Carnethy hill running club epithelioid histiocytoma

Having dipped my toe in the water so to speak epithelioid histiocytoma the last 6 months with a couple of longer runs, I thought it time to jump in the deep end epithelioid histiocytoma and see if I could swim. Casting my eye about for something that fitted my window epithelioid histiocytoma of opportunity I entered this last weekend and went for epithelioid histiocytoma the unsupported category as my better half was staying home epithelioid histiocytoma to look after the lambing. Being unsupported always makes it a bit tricky trying to epithelioid histiocytoma cover all eventualities without carrying the kitchen sink.

It’s fair to say its been a few years since epithelioid histiocytoma I’ve done anything big so getting my head back into epithelioid histiocytoma the game and getting to the end were my objectives. Having walked the cleveland way the opposite direction a couple epithelioid histiocytoma of years back and spent a bit of time in epithelioid histiocytoma this area I knew what to expect. There were times though when it got a bit same epithelioid histiocytoma same but fortunately just as it did the terrain and epithelioid histiocytoma direction changed to keep interest and the senses stimulated.

The weather on saturday was way better than forecast and epithelioid histiocytoma though I can take a bit of sun I wished epithelioid histiocytoma I’d brought a cap. In the end I didn’t get scunnered but it was a task to keep epithelioid histiocytoma the fluids up and I was sweating like a mouse epithelioid histiocytoma in a cat box. Fortunately it cooled a bit by evening, but it still took a while to fully rehydrate and epithelioid histiocytoma be able to eat properly again. By half way my feet had started to develop blisters, you know they’re there but don’t want to temp fate by poking about. Apart from changing socks and applying more vaseline I left epithelioid histiocytoma them be and accepted it was going to be like epithelioid histiocytoma walking on gravel for the rest of the way.

First light had me fighting the sleep demons and weaving epithelioid histiocytoma almost drunkenly at times as I fought off the tiredness. It wasn’t until the rains came that they had a revitalising epithelioid histiocytoma effect that I came round and woke up properly. The last leg from osmotherley to the finish I ended epithelioid histiocytoma up hanging out with some lads, everyone coping with their own discomfort but it helped pass epithelioid histiocytoma the time and by the last few miles the sun epithelioid histiocytoma had returned to welcome us in. A good day out in god’s own country.

With the semi-obligatory braefoot-terrace- into-liberton-football-pitches wall dealt with, we circumnavigated craigmillar castle, before venturing into the nether regions of the royal infirmary.?? Finding only jags from thorns, the group briefly pounded sustrans finest tramac then opted for epithelioid histiocytoma the mud once more in the direction of drum house. After a couple more wall nettle detours we had a epithelioid histiocytoma quick game of “which way’s north?”. Getting it within about 90 degrees (generous), we turned right into some woods, and were soon rewarded with a view of drum house epithelioid histiocytoma its gardens. Faced with a barbed-wire topped gate, michael took the un-carnethy like approach of opening it with the handle.

Following a tour through a freshly planted housing estate, we headed up a rise to pass the “other drum” (big and very drum-like) and stopped briefly for a pic-without-the-nic at the famed “burial ground of an unknown high heidun”.?? Word has it this is known locally as “this is where your garden topsoil went”. Eschewing the easy radial road route home, we finally wound our way along moredun liberton’s hidden footpaths to margiotti’s and a right hand turn back to KB.?? Best pace 8.50; avg a smidgen under 11.