2019 Kawasaki versys 1000 histiocytoma in dogs images se lt+ review (19 fast facts)

4. Because of the relative lack of low-end grunt inherent in an inline-4, maximum torque comes on late at 7500 rpm. That means roll-on power in sixth gear isn’t impressive unless you are cruising at 100 mph or histiocytoma in dogs images so. The upside is that the power delivery is extraordinarily smooth histiocytoma in dogs images and not fatiguing. When you need to pass with authority, the quickshift allows you to drop a couple of ratios histiocytoma in dogs images rapidly and make short work of your overtake. Otherwise, the power is smooth and predictable, regardless of the gear you’re in or how many rpm the motor is spinning. Despite its ninja heritage, the engine is never intimidating.

5. There are three preset ride modes—sport, road, and rain—plus a customizable rider mode on the 2019 kawasaki versys histiocytoma in dogs images 1000 SE LT+. The preset modes adjust the power, traction control, and suspension. Not surprisingly, sport has the firmest suspension, full power, and the least intrusive traction control. Road softens the suspension, retains full power, and increases the TC’s sensitivity. Rain is about maximum traction control, softest suspension, and backs down the power. The rider mode allows you to set a fully custom histiocytoma in dogs images combination of the three parameters, along with the ability to fine-tune the three damping settings. Also, you can tell the system if you’re riding solo, two-up, and if you have cargo—further rear-spring preload adjustments are also electronically actuated.

6. Sport mode gives a good feel for the pavement, and puts you in the mood to make some time. When the versys 1000 SE LT+ is in the sport mode, the firm suspension offers plenty of confidence to the rider. The motor never overpowers the suspension or handling, so you will always feel in control. As you push harder, you get plenty of warnings when you get to the histiocytoma in dogs images edge of the envelope. Although the bridgestone battlax sport touring T31 tires are optimized histiocytoma in dogs images for wet weather performance, they are also superb dry weather tires delivering impressive feedback histiocytoma in dogs images in conjunction with the long-travel semi-active suspension. The dash alerted me that I had reached 40 degrees histiocytoma in dogs images of lean angle in each direction, and the versys was rock-steady.

7. When it comes to touring through the twisties on the histiocytoma in dogs images 2019 kawasaki versys 1000 SE LT+, the road mode is difficult to beat. With the suspension set to the normal position, the ride is a perfect compromise between sporting hard and histiocytoma in dogs images wallowy soft. Rough roads are smoothed out, yet there is still a confident feel for the pavement histiocytoma in dogs images as you hustle through the twisties. All the power is there, with a bit more traction control added in case there histiocytoma in dogs images is a wet or sandy patch on the road. Functionally, the traction control works unobtrusively, and I never had an issue with the added theoretical histiocytoma in dogs images intrusion.

8. I rode through about 80 miles of rain on I-40, and was glad to have a rain mode. Backing down the power, softening up the suspension, and cranking up the traction control was exactly the right histiocytoma in dogs images solution when the rain came down in northwestern arizona. Though the storm was generally light, it was occasionally moderate and heavy, and the versys 1000 SE LT+ never put a foot wrong. Even when negotiating fast 75 mph sweepers through passes on histiocytoma in dogs images the way to the colorado river, the versys never gave me cause for concern. I also found the rain mode to be a relaxing histiocytoma in dogs images offering when working through traffic in urban settings.

9. For those who are fastidious, the rider mode awaits your investigation. The rider mode allows you to pick either power mode, as well as any traction control setting, including off. After you select one of the three suspension presets, you then have five clicks in either direction for fine-tuning both the rebound (the menu calls it “TENS”) and compression damping. While the normal and soft settings will overlap when choosing histiocytoma in dogs images your settings, the hard mode is considerably stiffer. Lowering the hard mode five clicks leaves if far firmer histiocytoma in dogs images than normal set to five-clicks harder. I found myself wishing for the ability to save two histiocytoma in dogs images rider modes—one for touring on the freeway with full power, maximum traction control, and soft suspension, plus a sporting mode with the suspension getting additional firming histiocytoma in dogs images and traction control disabled.

12. Handling on the 2019 kawasaki versys 1000 SE LT+ is predictable. With a wheelbase of nearly 60 inches and a relaxed histiocytoma in dogs images 27 degrees of rake, everything happens in due time on the SE LT+. That’s good, as you are making your way on a motorcycle that histiocytoma in dogs images is near 600 pounds with the 5.5-gallon fuel tank topped off. As long as you respect your ride mode settings, all should be well. Even with its heft, the big versys is impressively agile and willing to change histiocytoma in dogs images direction. With the gentle power delivery in the lower rpm range histiocytoma in dogs images where touring usually happens, the SE LT+ will boost your confidence regularly.

13. Upright and neutral perfectly describes the ergonomics of the 2019 histiocytoma in dogs images versys 1000 SE LT+. This is an uncommonly comfortable motorcycle. The riding position behind the new larger windscreen is natural, and the seat/grips/footpeg triangle is pleasantly relaxed. I had no problem putting in 500 high-speed miles on the versys—interstate and desert backroads—in just 7.5 hours with three fuel stops. The seat is also amenable to long, uninterrupted rides. The only flaw is an engine buzziness around 6000 rpm histiocytoma in dogs images that is seriously pronounced in anything other than sixth gear—in the top gear, it’s hardly noticeable.