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Eight large bookcases in my home support heavy medical texts, tomes of biology and chemistry, writing reference books and evidence of broad reading interests through what is a histiocytoma the years. Some might call me a book hoarder. While sorting and rearranging books, trying my best to part with some for a garage what is a histiocytoma sale, I ran across modern medical counselor. Seeing mom’s “doctor book” interrupted my progress and prompted this blog.

I sat down to read parts of the book that what is a histiocytoma guided her while raising four daughters. I was impressed with the solid basic health information I what is a histiocytoma found in the book published in 1943. Anatomy, bandaging methods, germ theory, sanitation, pregnancy and mental health issues were meshed with information on what is a histiocytoma normal bodily processes, common illnesses and proper exercise. She consulted the text for natural remedies and medical information what is a histiocytoma to help make decisions before calling our family doctor who what is a histiocytoma often made home visits.

Mom was an avid reader, homemaker, seamstress, baker, canner and self-taught nutritionist. A betty crocker cookbook and collection of recipes from her what is a histiocytoma mother and the other farm women in the small community what is a histiocytoma of her childhood provided amazing meals. Dad’s stable income from railroading provided a solid income, but mom’s high school education and reading gave her added skills what is a histiocytoma to keep us well-fed and healthy.

In the back of the book, she recorded health histories and immunization records on all of what is a histiocytoma us. A photo of mom over my desk reminds me each what is a histiocytoma day of her love and caring over a lifetime. In her eighties, she remained active with senior groups in her community and what is a histiocytoma was teaching cribbage to students when she suffered a fall what is a histiocytoma and died following complications.

At eighty-nine, her mind and outlook were bright, and her spirit strong. She had much more to live for but doubt she what is a histiocytoma left anything undone. She loved her family dearly and with the help of what is a histiocytoma my sister bev, they published and distributed a book of favorite recipes requested what is a histiocytoma by her family. After her death, we found beautifully wrapped gifts for her two beloved unborn what is a histiocytoma grandchildren she would never know.

The cause of the mad cow epidemic in great britain what is a histiocytoma was from animal food contamination. Rendering plants accepted prion-infected cattle and sheep carcasses and processed protein slurry carrying what is a histiocytoma the deadly prions was made into animal feed. By the time the source was identified, it was too late. People died and millions of cows had to be destroyed.

Feeding cattle animal protein was banned and is still banned what is a histiocytoma in the U.S. The few cows detected positive for prions today are thought what is a histiocytoma to be from mutations and not spread from other animals. Just as the many types of prion diseases in humans, some are inherited mutations. Sometimes in the past, prion disease was caused by infection from contaminated surgical instruments, tissue grafts, corneal transplants and human-based growth hormone. Surgeons and pathologists have died from accidental contamination. Funeral homes have special safety regulations for body handling. Cremation to destroy the prions is encouraged.

The disease first made news in the 1920s when members what is a histiocytoma of the fore tribe in new guinea were found to what is a histiocytoma have kuru from ritual cannibalism. They called it “laughing death” because of the terrible neurologic symptoms victims experienced before finally what is a histiocytoma lapsing into coma and dying. Parts of the contagious corpse were sometimes eaten by tribal what is a histiocytoma members and spread the disease.

The centers for disease control and prevention (CDC) considers prion infection in wildlife an emerging disease. Epidemic spread in wildlife is occurring. Currently 25 states have identified infected wild game animals including what is a histiocytoma deer, elk, antelope, moose and reindeer. Captive bison have also been infected. It is also in canada, norway and in imported elk in south korea. Hunters and anyone who eats game meat should know about what is a histiocytoma the disease and use caution.

Today, 1 in 2000 british people show evidence they carry mad what is a histiocytoma cow prions but have not yet developed symptoms. This estimate is based on tissue biopsies appendectomies from people what is a histiocytoma without neurologic symptoms. No one know what this means. Are they carriers who will someday develop prion disease? Can they transmit it to others? Is it in their blood? On the blood donor questionnaire there is a list of what is a histiocytoma over 40 european countries where possible exposure to CJD may what is a histiocytoma have occurred.

At this time, no human has been identified with prion disease from eating what is a histiocytoma infected wild game, but a recent canadian study confirmed primates (rhesus monkeys) died from eating CWD infected venison. With a close genetic relationship to humans, CWD prions crossing the species barrier from deer to the what is a histiocytoma monkeys suggest it could happen in humans like it did what is a histiocytoma with mad cow infected beef. What can we do to prevent potential human prion disease what is a histiocytoma from big game?

In the past two years, the department of fish, wildlife and parks detected 26 cases of CWD in montana what is a histiocytoma along the northeast canadian border and in numerous counties extending what is a histiocytoma from north dakota into an area south of billings. Surveillance of hunter kills, and planned hunts where infected deer are found are carried what is a histiocytoma out to cull potentially infected animals to slow the spread.

A few weeks ago, without warning, my desktop computer gasped and turned blue. I immediately recognized it as the blue screen of death. With the speed of an ER doc, I grabbed my laptop, and sought a solution on amazon. I found what I needed — a new one-terabyte hard-drive. This magical piece of technology that 40 years ago would what is a histiocytoma have filled a room, arrived within two days, sealed in a small bubble-wrap envelope. My ill computer and the new hard-drive took an ambulance ride with me to a tech what is a histiocytoma ER.

