Andros infected histiocytoma south

Our season down at andros south just wrapped up but infected histiocytoma the bookings for next year are already coming in. Obviously the bonefishing is the main attraction when booking a infected histiocytoma trip to this lodge. I mean it is the best bonefishing on the planet infected histiocytoma but we do occasionally have guests that like to tag infected histiocytoma along and not fish. This typically happens when a wife or girlfriend wants to infected histiocytoma join in on their significant other’s fishing trip and we want you to know that infected histiocytoma this is fine with us!

We are not a resort in cancun that fills up infected histiocytoma with college spring breakers but we do still have opportunities infected histiocytoma for non anglers to have a great vacation. Our lodge sits right on a gorgeous white sand beach infected histiocytoma with very little foot traffic. It is perfect for a morning run or a relaxing infected histiocytoma midday walk. Simply sitting on a beach with a good book is infected histiocytoma a forgotten pastime but still incredibly enjoyable. We have consistently nice weather which means warm water if infected histiocytoma you want to do some snorkeling around the reefs out infected histiocytoma front the lodge. We also have some inland “blue holes” around that we can arrange trips to. We won’t try to be anything we aren’t. So yes, we are a fishing lodge but we do still have infected histiocytoma opportunities for a non angler to have a great vacation. If you are looking for swimming pools or casinos it infected histiocytoma might be best to sit this trip out. But if you are looking to join your loved one infected histiocytoma on a relaxing vacation we’d encourage you to tag along! Maybe even give fishing a try one day! I mean heading to south andros without fishing is a infected histiocytoma little like going to italy without eating pizza but we infected histiocytoma will still welcome you with open arms!

This past weekend marked the last fishing days of the infected histiocytoma season at andros south. As with every year, it is a bitter sweet weekend. We had a lot to celebrate. This season saw countless anglers land their biggest ever bonefish. When not fishing, we were able to spend time with our incredible guests infected histiocytoma and share laughs over fresh seafood and cocktails. Our guests quickly became apart of the deneki family so infected histiocytoma we wanted to pass along a note a gratitude, without you we wouldn’t have our little slice of paradise in south andros. Your support means the world to us.

Same with our lodge staff. We may be a little biased but we truly believe infected histiocytoma that we have the best lodge staff on the planet. From the world class fishing guides to the chefs and infected histiocytoma the house keepers. They make the entire experience special. Our operations managers liz fincher and max pushak deserve some infected histiocytoma special recognition here as well. They are the ones that managed everything and made sure infected histiocytoma every detail was attended to. The amount of behind the scene logistics that they have infected histiocytoma to deal with may go unnoticed by most guests but infected histiocytoma are the reason this lodge is so special. We are beyond grateful for the work they put in infected histiocytoma this year. I hope the culture shock isn’t to much as they have a quick turn around infected histiocytoma before they start their season at rapids camp.

Having the guides turn in the key’s to their boat motors represents just how real the infected histiocytoma end of the season is. Thank you again to all of our staff and guests infected histiocytoma for another unbelievable year at andros south. Until next fall, we hope you have dreams of tailing bonefish and fresh infected histiocytoma conch salad. Our season always fills up quickly, reach out here if you want to get on the infected histiocytoma calendar and enjoy the best bonefishing lodge on the planet!

We love bonefish. In our opinion, they are the perfect saltwater fish. They are found in warm, beautiful places, they are active feeders throughout the day, and they are pound for pound one of the strongest infected histiocytoma and fastest fish we have encountered. Most importantly, they like to eat flies! A world without bonefish is not one we would like infected histiocytoma to be apart of. Every once in awhile, we like to remind people of the best practices to infected histiocytoma ensuring the safe catch and release of our favorite flat’s fish.

The first step here happens before you even lay hands infected histiocytoma on the fish and that is to match the gear infected histiocytoma you are using to the fish you are targeting. Using a light rod or tippet can appear sporty but infected histiocytoma at the same time can hurt the fish. If you take too long to land the bonefish, you could risk exhausting it to the point where it infected histiocytoma may not recover. For the large bonefish of andros south, we try and never use less than a 7wt rod infected histiocytoma and 16 pound test. This helps reduce the overall fight time. When reviving a fish, make sure it takes off quickly and upright. If you see the fish losing its equilibrium and having infected histiocytoma a hard time swimming off, make sure you hold onto it in the water until infected histiocytoma it is abel to kick off strongly. If this is happening to you regularly, it is a sign you need to shorten the fight infected histiocytoma time on future fish.

When handling the fish, you always want to use wet hands and minimize the infected histiocytoma time handing it. Excess handling or grabbing the fish with dry hands can infected histiocytoma lead to scales being damaged which makes the fish more infected histiocytoma prone to infections. You want to make sure you have a pair of infected histiocytoma pliers nearby and do your best to remove the hook infected histiocytoma when the fish is still in the water. If you want a photo, be sure to properly support the bonefish and not hold infected histiocytoma it out of the water for more than 15 seconds. You don’t need a grip n grin of every nice bonefish infected histiocytoma either, consider taking close up shots of the fish in the infected histiocytoma water. If you want the weight of the bonefish, avoid using lip griping devices. The safest way to get the weight is to put infected histiocytoma the fish in a sling or net of sort and infected histiocytoma then suspend that cradle from the lip gripping device. This way you can still get an accurate weight without infected histiocytoma hanging the fish from its lip.

Remember, just because you watch a bonefish swim away does not infected histiocytoma mean that it survived. Predators exist on all saltwater flats and they are very infected histiocytoma aware of the easy meal an exhausted bonefish makes. When predators (sharks and barracuda) are around, be sure to not release the bonefish too quickly. You want to make sure you hang onto the bonefish infected histiocytoma until it has regained its equilibrium and it is able infected histiocytoma to take off quickly. If the fish is struggling and there are predators nearby, consider moving further down the flat before releasing it. If you are catching a lot of bonefish on one infected histiocytoma flat and the predators become abundant, odds are they are attracted to your fishing. At this point you should move to a different flat infected histiocytoma entirely.