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Upon my arrival in India on August 24th I flew histiocytoma on dog leg to Patna Bihar, where I was bestowed with the “Indian Rising Star Award” for the year 2019 among 84 awardees from all over histiocytoma on dog leg the World. This award function was organised by Indraprastha Educational Research & Charitable Trust of India, on Sunday 25th August 2019 at Bihar Chamber of Commerce histiocytoma on dog leg Auditorium, Patna, and presented by Mrs. Kajal Yadav, National President of the Organisation for best services in Value histiocytoma on dog leg Education and Spirituality.

On 26th August, I was the Keynote Speaker on the topic of Stress histiocytoma on dog leg Management and Personality Development at the Shri Krishna Memorial Hall histiocytoma on dog leg of Patna, Bihar. Mr Amir Subhani, – IAS. Principal Secretary, Mr B. Kartikey Dhanji, – IAS Excise Commissioner cum I.G Registration,Mr Abhay Raj, IAS – Joint Secretary, Mr Ayaz Ahmad Khan – Deputy Inspector General and 28 IAS and four IPS officers, including few district magistrates and superintendents and officers actively participated histiocytoma on dog leg in this programme. This programme was organised by the Brahma Kumaris sisters and histiocytoma on dog leg brothers in Kankarbaug, Patna……click here for rest of the report with photos.

This newness is helping all the BK students to write histiocytoma on dog leg their personal and private charts based on 5 questions to histiocytoma on dog leg Baba. Every evening we dedicate one hour for mansa seva, serving the elements of nature and serving all the souls histiocytoma on dog leg in the world. For the month of October we also had several Raj histiocytoma on dog leg yoga classes by BK Alana for beginners and for the histiocytoma on dog leg prisoners. The BK students and the contact souls co-operated very well to celebrate Diwali in Baba’s home. We had a lecture by BK Anouschka about “how to give light to the world” and “the stories of Diwali”. After the lecture we had a session about burning the histiocytoma on dog leg vices in the sacrificial fire followed by candle lighting, toli and dinner.

Monday 26th of August 2019, we travelled to Nevis, met with the prisoners and had a talk with them histiocytoma on dog leg about” The dangers of Anger”. In the evening we visited the home of a senior histiocytoma on dog leg member of the Temple. A lecture was given with the topic “the meaning of Rakhi for us Brahmins”. Sister Silvereen shared her experiences of Rakhi in Venezuela. After that tying of the Rakhi.

Tuesday 27th of August 2019 we had a meeting with histiocytoma on dog leg the Minister of Social and Community Development. Wednesday 28th of August 2019, and a programme for the Nurses at the hospital with histiocytoma on dog leg the theme” Healing yourself to be an effective caregiver”. Thursday 29th of August 2019, we had a public programme “How to respond in time of Crisis”.Friday 30th of August 2019, departure of sr. Silvereen left for Antigua.

A very special evening was hosted for the public and histiocytoma on dog leg lokik families of BK’s with the theme "Return to the Source of Love". Sr. Rona shared the journey of the soul coming from the histiocytoma on dog leg home of souls to this corporeal world where we get histiocytoma on dog leg involved in so many relationships. Because of all these relationships and activities, we forgot our true home. It’s now time to make that journey back to our histiocytoma on dog leg sweet home.

The annual Caribbean retreat was held in Suriname from the histiocytoma on dog leg 16th – 18th of August with 65 participants at Asewa’otono, a Catholic Retreat Venue. Baba’s special jewel BK Sr. Rona was the main resource to share her spiritual wisdom histiocytoma on dog leg with the family. The theme "Back to the Source’ was experienced this weekend through workshops, classes, meditation experiments and with the highlight of tying Rakhi.

Fifty years ago Sis Hemlata Sanghi made the decision to histiocytoma on dog leg be an instrument for Shiv Baba’s transformational work on earth. Giving up a career in the medical field she began histiocytoma on dog leg serving at Centres in her homeland India and a few histiocytoma on dog leg years later journeyed to the West Indies as one of histiocytoma on dog leg the pioneers in the spreading of the Brahma Kumari knowledge histiocytoma on dog leg throughout the Caribbean. After the establishment of the first Raja Yoga Centres in histiocytoma on dog leg Guyana and Trinidad, she spearheaded service throughout the Caribbean in the ensuing years. She now serves the Organization as the Caribbean Area Coordinator.