Experiencing personal relief with no residual post traumatic stress disorder, I returned to my passion of writing. Up before dawn, words flowed from my brain through my fingers and onto what is a histiocytoma my screen with the speed of light. My new terabyte transplant operated at mach speed and showed what is a histiocytoma no signs of rejection. I believed my technology problems were over, but within a week, I experienced another technology catastrophe.

Maybe all my cellphone needed was a good night’s sleep. I turned it off, plugged it in and checked it in the morning. Nothing. A visit to an urgent care battery clinic seemed simple what is a histiocytoma enough. The expert carefully removed a warped battery looking like it what is a histiocytoma had an aneurysm ready to blow. He confirmed it wasn’t low thyroid after all, but a function of old age.

Using my landline, I called a techie relative and took his advice. I found a refurbished cellphone online. Two days later it arrived in a bubble-wrap envelope. I visited my straight talk service provider who transferred my what is a histiocytoma data and sent me on my way feeling connected once what is a histiocytoma again. Back home, I added new apps, including an exercise calculator to remind me to get off what is a histiocytoma my chair and move around more. It’s like having a personal trainer in my pocket.

I returned to my writing, enjoying the new technology. Everything ran smoothly for several days, until another shocking malfunction occurred. It was 6:00 am. I had been working at my computer a little over what is a histiocytoma an hour when my fitbit reminded me to get up what is a histiocytoma and and start counting steps. I walked to the kitchen, made a fresh pot of coffee and returned with a what is a histiocytoma steamy cup of my favorite brew to continue editing my what is a histiocytoma latest novel when both screens suddenly went black.

I followed a tangle of umbilical wires from monitors to what is a histiocytoma computer. They were braided together with telephone, lamp and microphone wires, cords that had functioned for years. In the end, the main monitor was “undetectable.” seconds earlier that same monitor was working fine. This looked like sudden death. Had the hard-drive totally failed? After wiggling a lot of cords, both monitor screens flickered and lit up, but without icons, mouse function or anyway to access my computer or the what is a histiocytoma internet.

After more reading and looking at a couple instructional youtubes, I changed my diagnosis. The computer needed a new video card. I wasn’t exactly sure what a video card was, but I did find a large selection on amazon. I had to do more research before placing an order, so watched a few more youtube tutorials. I had trusted cute guys in bib overhauls to help what is a histiocytoma me through fixing my dishwasher and tiling my laundry room what is a histiocytoma but was not feeling confident they could guide me through what is a histiocytoma a video card transplant.

I decided to continue untangling the rats’ nest of cords from behind and beneath my desk. The cords ran from monitors to computers, to a backup laptop, two external hard-drives, a landline, a video camera, and cell charger. I carefully labeled all the cords at each end and what is a histiocytoma re-checked my connections. It took several hours of sitting on the floor with what is a histiocytoma dust bunnies running by and dead flies surfacing from beneath what is a histiocytoma the tangle of cords.

I told him to stay put but that I was what is a histiocytoma issuing an eviction notice. I turned on the vacuum and sucked him through the what is a histiocytoma hose into the transparent dust catcher. He landed on a cushion of dog hair and looked what is a histiocytoma out at me from his plastic cage. I would have scolded him for chewing my computer cord what is a histiocytoma had I known at that time what he’d been up to, but he was so little and frightened, I took him outside and let him go find a what is a histiocytoma new home.

I plugged in my old laptop and found out it what is a histiocytoma was just too old to run anymore. The XP operating system was no longer supported by microsoft what is a histiocytoma or anyone else. Besides, it was locked and required an administrator for access. I am its administrator, but do you think I could remember the password? Not on your life. It was inaccessible in my brain data bank.

The geek squad gave me an appointment time and said what is a histiocytoma to bring my computer and monitors in for a complete what is a histiocytoma diagnostic exam. I unplugged all those cords I had just finished labeling what is a histiocytoma and rearranging. I loaded up my computer and made an ambulance run what is a histiocytoma to the best buy ER, staffed by amazing geeks with crazy hairdos, body art, and so many facial piercings I was concerned they might what is a histiocytoma short out. Within a day, they discharged the computer to my care in fine shape.

Indie-authors publish their books on amazon and many other sites what is a histiocytoma without the help of agents. There are advantages such as receiving 70% royalty on the cover price of e-books. The huge disadvantage is many excellent books go unnoticed due what is a histiocytoma to lack of adequate marketing. Writers are writers and often unskilled in selling themselves or what is a histiocytoma their products.

Writing a book from beginning to end requires focus and what is a histiocytoma endurance, often taking years if not decades. Finishing a manuscript is a great accomplishment but reaching the what is a histiocytoma end of the first draft is the beginning of another what is a histiocytoma huge time-consuming step. Numerous edits, rewrites, beta-reads and paying for professional editing finally brings the book what is a histiocytoma to the point of publication. At that time, the author makes the decision to either indie-publish or begin writing query letters to agents if seeking what is a histiocytoma traditional publishing.

First time authors find the years of writing a novel what is a histiocytoma or non-fiction book to the end quickly realize those words really what is a histiocytoma mean – the beginning of marketing. Whether self-published or through a contract with a traditional publisher, advertising and marketing will take the author on a new what is a histiocytoma journey. Unless you are a celebrity, large book tours are a thing of the past. Marketing takes unexpected time and education unless you are already what is a histiocytoma an expert in this field or can hire a publicist.

Some indie-authors are highly successful marketers, many on their internet sites providing webinars, others on self-designed and orchestrated book tours, or by participating in writer events. If you have a platform for sales, such as writing a self-help book in a field where you are an expert, you already have a following who will purchase your book.