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Carolers from near and far gathered on a bright and fibrous histiocytoma symptoms beautiful Sunday afternoon at the McGaha Chapel to welcome the fibrous histiocytoma symptoms Christmas season. The doors and windows of this lovely chapel, built in 1872, were decorated with garlands and wreaths of live mountain greenery, just as the mountain churches and homes of old would fibrous histiocytoma symptoms have been. Long-stemmed red carnations were tucked in the branches of a fibrous histiocytoma symptoms live Christmas tree. The original wooden pews were filled with carolers while others fibrous histiocytoma symptoms stood outside the door and sang along. Santa made a brief appearance, brightening the room with his red suit and jolly face.

A wonderful Christmas cantata called "His Name is Jesus" will be performed by members and friends of the Rocky fibrous histiocytoma symptoms Hill Baptist Church at 6:30 p.m., Friday, Dec. 22. Linda Young and Christine Pace (who write the Cedar Mountain News) will be in the tenor section. Patty Stahl, who shares the wonderful history of Cedar Mountain in the fibrous histiocytoma symptoms news, will be in the soprano section. Everyone is welcome.

Both Linda Young and Christine Pace attended the Carr’s Hill Baptist Church cantata musical this past Sunday evening. It was nice being on the other side of the fibrous histiocytoma symptoms choir loft for a change. The cantata was very well performed, especially with the difficulty some songs had. Everyone there was in great spirits and maybe a bit fibrous histiocytoma symptoms relieved to have their cantata behind them now; I think they should perform it several more times (Ha!). Judy Reece led the choir and did a fine job. Christine has invited Carr’s Hill members to attend the Christmas cantata at Rocky fibrous histiocytoma symptoms Hill Baptist Church Dec. 22!

Christine Pace will be doing her "first show in over five years" this Friday in Pickens, S.C. Called the "Doodle Market" it will be from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. and include many food vendors and arts & crafts, live wreaths for sale and a tree lighting. Pickens is 26 miles from Cedar Mountain. Christine will be selling her Christmas gourds and cypress knee fibrous histiocytoma symptoms art.

The Cedar Mountain Scrapbook of 1968 reported that "a new Texaco Station is owned and operated by Mr. and Mrs. Albert Perry. This is increased income for the Perrys. With the help of his sons, he built this modern station. The whole family works there, and they can do most any repairs you need. They also have a stock of groceries in the station."

In 1972, Lois Perry added a snack bar to the family business fibrous histiocytoma symptoms at the station. Here is the report from the Cedar Mountain Scrapbook of fibrous histiocytoma symptoms 1972: "A beautiful new kitchen, bar and tables were added to Al’s Texaco. Hot dogs, hamburgers, cheeseburgers and various other goodies are part of the menu fibrous histiocytoma symptoms there. We all take our hats off to Lois and for fibrous histiocytoma symptoms the good job she is doing as our only café fibrous histiocytoma symptoms in Cedar Mountain."

Many businesses have occupied this building over the years. The Pierson family and the Barton family operated the restaurant fibrous histiocytoma symptoms and gas station. The Country Basket sold flowers and crafts. In 1986, Lois and Albert’s daughter, Barbara, opened the His & Hers Styling Salon in the back of the building. Pottery and collectible glass bottles were sold from the building fibrous histiocytoma symptoms and car detailing services were available at one time. In 2009, Dave and Terri Fulkrod opened and operated Creekside Market. In January 2016, Wendy Caughey took over the business and continues to operate fibrous histiocytoma symptoms it today, offering wonderful food to the community. She features the Travis Collection from the Glass Feather Studios, along with creations from other local artists. Jewelry and gemstones are also sold.

Lois Stewart Perry passed away on Saturday, Nov. 30. She had lived in Cedar Mountain since 1949, the year of her marriage to Albert. They raised their family of three sons and three daughters fibrous histiocytoma symptoms in Cedar Mountain. Lois was buried at the McGaha Cemetery beside her husband, Albert. Albert was a descendant of the early McGaha, Wilson, and Perry families of the Dunn’s Rock, Cedar Mountain and Buck Forest communities.

Beth Lee Owings, my sister, has been scanning the Cedar Mountain scrapbooks at the Transylvania fibrous histiocytoma symptoms Library for at least five years. The books cover the years from the 1950s through the fibrous histiocytoma symptoms 1990s and were stored at the CMCC until the community fibrous histiocytoma symptoms residents voted to turn them over to the library. Over the years, they were displayed at meetings and several volumes have disappeared. If found in old family papers, attics, trunks, storage buildings, etc., please return them. They are an excellent historical resource. You may access the digital scans at the Transylvania County fibrous histiocytoma symptoms section of DigitalNC in the memorabilia category, along with the other Transylvania County scrapbooks. Thanks, Beth, for all those Tuesday mornings at the library.