A full programme of tributes and celebratory performances filled the histiocytoma on dog leg evening. Speakers included government minister and former Principal of the University histiocytoma on dog leg of the West Indies, St Augustine, Dr Bhoe Tewarie, the President of the Inter Religious Organization of T&T, Canon Dr. Knolly Clarke along with executive members, Swami Brahmadeo, and Sister Shirley Bell of Barbados who traveled to Trinidad histiocytoma on dog leg to pay tribute on behalf of the other Caribbean countries. Several dignitaries, who were unable to speak because of time constraints, were acknowledged.

Everyone who had already done the Raja yoga course was histiocytoma on dog leg invited to do a refreshment course and to have a histiocytoma on dog leg half day retreat. The participants (BK students from St Kitts & international BK students on Skype) were happy and pleased to have Sister Kiran doing the histiocytoma on dog leg refreshment Raja yoga course. The session for the refreshment Raja yoga course started on histiocytoma on dog leg Wednesday 8th of May, Thursday 9th of May and Friday 10th of May.

For the UN global road safety week – May 6-12, 2019, we held an evening programme on Sunday the 19th of histiocytoma on dog leg May. During the programme, there was world peace meditation, a talk about leadership for road safety via skype by histiocytoma on dog leg BK student Anouschka from Saint Maarten and sharing from everyone histiocytoma on dog leg about their contribution as a leader for road safety. In total 10 souls participated (7 in Baba’s home and 3 via Skype).

On Sunday 19th of May, the BK students of St. Kitts/Skype started with one-week practice to consciously check the impact of people, nature, news, sounds, atmosphere, animals, movements, opinions, anything …on oneself. The practice for the week (until Sunday 26th of May) was: How do I use the power of tolerance, the power to adjust to respond? (not react) How do I conquer the negative impact it has on histiocytoma on dog leg everything within — thoughts, speaking, attitude, behavior, emotions, feelings, mind, intellect? Am I the embodiment of the power to tolerate? What do I need to pay attention to, to be able to tolerate/ adjust? Keep a chart. After the evening meditation, everyone shared a success story.

Br. Atam emphasized on the importance of becoming an embodiment of histiocytoma on dog leg experience. We first listen to knowledge and than practice it. The next level is to go deeper and experience all histiocytoma on dog leg the powers & relationships with God. "This is the time to become an authority of experiences. This gives us a lift in our life, making us unshakable in unstable situations".

Sis Jasmine of the Chaguanas Centre conducted power-filled live commentaries while Bro Anand Singh, chairperson for the evening, introduced several artistes who gave sterling performances in their areas histiocytoma on dog leg of competence. The evening ended to the vocal strains of Sis Uma histiocytoma on dog leg of the Sangre Grande Centre with a rendition of “Om Shanti”. Guests were invited to cake and a delicious Brahma bhojan histiocytoma on dog leg sit down dinner in Baba’s honour.

Every year, thousands of people die because of traffic accidents. The UN has therefore declared November 17th as "World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims". The BrahmaKumaris who support this initiative, donated World Peace Meditation Hour on the third Sunday in histiocytoma on dog leg November in memory of all victims of traffic accidents. There was an interview with Mr.Sharvien Manohar, a survivor of a serious traffic accident, who shared his story of determination, courage and hope with the audience. The program continued with special meditation donated to all road histiocytoma on dog leg victims.

The BrahmaKumaris participated this year as well and elaborated on histiocytoma on dog leg the basic ingredients for a meal from a deeper spiritual histiocytoma on dog leg perspective: What are the key ingredients, how doi prepare my food and how do I eat histiocytoma on dog leg my food. There was a lecture on the theme ‘Am I allowed to eat everything?’ with the focus on freedom, choices and responsibility. visitors were also invited to turn the virtue wheel and histiocytoma on dog leg allowed to taste snacks prepared with love.

Out of our 5 centres only Sangre Grande in the histiocytoma on dog leg east was affected. Sister Uma said that she was resting when she had histiocytoma on dog leg the sudden thought to pack up the stuff in the histiocytoma on dog leg centre in anticipation for flooding. Together with the help of students they spent 2 hours histiocytoma on dog leg in this exercise then spent the next few hours in histiocytoma on dog leg a night vigil. Nothing happened so they went to sleep at about 1am histiocytoma on dog leg Saturday morning. The flood waters came silently an hour later, at about 2am, and covered the ground floor to a dept of knee histiocytoma on dog leg leval.