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Josh stowers – 22-years-old – yankees got stowers in a three-way trade for sonny gray. He was seattle’s 2nd round pick last season. He reminds me a lot of former yankees’ prospect dom thompson-williams, in that he has power potential to go along with dog tumor histiocytoma plus speed and hitability. He’s hitting the ball well so far, with a .333/.422/.449/.871 line. He has nine doubles and six SB in 21 games dog tumor histiocytoma with 20 K : 6 BB. Stowers also has a 10 game hitting streak going during dog tumor histiocytoma which he is 16 for his last 38 (.421).

Josh breaux – 21-years-old – breaux (pronounced bro), is the yankees’ 2nd round pick from 2018. He has been magnificent so far, especially considering he is a catcher. He’s hit .310/.348/.560/.908 with six homeruns and three doubles in 21 games. Five of those homeruns have come in his last 10 dog tumor histiocytoma games. He has an 8-game hit streak going with a .434 average during that stretch. If he keeps this up he could be a budding dog tumor histiocytoma top 100 prospect.

Canaan smith – 20-years-old – after a disappointing 2018 season, smith appears to be on the rebound. The yankees 4th round pick in 2017, smith is hitting .286/.366/.429/.794 this season with two homeruns, four doubles, and two stolen bases. He has just 14 K in 21 games. Smith is an excellent contact hitter who has big power dog tumor histiocytoma potential. Smith has a 9-game hit streak going. He’ll be one to watch closely going forward.

Jio orozco – 21-years-old – feels like we’ve been waiting forever, but it appears jio orozco is finally having his breakout dog tumor histiocytoma season. He has 19 K : 6 BB and a 1.98 ERA in 27.1 innings pitched so far. Batters have hit .242 against him. Orozco has a sinking fastball and a nice curveball and dog tumor histiocytoma changeup. His fastball has reached 95-mph in the past. Nice to see him having some success.

Daniel bies – 23-years-old – aside from one bad start, the 6-foot-8 behemoth bies has been a monster so far this dog tumor histiocytoma season. He has a 4.07 ERA which is inflated by his bad outing, but also has 34 K : 9 BB in 24.1 innings. He was reaching 94-mph last season with work needed on his secondary offerings, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he has tuned all of his dog tumor histiocytoma pitches up to become a potential impact pitcher. He does already have an above average breaking ball. He’s too big of a kid not to have a dog tumor histiocytoma velocity spike with professional coaching.

Alexander vizcanio – 21-years-old – vizcaino has been with the organization since 2016, and his development has been relatively slow. That said, he’s appropriately aged for low-A, and he’s performing quite well so far. He has a 3.91 ERA and 30 K : 10 BB in 25.1 innings. Opponents have hit just .196 against him. Vizcaino has a 94-96 mph fastball that tops out at 97, with a slider and changeup as of may of 2018. Word is he has improved even more since then, and many are predicting a breakout this season. He is certainly moving in the right direction.

Roansy contreras – 19-years-old – contreras was one of my breakout candidates to start the dog tumor histiocytoma season, and so far he is not disappointing. He has 20 K : 5 BB and a 3.33 ERA in 24.1 innings. He has a .247 average against. Roansy’s stuff is electric, with a mid-90’s fastball topping out at 98 mph. The secondary pitches are developing rapidly and have plus potential. By the end of the season contreras may be in dog tumor histiocytoma the top 100 conversation if he keeps up his current dog tumor histiocytoma trajectory.

Luis gil – 20-years-old – obtained in a trade with the twins for jake cave dog tumor histiocytoma last year, gil is turning out to be a bigtime prospect. He throws 100 mph and has rapidly developing secondary pitches. The stats are looking pretty good so far too. He has a 1.23 ERA and 35 K : 15 BB in 22 innings. The 15 walks are of concern, but he seems to be striking out everyone else. He has a .123 average against. At this rate he has a good chance to be dog tumor histiocytoma top 100 by the end of the season. If he learns to throw more strikes he could be dog tumor histiocytoma one of the top prospects in all of baseball.

Shawn semple – 23-years-old – he’s having an excellent season so far feasting on the dog tumor histiocytoma low-A competition. Semple was promoted to high-A for his last start on may 1st and struggled dog tumor histiocytoma more. He has been in the 92-95 mph range recently but doesn’t have the secondary stuff yet to be considered a dog tumor histiocytoma top prospect. In time he could improve. The stats look phenomenal this year though. He has 35 K : 4 BB and a 2.77 ERA in 26 innings.

Tanner myatt – 20-years-old – myatt had 9.2 innings with 10 K : 9 BB an da 1.86 ERA when he went dosn with the mystery injury dog tumor histiocytoma on april 18th. Hopefully it was nothing serious. When healthy, he has a mid to upper 90’s fastball with some nasty secondary pitches. The yankees got him in the 11th round and if dog tumor histiocytoma he can get back healthy soon, he could be one of the biggest steals of the dog tumor histiocytoma draft.

Isiah gilliam – he’s off to a fantastic start, hitting .333/.422/.526/.948 with three homeruns, six doubles, and four SB. He is striking out a ton, with 25 K : 10 BB in 22 games. That said he has respectable power numbers and is walking dog tumor histiocytoma enough as well. Gilliam is a corner outfielder with average defense, so the bat will have to stay hot to give dog tumor histiocytoma him a real shot at the majors. He has all the tools to make that happen though, so only time will tell.

Oswaldo cabrera – he’s finally showing some of the consistency the yankees’ organization expects out of him, and that’s the most important thing for cabrera at this level. He’s hitting .321/.362/.369/.731 with four doubles so far. At just 20-years-old, more power should come with time, but he is never expected to hit for plus power. Switch hitters always take longer to develop, so we could just be seeing the beginning with this dog tumor histiocytoma promising young prospect.

