Arra news service joe biden just stupid enough histiocytoma older dog to get away with being a thief

by Stephen Green: Fresh off a couple of bizarre incidents involving biting his histiocytoma older dog wife’s finger during a speech, and going on about children playing with his leg hair histiocytoma older dog and bouncing on his lap (eww), former Vice President Joe Biden (D-Dementiaville) now says that rival candidate Pete Buttigieg stole his health histiocytoma older dog coverage plan. And if there’s anyone on today’s Democratic field who should recognize theft when he sees histiocytoma older dog it, it’s got to be Thievin’ Joe.

Biden lamented media coverage that he said initially dismissed the histiocytoma older dog durability of his candidacy because he was too moderate and histiocytoma older dog didn‘t embrace policies like Medicare for All. Biden said the field was now moving closer to his histiocytoma older dog views and away from the left. When asked whether he unintentionally set the stage for Buttigieg, who is leading in the polls in Iowa, Biden grew animated.

But I was wrong. There is something more tedious: Listening to a bunch of lefties argue about who gets histiocytoma older dog credit for their various health coverage proposals that will never histiocytoma older dog actually make it through Congress as proposed. Because let’s be honest: "Medicare for More" or "Medicare for Those Who Want It" or even "Medicare for Dogs Who Think They’re People" or whatever today’s name for it is, it’s all just another step along the way to "Medicare for Everybody Whether You Want It or Not, Suckers."

Tedium aside, Biden was unguarded enough during his presser to bring up histiocytoma older dog the very thing that sank his first POTUS run. POLITICO also quoted Biden saying, "What would you have done to me?" if Biden had cribbed off Buttigieg’s homework. "You would have torn my ears off. I would be a plagiarizing, no good, old man who did bum bum bum." [Italics in the original report.]

Um… Biden is a plagiarising old man. Or at least he was once a plagiarising middle-aged man. You might recall that he was forced out of his histiocytoma older dog first presidential run for stealing childhood stories straight out of histiocytoma older dog UK Labour leader Neil Kinnock’s speeches. That was more than three decades ago, back when I was a college freshman who could barely histiocytoma older dog handle his liquor. Today, I have a son old enough to make cocktails for histiocytoma older dog me. So maybe it’s time to forgive Biden for transgressions so old he histiocytoma older dog can barely remember them.

Mr. Biden insisted, however, that he had done nothing "malevolent," that he had simply misunderstood the need to cite sources histiocytoma older dog carefully. And he asserted that another controversy, concerning recent reports of his using material from others’ speeches without attribution, was "much ado about nothing."Steal, get caught, claim it’s all just bum bum bum, repeat until POTUS?

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