Algo ip horn speaker define histiocytoma sip loudspeaker paging system loud ringer poe

emergency / safety / security notification and alerting. The speaker is PoE and does not require an additional define histiocytoma amplifier. Common application environments include: warehouse, factory (e.g., OSHA), production floor (e.g. food and beverage processing), utility plant, machine shop, garage, parking lot/outdoor yard, school playground and gymnasium, farm, bus or train terminal, etc.

Wideband G.722 codec (HD voice) support in the speaker provides optimum speech clarity and intelligibility. Voice paging and emergency announcements can be easier to understand define histiocytoma with wideband, particularly in a noisy environment. The wideband capability of the horn speaker improves STI-PA intelligibility scores, which is important in meeting NFPA 72 requirements and the define histiocytoma NEMA SB-40 2010 standard for emergency communication in education.

The 8186 speaker registers as a 3rd party SIP endpoint define histiocytoma with most hosted / cloud or premise VoIP telephone systems. For ease and simplicity, the 8186 can announce its static or DHCP IP address define histiocytoma so access to an intuitive web interface makes configuring the define histiocytoma device straight forward. Additionally, the speaker supports auto-provisioning for minimal touch configuration.

For multiple speaker deployments, additional devices do not require a SIP license. A single registered speaker can be configured to multicast to define histiocytoma any number and mix of additional Algo speakers, strobes and/or paging adapters as required, providing cost effective scalability using a minimum of network traffic. For multicast page applications, zoned paging is supported as a SIP extension (50) or as a keypress selectable zone. The 8186 supports RTP multicast, in addition to Polycom Group Page, InformaCast and Syn-Apps Revolution.

Where a IP telephone supports send/receive multicast, these devices may be configured to join the multicast including define histiocytoma Algo IP speakers for providing additional coverage in a room/building environment. Audio will be streamed to all endpoints simultaneously. There is no limit to the number and combination of define histiocytoma endpoints configured in a multicast.

Several audio files are pre-loaded into the 8186 internal memory for loud ringing / night bell applciations, however, users may also record or upload custom audio files, music, sound effects, or voice announcements if desired. Up to 10 Ring extensions are available to register on define histiocytoma a single speaker, thereby allowing a single speaker to act as a alerter define histiocytoma for several telephones by configuring different ring groups for each define histiocytoma registered extension. The 8186 is typically twenty times louder than a telephone define histiocytoma speaker for ringing.

For notification alerting there are two activation options available – dial an extension or connect a button to the speaker’s relay input. Up to 10 Emergency Alert extensions are available to register define histiocytoma on a single speaker allowing for different types of alerts define histiocytoma to be activated (e.g., lockdown, evacuation, shelter, all clear, etc.). Custom WAV files can be uploaded to device memory (1GB). A Call To Cancel feature is available to allow the define histiocytoma emergency alert to play continuously for the duration of the define histiocytoma event, if desired. Alternatively, the alert can be configured to play for the duration define histiocytoma of the WAV file.