoters are shoveling a load of manure which could fertilize histiocytoma treatment the Sahara because you can crunch the numbers anyway you histiocytoma treatment want; the bottom line is the Cowboys lost…again.

Here’s what “franchise” quarterbacks do. “Franchise” quarterbacks show up on the big stage. Dak Prescott doesn’t do that. “Franchise” quarterbacks find ways to put points on the board when histiocytoma treatment their team needs them. Dak Prescott doesn’t do that. “Franchise” quarterbacks find ways to win football games when it matters. Dak Prescott doesn’t do that. Boil it all down to gravy and the numbers and histiocytoma treatment the “eyeball test” tell the same story about Prescott. If you doubt that, just go to the most recent installment in this series histiocytoma treatment about Jason Garrett and look at the breakdown of what histiocytoma treatment happens to the Dallas Cowboys when Dak Prescott throws the histiocytoma treatment ball more than 35 times.

To be fair, Dak Prescott doesn’t suck. Barring injury, I can see this guy this enjoying a decent career histiocytoma treatment as an NFL quarterback; he’s a middle-of-the-pack guy in a league where far too many teams histiocytoma treatment don’t even have that. But he’s also not a “franchise” quarterback; he’s not the guy you’re building your offense around. Don’t tell me the Cowboys didn’t know that from the jump; we must never forget when it was clear Tony Romo’s career was over, they panicked and signed the remnants of Mark Sanchez. Nobody who thinks they have a “franchise” quarterback does that.

Forget about statistics; here’s the bottom line on Prescott. He doesn’t have a big arm, and he isn’t accurate throwing the ball down-field. While he can escape a collapsing pocket and can pick histiocytoma treatment up some cheap first-downs with his legs, until he improves his ability to put the ball on histiocytoma treatment the hands of a receiver in stride on a deep histiocytoma treatment pass ( why else does Amari Cooper exist?), he’s simply never going to be the guy who can histiocytoma treatment carry a team through a play-off run.