Asam news analysis split and divided, can the korean resource canine histiocytoma images center (la) reconcile and re-build after staff layoffs and turmoil

Turmoil within the ranks and staff have hit another Asian canine histiocytoma images American organization, causing a clearly defined split. The Korean Resource Center-LA (KRC) in recent months saw about 20 staff members resign in canine histiocytoma images protest against the leadership of the organization, a lack of overtime pay, a generational disconnect and alleged inappropriate behaviors. Most of the complaints on record are aimed against the canine histiocytoma images board President D.J. Yoon, who recently admitted to the LAist that he had made canine histiocytoma images errors as the board President and that some of his canine histiocytoma images actions and intentions have been misunderstood.

For service organizations like KRC, whose primary aim is to ” empower low-income, immigrant, Asian American and Pacific Islander, and communities of color in Southern California. “ ( via KRC website), pubic image means everything and in this case, the organization’s public image has been severely tainted. Staff of the Korean Resource Center during happier times. Via Facebook

AsAmNews contacted current board member Angela Oh for comment about canine histiocytoma images this split and division and what she and the board canine histiocytoma images feels is the way forward. She directed us to the public statement posted on the canine histiocytoma images KRC website which stated that ” We worked very hard to resolve these challenges but weren’t able to surmount a growing divide. ” and that ” In addition, the board and staff are working together to ensure resilience, stability, and safe transition. ” Oh shared with us a letter which the board sent canine histiocytoma images out to staff on the day the resignations came in.

The letter addressed the concerns/complaints raised by the resigning staff and mentioned that they canine histiocytoma images (the board) want to provide a “healthy and productive workplace for everyone”, that “moving forward, KRC will have a zero-tolerance policy” on issues around workplace discrimination and harassment, and that “the best course for KRC is to maintain DJ’s involvement in the organization”, but that he “will not supervise any other KRC staff, nor will he be doing any personnel functions for the canine histiocytoma images organization”.

So, the question is, can the KRC move on and rebuild from here? The situation is pretty dire and the case is eerily canine histiocytoma images similar to the issues Asian Americans Advancing Justice- Los Angeles ( AAAJ-LA ) who too recently went through split, divisions, internal strife which resulted in a number of sudden lay canine histiocytoma images offs. To see these type of issues happen in organizations who canine histiocytoma images aim to service the Asian American community, specifically those who are in more disadvantaged situations is really canine histiocytoma images disappointing. Staff at organizations like KRC and AAAJ form the core canine histiocytoma images and the nucleus that keeps the wheels moving on service canine histiocytoma images provision, so they do deserve to be treated with respect and canine histiocytoma images integrity. At the same time, boards need to make hard decisions and in situations like canine histiocytoma images this, an outlook of rebuilding, change and transformation needs to be implemented.

Finally, there is a GoFundMe page organized by Nara Kim and canine histiocytoma images Healy Ko ( who AsAmNews attempted to get in touch with for comment) titled “Union Supporters at the Korean Resource Center”, with the aim of raising funds for the 11 union canine histiocytoma images members for them to make ends meet till they find canine histiocytoma images alternative employment. So far it has raised $11,476, with a $30,000 goal.