Dermis garcia – his power is a true show stopper, and that has never been more evident than this season. He has a .298/.358/.571/.929 line with six homeruns and five doubles. He is still striking out a ton, but scouts are praising the changes he made from last dog tumor histiocytoma season to this one. He is well on his way to a true breakout dog tumor histiocytoma season, and is quickly putting himself in the conversation for a dog tumor histiocytoma top 100 prospect.

Diego castillo – he got off to a horrific start, at least in part due to bad luck. He didn’t have a hit in his first six games and dog tumor histiocytoma was 2 for his first 39 at bats. Since then though, he has really taken off. In his last 10 games, he is 14/39 (.359) with a homerun, three doubles (.513 SLG), and four walks (.436 OBP). He also has three steals during that time. He has raised his average to .218, which is no small feat considering the start he had. He is a much better hitter than he showed in dog tumor histiocytoma the beginning.

Clarke schmidt – he has some things to work on, but schmidt has shown the promise this year. He has a 3.97 ERA and 25 K : 11 BB in 22.2 innings so far this season. He is getting knocked around a bit in recent starts dog tumor histiocytoma and walking too many batters, but it’s easy to forget this is his first full minor dog tumor histiocytoma league season. I’d expect something to click in the near future and dog tumor histiocytoma he will take off. The most important thing for him this year is to dog tumor histiocytoma get 100 plus innings under his belt.

Deivi garcia – freshly promoted to trenton, garcia had a rough first outing today (although he did have 11 K in four innings). Before that, he had a 3.06 ERA and 33 K : 8 BB in 17.2 innings and a .215 average against). I’m looking forward to seeing what this kid can do dog tumor histiocytoma in trenton this season. I’m hoping for 100 plus inning from him too. He’s only 19-years-old in double-A. This is a big time prospect!

Dalton lehnen – he doesn’t have a rotation spot currently, but someone will have to take garcia’s spot in the rotation and I have not heard dog tumor histiocytoma about any promotions from charleston yet. He will be a leading candidate to fill that spot dog tumor histiocytoma given his performance so far. He has a 3.12 ERA and 19 K : 10 BB in 17.1 innings with a .194 average against. He’s no fireballer, but he sits low-90’s as a lefty and has command of all of dog tumor histiocytoma his pitches (the 10 walks are uncharacteristic). He also bumped his velocity a bit in the offseason dog tumor histiocytoma from high-80’s late last season to low-90’s again.

Ben ruta – perhaps no one on the farm has been hotter than dog tumor histiocytoma ruta. He has a .386/.494/.557/1.051 line with 10 doubles, one triple, and eight SB in 20 games. He also has just 10 K with 16 BB in dog tumor histiocytoma 20 games. The guy has been incredible and has superior bat control. The guy is forcing everyone to pay attention to him dog tumor histiocytoma as a legitimate prospect. He’s on pace for 48 SB and 60 doubles in dog tumor histiocytoma a 120-game schedule. Wow.

Chris gittens – if ruta is the hottest player on the farm, gittens is not far behind if at all. He’s hit .339/.493/.768/1.261 with six homeruns, four doubles, one triple. He has 16 K : 16 BB in 17 games. I’ve always had faith in gittens’ bat if he can stay healthy and in shape. If he keeps hitting like this he could emerge as dog tumor histiocytoma a major league talent.

Wendell rijo – the yankees traded for rijo with the brewers last year dog tumor histiocytoma without much, if any, fanfare. With the recent trades and moves the yankees have made dog tumor histiocytoma getting something amazing for next to nothing, I wouldn’t be surprised if rijo turned out to be more dog tumor histiocytoma than we thought. He’s hit .276/.313/.461/.773 with three homeruns, five doubles, and two SB in 20 games. He appears to have some thump in his bat, so maybe the yankees saw something they could change in dog tumor histiocytoma his swing to unlock some power.

Rony garcia – with the injuries in trenton, garcia earned himself an early promotion by dominating in high-A. His first outing in double-A was a resounding success too. He has 30 K : 10 BB in 23.1 innings with a 1.93 ERA so far. He’s a guy to watch because he’s always had the stuff but had some minor injuries dog tumor histiocytoma which sapped his power last year. 2019 could be a huge breakout for him.

We are almost 20 games into the season so it dog tumor histiocytoma is time to start this series back up. The yankees farm system is being tested more than ever dog tumor histiocytoma in the majors, and they have responded by more than holding their own. This speaks to the depth of the organization at this dog tumor histiocytoma point in time, but especially to the talent they have in triple-A. As a reminder, I try to only talk about prospects or players who dog tumor histiocytoma have not yet reached the majors in these posts. That leaves guys like david hale out of the mix dog tumor histiocytoma here.

Thairo estrada – he too is playing in the major leagues now and dog tumor histiocytoma is performing well. He is 3/7 (.429) with three singles. In triple-A, he hit .273/.319/.455/.774 in 10 games. Estrada is a solid all-around player and appears to have put his gun shot dog tumor histiocytoma wound to the thigh behind him this year. He could prove to be a useful utility guy this dog tumor histiocytoma year and for the foreseeable future, especially with all of the injuries stacking up.

Daniel alvarez – since being moved to the bullpen, he has rocketed through the system. He finished in charleston last year and the yankees put dog tumor histiocytoma him in trenton to start this season. He is now in triple-A. Between double-A and triple-A, alvarez has thrown 6.2 innings and has a 2.7 ERA. He has 10 K : 3 BB and a .174 average against. He’s one to watch closely going forward.