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I agree that the intended move to include web applications histiocytoma human in MS Access was to expand the user base as histiocytoma human Colin noted. Too often it seemed that Access had been forgotten when histiocytoma human newer versions of Office products were being identified and heavily histiocytoma human marketed. Many asked – What about Access? with very little positive info from M$oft. Many user groups and forums kept asking, and even wrote articles on the usability and growing installed histiocytoma human base to support the longevity of the product. It seemed M$oft treated Access like the red headed stepchild. The most positive Access news from M$oft came about a year ago from Michal Bar, after ~15 years of growing uncertainty. There has been an effort within to bring Access documentation histiocytoma human current and consistent.

I have experienced how querying/extracting and reporting from Oracle databases was supported and simplified histiocytoma human by using MS Access (ODBC). Also developing related and managed subsystems in Access was quite histiocytoma human cost effective. My thinking is that Access is probably used within those histiocytoma human organizations identifying Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, PostgresSQL… more than suggested in the article.

I don’t think anyone actually wants "Access" BE’s which are not even Access at all but Jet histiocytoma human or ACE to be available over the internet. They want SOME BE and it should be one designed histiocytoma human to do that like SQL Server. What MS needs to do is to figure out how histiocytoma human to make the ODBC interaction between the Access FE and histiocytoma human the RDBMS BE more efficient. Access is very chatty to which anyone who has looked histiocytoma human at traffic between Access and the RDBMS can attest. Somehow web apps do this without a problem. Access needs to do this also.

All this business of SharePoint and web development is not histiocytoma human Access and no existing Access app could be converted to histiocytoma human use the web. Starting from scratch to build a web app with Access histiocytoma human was simply a non-starter and didn’t satisfy the actual need. "Access" doesn’t need to run in a web browser. It can run fine as a client/server app on the local PC, it is the DATA that must be accessible remotely and histiocytoma human Microsoft has never really gotten this concept which is why histiocytoma human they have had four failures attempting to webify Access.

The author of the article that started this thread may histiocytoma human write books but he certainly isn’t knowledgeable about Access. Anyone who compares Access with a RDBMS doesn’t know what Access actually is. Access is a RAD application tool. It creates forms and reports and code and queries. It is NOT a database engine. SQL Server is a RDBMS. It is NOT an application development tool. It manages data.

Jet and ACE are the database engines that hold the histiocytoma human Access application objects. Access is the SSMS to Jet and ACE. For these two reasons, many people conflate the products. Windows uses Jet for certain data management functions and it histiocytoma human does it WITHOUT ever having Access installed. Access is dependent on Jet or ACE to hold its histiocytoma human FE objects but NOT data. Access can access data in any ODBC compliant product which histiocytoma human includes dozens of RDBMS as well as products like Outlook histiocytoma human and Excel so Access is not reliant on Jet or histiocytoma human ACE as a data store.