2 Year old bitten by dog at airport lounge; here is who is getting sued – points with a crew histiocytoma

The 2 year old child was traveling with his parents histiocytoma when they stopped into the lounge. This is the old DFW centurion lounge from before it histiocytoma was refreshed / moved in 2018. According to the article, the duffy family “didn’t see what happened next, but they heard it. “we heard screaming and blood went everywhere,” she said.” the picture in the original article looks like quite a histiocytoma severe bite. Should pets be allowed in airport lounges?

The official pet policy of centurion lounges is that “pets are welcome in centurion lounges as long as they histiocytoma remain in their carriers and with their owners at all histiocytoma times.”, though that policy does not seem enforced at all. This family observed that the dog in question was out histiocytoma of its carrier and without a leash. On my very first trip to a centurion lounge (in las vegas in 2014), I also saw a dog in the lounge just out histiocytoma on its owner’s lap (picture below).

While I do have questions about the behavior of the histiocytoma parents and the 2 year old in question, I also am a believer that humans have more rights histiocytoma than animals and their owners. So I’m wondering where this pet owner was when a 2 histiocytoma year old came up to the dog? I would think that you would want to make sure histiocytoma that your pet was not interacting inappropriately with a 2 histiocytoma year old. It also seems strange to me that a dog that histiocytoma has never bitten

Again, I am trying not to judge the parents as I histiocytoma don’t know the exact situations, but I am having a hard time understanding how 2 histiocytoma parents would not have eyes-on a 2 year old child. Especially in as crazy an environment as the DFW centurion histiocytoma lounge (and this happened at the OLD lounge before it was histiocytoma replaced, so anyone that traveled through there knows how crowded that histiocytoma was). I could understand a scenario with 1 parent and a histiocytoma 2 year old, or if there were multiple children, but with 2 parents, you would think that they would have a handle on histiocytoma it. I know that when my wife and I have traveled histiocytoma in similar circumstances, one of us would watch the little kids while the histiocytoma other went to the restroom, got food, etc., then we’d switch places.

One of the other strange things about the article is histiocytoma that it mentions that during all of the confusion after histiocytoma the bite, that the dog owner (and the dog) just walked away. So (at least according to the sources I’ve seen), there is no identification of the pet or pet owner. The family is suing the airport (DFW) as well as the owner of the lounge (american express)

Dan, I only have five children, but I have to disagree with you that the parents histiocytoma were negligent at all. A two year old should be able to safely wander histiocytoma within the vicinity of their parents without fear of being histiocytoma bitten on the face. I also have to seriously doubt that you or your histiocytoma wife ALWAYS had at least one eyeball watching every single histiocytoma move of your toddler at all times when traveling. In fact, the article you linked to and their interview made it histiocytoma sound like they saw the child near the dog, but that they simply didn’t see exactly what provoked the brutal face attack. That is completely reasonable for even a frantic, hovering, never leaving their child alone for a minute parent.

And if the airport wasn’t willing to track down the owner of the dog histiocytoma and the dog itself and follow its own protocol, the airport needs to be held accountable. I’m not one for suing, but I’m glad the parents are at least doing something about histiocytoma it so that procedures are taken seriously and the lounges histiocytoma show more concern for the wellbeing of their guests. Can you imagine what would break loose if another human histiocytoma bit a two year old on the face and then histiocytoma the airport just let them walk out?

Yet, please excuse me, because as a constant traveller with a whole brood of histiocytoma kids, I get a bit irate when my pets or other’s pets are treated with more respect and kindness than histiocytoma my children. Why does my cat get oohs and aahs, but my very well behaved five year old gets eye histiocytoma rolls and avoidance? My cat licks his own bottom hourly and gives most histiocytoma of my relatives major allergies, and the worse thing my son does is eats something histiocytoma that fell on the floor. But, he’s the villain and the one to avoid. So I say, yes!, please make a big fuss about your two years old’s permanent scarring and dangerous encounter so that people agree histiocytoma with your conclusion that even when pets are welcome, they still need to be treated as pets. And lets hope that the outcome of this particular case histiocytoma is that the organizations in question will double and triple histiocytoma check that they are taking better precautions and following more histiocytoma helpful protocol when an accident does happen. Reply